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Squish Squish?

Updated on May 24, 2019
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As a parent, you're probably curious as to which type of diaper will give your child (and your pocket book) relief in a variety of ways.

Testing 1, 2, 3....

Diapers! An inevitable part of raising a tiny human. Cloth? Disposable? For now, I'll address the latter. This is the most popular option. How do you know which brand will work for your little one? Like most things, that is a matter of trial and error. I'm new to this game however I have tried a handful of brands. Most of them have that lovely little phrase "twelve hour leak guard" which, if you put it to the test, doesn't necessarily transpire. Does your bundle of joy kick back a bottle like a pro? Are they particular about their food or do they cluster feed? Each scenario will have an impact on the final weight of the used diaper.

You'll be thinking about the price. Let's face it: it adds up. The older they get, the more they rack up! Most parents are looking to save any way they can. As you've noticed, diapers are not on sale. EVER. Which brand (s) give you the most bang for your buck?

Since Amazon has become the go to place for virtually anything, I had to investigate the quality of their tush protectors. If you're particular about look or color coding, there's two standard designs : blue and yellow. Their brand, known as "Mama Bear" has a quilted interior with two standard, stretchable tabs for an adjustable fit (not unlike many brands now). The cost for a bag of 46 is $10.99. My initial impression? They're quite nice. They're made like a name brand and hold up like one, too. A durable outside with a luxurious inside. It's wonderful to see Amazon tagging along in a necessary portion of the market.

The next squishy diaper on the menu is the "Huggies Little Snugglers". The most satisfactory body forming style, they are close to living up to the twelve hour proclamation. It proved a difficult scenario for any substance to leak through. The diaper itself was quite sturdy and hard to tear through. (A bag of size 1s will costs $23.06 for 96 on Amazon.

Luvs claim a "triple leakguard" and that was put to the test. Unfortunately, number twos tempted that a bit too much. The frilly edges could barely hold back the massive flood of brown or yellow that it tried to contain. With its semi frilly edges and somewhat quilted inside, it was bound to happen. They're hardly a "go to" as far as a diaper is concerned. A box of 1s (one month supply) costs $28.99. It's quite affordable and reasonable but lacking in the quality department.

As someone that is fond of the all natural idea, Pampers Naturals were the absolute worst. Sure it could boast no harsh chemicals or hypoallergenic properties but the quality left a great deal to be desired. These bad boys were the first to explode or tear apart. The design was quite flat, lack lustre. The straps were so flimsy, they'd rip off immediately. In the middle of the night, like most parents, I was looking for the (near to) holy grail of waste management. This product left me a bit anxious. My little man surely would not make it through the night without a blow out. For a company that prides itself on its name, this did not deliver. (A bag of 35 costs $11.99 on Amazon).

As parents, our preferences will differ. You know what? Variety is the spice of life. However, if you find that you'd like to try Amazon's "Mama Bear", feel free to click on the link below and try it yourself. Let me know personally how this brand withstands your wee one's workings. I'm curious to know how you feel. As always, suggestions welcome.


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