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Sit and Stand Stroller with Car Seat | Sit n Stand for Infant and Toddler

Updated on October 4, 2012

Sit and Stand Stroller with Car Seat Adapter for Infants or Toddlers

A Sit and Stand Stroller with car seat carrier is a great way for parents of 2 or more kids to travel. When a new baby comes along and toddlers are enjoying more freedom, you'll find that sit n stand strollers with travel systems allow you to use your infant car seat, and keeps your preschooler close too.

Big brother or sister will enjoy standing or sitting on the board attachment, and being able to use an infant car seat carrier makes trips with an infant a bit smoother.

The rear platform allows toddlers to enter and exit without all the fuss, but still be strapped into place and enjoying the view. And, they feel like the big kid, doing something different than the baby.

Popular strollers by Baby Trend, Joovy, and Graco. come in sit & stand models, and offer compatibility for many car seat models using an included adapter. The infant car seat snaps into place, or the regular seats can be used when the car seat for your newborn is no longer needed.

Handy stroller features that you will see on some models include multiple seating configurations, easy push for one hand motion with swivel wheels, washable seat cushions, cup holders, car seat adapter, and large storage baskets and trays. Many of these portable strollers are lightweight and compact for travel, and made to fold and unfold easily.

Below are some of the best options in sit and stand car seat strollers, with price, popular features and star ratings from buyers listed, to help you buy the right stroller for your needs.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller for Baby and Toddler - Sit and Stand Travel System with Infant Car Seat

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller, Vanguard
Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller, Vanguard

Includes Baby Trend Infant Car Seat and base (to 22 lbs) & Stroller Seat (to 40 lbs)

Toddler stand-on platform

Easy Fold Design

Parent organizer Tray

2 Position seat recline

Lots of cup holders

Large storage basketSee all Buyer Reviews Here


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller with Infant Seat - Sit and Stand with 2 Infant Seats and Board

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

Fits 2 Infant Seats

Toddler stand-on platform

Easy Fold

Parent tray with 2 cup holders

Up to 40 lbs

Large storage basket and parent traySee All Reviews Here for the Sit N Stand

Sit and Stand Double Stroller with Car Seat
Sit and Stand Double Stroller with Car Seat

How a Sit n Stand Stroller Helps with Newborn & Preschoolers

A sit and stand stroller with car seat attachment is such a help to many parents. This type of stroller makes it easier to transport baby. Using the car seat carrier, a newborn can be carried to your car or destination and sleep right through it, making your time away less stressful and more fun.

Toddlers who are 2, 3 or 4 years old often want more freedom than we can allow. They don't want to be treated like the baby, but are not ready to move far away from your side. A sit and stand allows them to stand on the rear platform, sit on that a board or use one of the stroller seats if needed. This way, they can feel unique and independent, and yet you can watch closely over them too.

With many great features that these strollers have, the best may be lots of room for storage. So, whether it is bottles, sippy cups or your Starbucks, there will be a spot for that. With hanging storage, large baskets, and trays, parents have more space than ever before for their most important stuff.

It is important to think about how you will use your baby stroller, and whether you will have more children. Sit & Stand strollers can include an extra seat and allow up to 3 children including 2 car seats.This is perfect for twins or anyone who had a preschool child who still enjoys a stroll and will utilize the seats. Most can be used up to 50 lbs.

RoomFor2 Stroller Video Overview

Which Sit n Stand Stroller Do You Think Is Best?

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