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A cowered can never be your good friend

Updated on July 18, 2014
When you will in crisis a cowered friend will leave you. He will never behave with you just like a friend when you are in danger. Because in your crisis moment he will started to think if he continue company with you he may fall into danger. He will be afraid with the situation. Not only that you may fall into crisis by him. Think about an example, snake is a cowered reptile than most of the animals. This animal is not ferocious like other wild animals. But a lot of human beings are die by snake. It is caused only for that when any people comes nearby any snake or physically happen a touch, snake become afraid about fall into a victim. To save itselves it bites. You should remember that you may affected by that people who afraid you.

A good friends characteristics

Characteristics of a good friend sould be include,

1. Brave


3. Helping minded

4. Honest

5. Knowledgeable

6. Educated


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