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Single Parenthood A Point Of No Return

Updated on August 24, 2016

When I first found out I was pregnant, my first question was how could this happened? The birds and the bees I understand. What I did not understand is why the first blood test said negative and four months later, the second one said, I am pregnant?

The Diagnosis: The pregnancy was at a point of no return, even if I wanted to go back to the doctor and make a return it was too late. You understand the rule, you wear it it’s yours, and well the fetus had warn me out. Hence, my visit to the doctor to try to figure out why I was so tired and nauseous.

No Return: At the four month mark getting rid of it was not an option. The doctors and nurses do provide other options for not being pregnant. Like the retail world, if you don’t want a “worn” item you can give it to your sibling, friend, co-worker or the Salvation Army.

A Decision To Keep: I was going to have this kid, except for adoption, the other option was no longer an option for me. But, I thought if I give it away I might one day want it back, and everyone knows how hard it is to get something back you gave away.

I carried the fetus for 9 months and 2 weeks and cried the entire period, buyer’s remorse. But when I had her and looked into her eyes there was a bond so strong that if marketed would out sell any permanent glue. I kept her and decided, I could do this. I could do the “single parenthood”. I am doing “it” and from that decision I have a plethora of experience I will share. Join me every day, and week and laugh or learn from my single parenthood experiences. Together let us create a single parent network.

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