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Sleep and 8 year olds

Updated on November 6, 2011

8 year olds tend to sleep very well. As long as thy're not sitting n front of the tv all day, they should be fairly tired at the end of the day. The only reason they should wake up is bathroom and nightmares. Thankfully, those things don't happen too often.

On average your 8 year old needs about 10 hours of sleep. This is a very special, very important time for your child's development. It's when your child's body grows and when the brain processes all the information it absorbed from the day.

Make sure bedtime is early enough for your mornings to go smoothly. if your mornigns start at 6 then 8 is not an unreasonable time for bed. The bedtime routine should start early enough so that your child is down and out in time.

If you haven't had a bedtime routine before then now is a great time to start. Why do you need a bedtime routine? It signals that it's time to settle down. Shower or bath, brush teeth, brush hair, put on jammies, go potty, and story time are usually a really good way to start.

And speaking of bath/shower time, believe it or not, your child is ready to take a shower. By herself no less. You may have to teach the finer points of shampooing, but it doesn't take long to figure it out. And even though they can read by temselves, they still like being read to. Plus, it's all around good bonding and snuggling time.

Hope this makes nights and mornings easier for you.


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