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How to give stimulation to the baby in a crib

Updated on January 10, 2011
Lennart Nilsson - A child is born
Lennart Nilsson - A child is born | Source

Black and white

Black & White
Black & White

Perfect for babies from birth to age two!

This accordion style foldout book is sturdy enough to stand by itself, and it is just the right size for little hands.


The miracle of a child starts in the womb. The fetus can hear and recognize voices from the fifth month of life.I got this information from this fantastic book "A child is born" written and photographed by Lennart Nilsson (see to the right)

It can listen to music and the heart beat of its mother. These familiar sounds can have a very comforting influence on the baby. Some parents have used the same music close to the crib as they played or sung before the baby was born. When the mother picks up her child to nurse it, he recognizes her heart beat and feels calm.

Some of the noisy toys that are hanging over the baby are often not good at all. They want soft sound and familiar voices. Besides can these colorful toys cause hearing problems.

A baby needs something to look at.

It is easy to think that colorful toys and moving chimes will amuse the child. But the truth is that things that are really stimulating the eyes are items colored in black and white. It can be a piece of cloth, paper or zebra. Just a few really contrasting colors are the best. You will see how the baby tries to fix the eyes on it with a silent determination.

Some cribs are padded on the inside with a nice cover. Choose one that is not too fuzzy in the pattern. A few big forms are more useful. The baby will look at these only because of the contrast in color.

When the child is older they can listen more.

 It is still not good to hang a noisy toy close to the tiny ears. Soft songs or classic music can be much more inspiring. A tip here is to let the child go to sleep while the music is on. This will teach the infant that it does not have to be silent to go to sleep. Since a small child sleeps a lot, the rest of the family must be able to continue playing or talking.

 Moving toys to look at are welcome when the baby is older.

Now they will enjoy something that moves a little. There are so many nice carousels or chimes to buy. Some of them are hanging so low that the baby can reach them. That is a very good training of hand grips.

 Warnings are that some can be too noisy and some can be filled with small items that will choke the child if they brake.

 The best crib can be a wonderful first home for the new born. But, to hold it close and hum or sing to the baby, is always really good!

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    • profile image

      Anniversaire 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      mujjen 7 years ago

      I agree on this. Personally I drew pictures and put inside my baby's crib! Black and white.

    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      I do think the right toys can be important. Great tips here.