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Stay at Home Mom, Working Mother or Both

Updated on April 5, 2014

Stay at home mom and working mom

Being a stay at home mom or working mom is not an easy task. You may not believe but a whole day was not enough for a mom to do all the things she needs to do.

Working outside the house is not an excuse for the responsibilities of being a mom.

Every mother have their own choices, she can work to help her husband meet the needs of the family or she can choose to stay at her home while still working part time when her kids go to school.

Whatever she choose I strongly believe that a Good Mother will only choose what she think is best for her family.

Image Credit, tct10e, on Flickr

Expectations for being a mom.

Raise their child with good moral values

Because mothers are left at home while the fathers go outside to work and provide foods and stuff to the family, She is expected to watch and teach the children with good values.

While everybody was sleeping, mothers cannot have a deep sleep especially when she has a baby. She is expected to take care of the baby and bring back to sleep.

When the child reach the mature age and starting to fall in love, Mothers are expected to help the child to go through it.

Help and teach a child to learn and study

When a child started to go to school, She is expected to teach the child further. Read books and do the homework's. She is expected to push the child to go to school even if the child seems to loose the interest to study.

Do the household chores

Cleaning the house, washing and ironing the clothes, Washing the dishes. Even decorating the house was her task.

Prepares nutritional foods

A mother is expected to wake up early to prepare for breakfast and ensure that all the food are nutritious and kept within the budget.

Support and Assist the husband in everything she can

From early in the morning, A mother will wake up to prepare the clothes for the husband, prepare the towels and prepare warm water for his bath. Prepares coffee and kiss him good luck before going to work.

If the husband earns little amount to support the family, wives are expected to help her husband, by stretching the budget and meet ends for the family.

If the wife choose to have a work, Still, all the above things are expected for her to fullfil.

Stay at home mom

They are very lucky to become stay at home mom or full housewife, because, they can see and raise their child by their own, they can build a good character and they can provide the love no other nanny's can give. They may not have enough time to put make up on their face, wear beautiful and elegant dresses while on the house, but on their husband and children's eye, they are a beautiful mom.

Working Mothers

Being a working mom is not an excuse to do all her responsibilities for the family. Before she go to work, she will wake up early and assist the husband, prepare the breakfast and clean the house. After she goes back from work, she will prepare foods, wash the clothes, teach the children regarding their homework, read some books and bring the baby to sleep. She may not monitor how her children grow but she can provide and assist the family financially.

Working Stay at home mom

These are the mothers who manage to have extra income while at home, they belong to those wives who doesn't need to go out and leave the family for huge additional income. Others do this to have pass time while at home and waiting for the kids and daddy to arrive. They work based on their availability and earning is the least priority.

Being a stay at home mom while working is not a new thing, It exist even before long time ago. There are evidence and facts that proves mothers bring and carry their child while hunting animals and go back home before the father arrives.

This is a very nice situation if had, because she can watch her children as they grow and she can have additional income or savings for the family.

Stay at home mom, working mom or both?

You are?

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    • Mamabyrd profile image

      Mamabyrd 5 years ago

      I have been both a stay at home mom and a working mom.It was very difficult to work and care for my kids but staying home can get a little lonely

    • MrAdvice LM profile image

      MrAdvice LM 5 years ago

      You have a good looking lens and it should do well!