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Sophie The Giraffe Teether - Original Or Fake?

Updated on April 24, 2013

What is it that makes Sophie the Giraffe so adorable?

No doubt her numerous dots and her gentle face appeals to babies. Besides, she squeaks when you press her belly and the rubber seems to have a nice and soothing feel to the often sore gums of the baby.

Parents simply love stuff that their baby loves. Period.

But actually there ARE a lot of other reasons to love Sophie the Giraffe besides from the fact, that she enchants the baby.

- She is made of 100% natural rubber

- Painted with food colours, meaning no risk of poisonous additives

- Sophie the Giraffe is handmade

- She has numerous parts to chew and is suitable from 0+ months

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Includes certificate of authencity

Sophie the Giraffe - original or fake?
Sophie the Giraffe - original or fake?

Is my Sophie the Giraffe original or fake?

Yes - every success eventually will be tried plagiarized...

Signs that the Sophie living in your house is an original:

- The box you got Sophie the Giraffe in, looks like on the picture on the right

- The box contained a certificate of authencity

Besides: If you have the chance to compare two different Sophie's do so. Sophie the Giraffe is handmade and there will be some natural deviations in the size and placement of her dots, even though the two giraffes comes from the same litter.

Fake Sophie's is made by machines and are therefore very likely in appearance.

Signs that the Sophie living in your house is a fake:

- She smells like rubber in a synthetic way. (Well, maybe you don't know this smell - but the real Sophie the Giraffe has no distinct smell. The fake Sophie often smells really bad, when you open the box).

- The colour has been chewed off by your baby over time

Sophie the Giraffe comes out of the box!

Sophie the Giraffe - award
Sophie the Giraffe - award

Lots of awards to Sophie the Giraffe

... Sophie is a true superstar!

Sophie turned 50 in 2001 and is still going strong.

Actually she won the Mother and Baby Gold Award in 2011/2012 as the best babytoy 6-12 months.

In 2010 Sophie the Giraffe won the goldprize by Practical Parenting and Pregnancy for being the "best newborn toy under 20£".

Vulli Sophie Giraffe Set

Vulli Sophie Giraffe Bath Toy - Colo...

Vullie Sophie Giraffe and Pie Pink -...

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether Set...

Why does your baby love Sophie the Giraffe?

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