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Sit and Stand strollers

Updated on April 7, 2013

Sit and Stand strollers

Getting around with an infant and toddler in tow is never easy at the best of times. It usually involves either pushing your infant in a single stroller whilst relying on your toddler to behave and walk beside you or you could place the infant and toddler in a double stroller. Sit and stand strollers offer a new mode of transport allowing you the option of a single and double stroller whilst allowing your toddler or older children a bit more freedom whilst still being allowed to rest when they get tired. Sit and stand strollers have a platform at the back which can accommodate a toddler or child.

When considering buying sit and stand stroller there are a few things you will need to think of as each model has its own unique features.


Storage is a big issue for many strollers. When looking at sit and stand strollers you need to ensure that there is adequate storage for your babies things as well as additional space any purchases you have made. Many traditional double strollers compromise storage to accommodate the extra child. Sit and stand strollers, due to the platform rather than seat, generally have more storage space.


As with anything in life is not a case of one size fits all. Although sit and stand strollers are versatile, you still need to think about what type of sit and stand model will suit you and your needs. For families with an infant and toddler there are models available that can accommodate the toddler in the front seat whilst the infant can travel in the car seat attached to the platform at the back. As the infant grows they can move to the front seat while the toddler can use the platform. More expensive models of the sit and stand stroller allow the back platform to convert into a fully functional seat converting the sit and stand to a tandem stroller. There are many different combinations available at the sit and stand stroller making it a very versatile stroller.

Sit and stand strollers are also smaller, more compact and lighter than traditional double strollers. This makes sit and stand strollers ideal for families with limited trunk space and who like traveling. Due to their smaller size they are also a lot easier to manoeuvre than tandem strollers. Many models are also equipped with one hand folding which is handy when you have to keep track of small children.

Due to the nature of thesit and stand stroller it is actually more economical to buy this model of stroller over a double stroller. Because the back platform allows toddler or older child to ride the stroller you will get much more use out of your stroller. Parents are looking for an economic way to transport their children the sit and stand stroller is the ideal solution.


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