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Sleepover Games

Updated on July 1, 2012

Sleepover Party Games !

What would a sleepover or a slumber party be without sleepover games? Here are lots of really fun sleep over games that will make your party a big hit.

In fact, we will go one step further here and provide for you a sleepover party planner and check list leading up to the party and ideas for breakfast for the morning after.

Having sleepover games that are prepared ahead of time and a party that is well planned you are sure to have lots of fun and everyone will have a great time.

sleepover game tips
sleepover game tips

Sleepover Party Game Tips

Here are a few tips to remember regarding Sleepover Games so that your party will be a big success:

1. Be flexible. If you get the feeling that a game is not working or going well, move on to the next activity. You can also make changes to any game so that it works better for your particular situation. If the games are being played outdoors and the weather turns bad, be prepared to take the party inside and adapt.

2. It is best to be prepared. Think through, ahead of time what games you will want to play and have everything ready. Make sure you know how to play the games and that you have everything needed for the games. Also make sure the games you chose will work with the people you have invited.

3. Everyone should be a winner. If you want everyone to have fun at your sleepover. Play games where there are either no winners or lots of winners.

Sleepover Invitations

To start your Sleepover Party off on the right foot you will need invitations.

You will need to decide if these will be sent in the mail, over email or handed out in person. Here is the information that needs to be on the invitation:

Date and Time of the Sleepover:

What to Bring: (like pajamas, sleeping bags)

When the Sleepover will end:

Location of the sleepover:

Telephone number to RSVP:

Any special instructions like the theme, if food will be served or a special slogan.

Here's a cute one that was on an invitation I saw once. It read:

"What has 12 legs, giggles and stays up all night? Anna's Sleepover Party and You're Invited!"

Sleepover Planner

1. The number of guests you invite should have two considerations. First, you want the group to all be kids that will get along well. Second a smaller group is always better and more manageable and in the end will have more fun. Keep in mind where they will be sleeping and definitely don't invite more than you have room to sleep over comfortable.

2. Decide ahead of time on the details. Make decisions on the theme (if you are having one), what you will do for entertainment (crafts or games or hired entertainment), what food you will have, times for arrival and pickup, what everyone needs to bring and anything else that will be unique to your sleepover.

3. Make up invitations and have them delivered.

4. The earlier kids can be picked up the better. I would always say no later than noon of the next day for pick up in the latest.

5. Make sure you know ahead of time any special details or concerns about the guests like: medications, dietary restrictions, bedtime routines.

6. You will want to have phone numbers of parents for all the sleepover guests in case there are any problems that come up.

7. So there is no confusion and to avoid hurt feelings decide ahead of time where each person will sleep.

8. Explain the rule as soon as everyone has arrived. Let them know that everyone is here to have fun. But in order to have as much fun as possible there a few rules everyone needs to follow. Suggestions: no unsupervised cooking, no leaving the house, no crank calls, no ganging up or teasing anyone. Make sure they all know that anyone caught breaking the rules will result in you calling their parents and they will have to go home.

9. Be prepared for some possible anxiety with a guest or two. If someone is having problems or experiencing homesickness, try to help them through it. Everyone will feel better if they don't have to leave. If you can't help them relax, they do call the parents.

10. If the weather allows, the longer you can keep them outside playing games the better it will be. The shorter the amount of time that the kids will be all together inside a confined space-that is what you want.

11. Know ahead of time your agenda for the evening and when everything will take place. Allow for the unexpected and be flexible, but the more planned you are the smother everything will be.

12. You might want to avoid "Truth or Dare" as a game to play. Quite often this results in hurt feelings, someone getting embarrassed, humiliated or worse. Granted this is a very popular game, especially with the older kids. But playing it can have its downside.

13. This always seems to get forgotten--make sure your camera or video camera or both are ready to go with batteries fully charged.

14. And of course be sure to do this planning and preparation with your child so they have a very active part in this party. After all it is their party. You are just responsible!

Fun Sleepover Food Ideas

An important part of having a fun sleepover is to have great food. There is the traditional party food that includes ordering out pizza, chips, dip, veggies, popcorn, sodas, cookies and the like. This takes no creativity at all. Or you can be different and serve up food that will be more memorable. Here are some ideas for sleepover food you may want to consider.

Make Your Own Personal Pizza

Pizza is always a favorite, but can be boring and traditional unless your guests get to make it themselves! You will use English Muffins as your base for all the pizza fixings. Ahead of time cook up some ground beef or ground turkey. Place this in a bowl. Also place in bowls pizza sauce, diced olives, chopped onions, small pepperonis, sliced mushrooms, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese and anything else you want that can go on a pizza.

Starting with a English Muffin, pizza sauce goes on first then everyone gets to select what items they want to sprinkle on, then finish with ample amounts of both cheeses.

When everyone has made their personal pizza, it all goes in the oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes or just long enough to melt the cheese through. Be careful not to burn.

Taco Bar

Most kids love tacos and a taco bar can be lots of fun as well. Similar to the make your own pizza, place all the taco items out in separate bowls. The guests start out with empty shells and fill their tacos with whatever they want. This is a great idea because everyone has different tastes and this accommodates that quite well.

Breakfast Dinner

Kids love this and it is fun to do at a sleep over. Just serve up breakfast items for the dinner that night. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, toast juice. It can be the same you would serve up for your family for a normal breakfast, but because it is done at night for dinner it makes it fun.

Sundae Bar

Keeping with the make-your-own-bar theme, a sundae bar is also a lot of fun for a dessert idea. Serve up ice cream or frozen yogurt and have all kinds of different, chipped fruits, candies and sprinkles laid out in bowls that can be used as toppings.

Bed Cake

Because it is a sleepover, a big sheet cake designed as a bed can be fun. The cake is made in a 9 x 13 inch pan and topped with white frosting to look like a sheet. You can use rice krispie treats or twinkies as the pillows. For the backboard of the bed you can use graham crackers.

Ice Cream Punch

Kids love ice cream and they love soft drinks. Why not mix the two to make a yummy punch. Fill a punch bowl with a favorite soda flavor like grape or strawberry and add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream or rainbow sherbet.

sleepover breakfast ideas
sleepover breakfast ideas

Sleepover Breakfast Ideas


Everyone loves Smoothie for breakfast. Have lots of different fruit ingredients on hand and let the guests make their own. Here is a favorite:

Strawberry-Banana Breakfast Smoothie

(One Serving)

1 cup orange juice

3 tbsp nonfat dry milk powder

1/2 banana; cut into pieces

10 fresh strawberries; hulled

3 ice cubes

Combine all the ingredients in your blender. Blend until thick and frothy

Funny Face Bagels

This is fun and popular, especially with the younger kids.

Cut bagels in half (toast if desired). Allow all the kids to spread cream cheese on it as a base. For added fun you can use strawberry cream cheese for a sun burned funny face! If no one has peanut allergies you can also use peanut butter.

Next have the following ingredients in bowls: (These are what the kids will use to make the faces.) shredded cheese for hair, sliced sausage links for eyes, strawberry jelly for a mouth, and dried cherries for noses.

Smiley Face Pancakes

This is a bit similar to the bagel recipe. The kids love decorating their pancakes before eating them. There are all kinds of ingredients you can have set out for their face decorations. You can use whipped cream, chocolate chips, strawberries, blue berries, bananas, peaches, candy sprinkle, powdered sugar and assorted sauces. Encourage everybody to be real creative.

For a variation do the same but with waffles.

Sausage Squares

For this yummy breakfast treat you will use two cans refrigerated crescent rolls, one 8-ounce package of cooked breakfast sausage and one 8-ounce package of cream cheese, softened.

Spread one can of crescent rolls out in a greased baking dish, then cover it with cream cheese. Crumble the sausage over the cream cheese, and cover everything with the other can of crescent rolls. Bake in a 325-degree oven for 15 minutes until golden brown.

Nail Polish Spin Game

Place several jars of nail polish in the middle of a group of girls sitting in a circle on the floor. This works best if it is played on a hard surface floor, not carpet. One by one each girl will take a turn at choosing a color and spinning the bottle.

Who ever the bottle cap lands in front of has to paint either a single fingernail or toenail that color! To make it fun the person spinning the bottle calls out before the spin stops if it will be a toenail or fingernail that has to be painted.

It can be fun to start with the guest that arrived at the party first and then just go clockwise around the circle. Keep going until everyone has had several toes and nails done.

Sleepover Games with Beads
Sleepover Games with Beads

Don't Say It !

This is a game that is actually pretty popular at adult parties too! Give out one beaded necklace to everyone that comes to the party.

Choose a word that relates to the party i.e. "night" and tell everyone they CAN'T say that word the whole party. If they say that word, whoever they say it to, gets their beads. The person with the most beads at the end of the party WINS!!!

Mummy Wrap Game

This one is easy and really fun. Divide the kids up into groups of three and give them two rolls of toilet paper.

One person will be the "mummy" and the other two will get the rolls of toilet paper. The first team to wrap their mummy using all the paper wins!! Take lots of pictures as this one is full of "Kodak Moments."

Musical Sleeping Bags
Musical Sleeping Bags

Musical Sleeping Bags

This is a fun twist on a classic. Clear a space and lay out all the sleeping bags. Put one less bag than there are players.

Play a song and have the kids start walking around the sleeping bags. When the music stops each kid has to get inside a sleeping bag. Whoever is left out is out of the game! Each time remove one sleeping bag until there is only two players and one bag left.

Sleepover Auction Game
Sleepover Auction Game

Prize Auction Game

This is another game that requires a little preparation on the guest's part. Have everyone bring an inexpensive item, or "white elephant" wrapped or in sealed bag.

When the kids get there, give everyone $100 in play money and start an auction. Do not let anyone see what the gifts are until someone has made the highest bid. At the end the kids can trade items or buy each others item with the left over money.

Also, they can use the money for the rest of the party for other things like biggest piece of cake or control of the music.

Sleeping Bag Obstacle Challenge

This is a lot like a sack race only played with sleeping bags and indoors.

To prepare you must first set up an obstacle course using couch, cushions, pillows, chairs, and tables that they will work their way above, under and around. Make sure there is nothing breakable in or near this obstacle course. Divide everyone into two teams. It is a relay race and each team member must go through the course.

They start inside a sleeping bag and must move through the curse staying inside the sleeping bag at all times. After each person completes the course they return to the start where the next person in line must get into the sleeping bag before taking off. The first team to finish wins.

Sleepovers are FUN!

Sleepovers are FUN!
Sleepovers are FUN!

Sleepover Games on Kindle !

If you have the Amazon Kindle you can get all of these Sleepover games in this book.

This Ebook has all the games listed on this lens and many, many more!!

Having these Sleepover games on Kindle, you can take them everywhere you go, even to your next sleepover!

You can learn more about this best selling Kindle Book here.

Sleepover Blink Game
Sleepover Blink Game


This is a clever game that takes concentration.

All the players sit around a table or in a room where everyone can be seen. One person is IT.

The IT person has the ability to knock players out of the game by winking at them during eye contact. All the other players are looking at each other trying to figure out who it is by catching them wink at someone.

If a player thinks they know who IT is they say "I know who it is" and shout out the name. If they are correct they win and someone else is the new IT. If they are wrong they are out of the game. So, you are out of the game by seeing IT wink at you and by making a wrong guess.

Start each game out by having pieces of paper in a hat that everyone draws at the start of each game. One piece of paper says "You are IT". All other pieces of paper say "You are Not IT."

The IT person can win if they are sly enough and they knock everyone out of the game before their identity is discovered.

For a variation this game can also be played with the person smiling quickly instead of blinking. This might be easier for some children that have a hard time blinking.

I'm Going Shopping

Everyone sits in a circle and the first person says: "I'm going shopping and I'm buying (something that starts with the letter A, for example apples). The next person says: "I'm going shopping and I'm buying apples and (something that starts with the next letter in the alphabet, in this case the letter B, balloons for example).

The next person must remember and repeat what has been said and come up with their new item which corresponds to the letter in the alphabet that follows ("I'm going shopping and I'm buying apples, balloons and carrots, as an example). The game keeps going until someone forgets or can't come up with an item. When someone forgets, the game starts over with the next person in the circle. With each new game they have to use different words.

Sleepover Ball Game
Sleepover Ball Game

Sleepover Ball Game

This is a great icebreaker game or a game to get the girls talking!

For this you need a large inflatable beach ball. In permanent marker write questions all over the ball. Have the kids get into a circle and throw the ball to someone. Whoever catches the ball must answer the question that their right thumb is touching. After they answer a question, they throw the ball to someone else, and so on. Make sure that everyone gets equal opportunities to answer. Here are some sample questions to get you going:

What are three words that describe you?

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

What is your favorite color?

Who is your favorite singer or musical group?

Who is your favorite actor or actress?

What is your favorite thing to do?

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

What is your secret fear?

sleepover makeup party
sleepover makeup party

Glam Girl Slumber Party

A Glam Girl Party lumber Party Theme can be lots of fun.

With this party theme you will set up your home as a salon. The guests will all get pedicures, manicures and hair styling. Everyone gets to take turns being a stylist and receiving the pampering.

Make sure you let everyone know that there is no cutting of the hair allowed.

You can add to the fun if you have some dress up clothes the girls can wear that they can put on after getting all "glammed" up! If you have wigs and hats, that will add to the fun even more.

Take lots of pictures all throughout the evening and then put together in a scrapbook that everyone can have as a keepsake.

Body Charades

Ahead of time think of age appropriate words. Write these on pieces of paper and place in a bag.

Divide the guests into teams.

Each team when it is their turn draws a piece of paper out of the bag. They have to spell out the word using their body to make the letters. The other teams have to try to guess the word.

This can be even more fun if there are not enough people on the team for the whole word and a few have to make one letter and then move to another position to make another letter.

Once the guests have selected a word let them talk together quickly to decide how they will spell it out. Be sure to set a time limit.

Sleepover Movie Watching
Sleepover Movie Watching

Movie Night Sleepover Party Theme

A Movie Night Sleepover Party can be lots of fun.

If you have the equipment and ability it can be fun to set up a chairs and a screen outside to watch the movie. This also works well inside also. Just make sure you have enough seating so everyone can see the movie well.

Set up a snack bar where they can buy treats, just like at a real theater. Give the guests ahead of time pretend money they use to buy their snacks.

Have an intermission about halfway through so everyone can take a quick break.

Sleepover pillow
Sleepover pillow

Crafty Sleepover Party Theme

With this theme you will have prepared in advance craft projects that your guests will get to have fun with.

There are lots of ideas for crafts and these will vary depending on the ages. However, one that is fun for just about every age is the autograph pillowcase craft. Have everyone bring a large white pillow case to the party. (Have a few extra on hand, just in case someone forgets.)

Hand out pieces or cardboard as the temporary backing that can be used as the pillow cases are drawn on in case the colors bleed through.

Have on hand lots of colorful fabric markers or paints that can be used to decorate the pillow cases.

The idea is for each guest to do a little decoration or writing on everyone's pillow case. The end result is a great memento for an evening that will long remembered with good friends.

What is your Favorite Sleepover Game?

See results

I welcome your comments. Please let me know what you liked and what you would like to see added. If you have any other Sleepover Games you would like to share here, that would be great. Finally, if you liked this lens, please click the "Thumbs Up Like Button".

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