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Sole 2 Soul

Updated on August 22, 2015

“Tami , please write my story, I would like to share it with the world”

And they would start telling me their stories. People from every race, gender and economic background opened their hearts. I felt like it was a huge responsibility for me, as I was the voice of these amazingly resilient people. After collecting over 75 stories I have decided to create a series of stories called “Sole to Soul.” I decided to call it that because as humans we seem to believe that we are alone –we are the sole survivors of our tragedies, yet once we start sharing our stories we connect as fellow souls. The stories are different yet the themes are the same- we all want to be accepted and loved.

Another eye opening discovery that I made was that we are all heroes, even though we don’t see ourselves that way. Every single one of us, no matter how older young has gone through some kind of emotional turmoil, but it doesn’t stop us. We get up dust off the residue from this traumatic experience and get ready for the next challenge. Yes we do feel hurt, broken, torn and twisted but we continue to go on creating more dreams and building hope for the future.

My mother left us and ran away with a younger man when I was 13. My father had become paralyzed after a stroke and my mother couldn’t handle it. I was 13; my brothers were 9, 7 and 5. It was very difficult for us; I had to quit school and work as a maid to a rich lady who had two kids. She treated me badly and beat me up for every small mistake I made. I envied those two kids as they had a mother who would buy them everything. My brother, who was 9, had to work on the streets doing whatever he could to make money. Some days he would beg other days he would polish shoes and sadly some days he would be picked up by rich gentleman who would drop him back after a few hours. The younger two stayed at home and took care of my father. The whole family disowned us because of our mother’s actions.

But then I don’t blame my mother either. She was 18 when she got married to my father who was in his 40’s. He abused her physically and mentally, and I think she just hated him. She was never loving towards us either and always told us that we looked like our father.

Today I am married and I have a child of my own. My husband is like other husbands; yes he hits me and doesn’t work. I work 3 jobs and have to take care of my family and my father and brothers. The sad thing is that I thought I would be able to be a much better mother than my mom , but every time I see my son I think he looks exactly like his father……

Zainab, 18


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