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The amazing American Family

Updated on February 12, 2017

Welcome to the wonderful world of Narcissistic abuse. It may strike at any time and usually when you least expect it that is when they unleash the cracken. I never understood what Narcissism was all about. One day I read "White Oleander" and saw the film. the light went off in my head and that was when it was all revealed to me that this is it. Narcissists are the most self centered humans in the entire world. They never get bored talking about themselves and they completely take over the entire conversation. Even if was originally about you it quickly moves to them and suddenly it is all about them.

Everything is your fault, no matter what it is, it is all your fault. If you watch your siblings they suddenly become weird and blame you for everything as well. My younger sister made this entire huge deal about getting her basement redone but she suddenly needed money for the renovation, I ended up paying for it and not a word has been spoken on her paying me back. She completely abuses her authority, with her children and then has the nerve to project those qualities onto me. Our last text conversation was about what a horrendous Mother I was when it came to my daughter.

My older sister is full of entitlement, as are the rest of my family. They feel entitled to everything, everyone and anything. I am entitled to nothing they are entitled to everything. My sister came into my couch as I was moving- it was a really lovely sectional couch, quite comfortable and I will never get it back, at least not until she dies.

My cousins who are also in my age range feel completely entitled to everything in their parents house. They have kids and it somehow became the job of my Aunt and Uncle to look after the kids whenever it suited my cousins. This is a normal development with most extended families I have noticed. That little kids become pawns in this endless cycle of bullshit and entitlement.

Where did this endless stream of selfish behavior come from. Everyone feels entitled to something and it is, as far as I can tell, only getting worse. (I suppose cellphones have a huge step to do this, with being able to reach anyone, anywhere at any time of day and just expect them to drop everything and take care of your kid. They act like you are the one doing the favor as well. Family vacations turn into hell as the little children show up. My sister takes full advantage of everyone to get her way. Everyone seems to get their way these days. I have no solution to this problem. It grows worse every year.


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