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Stove Guard

Updated on January 17, 2016

Fitting a stove guard is a vital part of protecting your toddler from burns & scalds

Most stove related injuries for small children and toddlers are caused by them pulling pans containing hot food or boiling water onto themselves resulting in serious burns and scalds that can even lead to hospitalization and possibly leave them disfigured for life.

Many of these types of accident can be prevented by fitting your stove with a stove guard of one type or another, There are many stove guards to choose from that are suitable for most types of stoves and considering the protection they offer it is money well spent.

Image: Our new stove guard in action

Childproofing to protect your little one

We have a 15 month old little guy who loves to explore everything in his world be it a crumb on the floor or a kettle full of hot water - it`s a constant battle keeping him away from dangerous items in his new kingdom,

We live in a small apartment in West Vancouver with just about enough room to "swing a very small kitten". Our boy is full of curiosity and it`s a great joy to see him exploring his world, however this makes living in such a small space fraught with potentially lethal consequences.

We love cooking good food but it has recently become very clear that our love of cooking is a potentially dangerous hazard for our lovely little boy,

It`s amazing how he has somehow transformed our seemingly safe home into a minefield of hazards in such a short time, don`t get me wrong we are not the kind of people that like to wrap our child up in cotton wool, but like any parents we want to avoid any preventable accidents so fitting our cooker with a stove guard was a no brainer.

KidCo Stove Top Safety Guard - Why we chose this particular stove guard

We chose this stove guard by Kidco because we have a freestanding electric stove that is located at the end of the worktop leaving both the front and side exposed to exploring little hands, The KidCo Stove Top Safety Guard has side guards making it more suitable to our situation, Another consideration was that because our stove protrudes out into our kitchen space by about 4 inches the plastic type of stove guard that is angled away from the stove would have been a nuisance.

However with this type of stove guard the child can still stick their fingers through and burn them on the hot ring,

I intend to attach something to the grid to prevent this.


No matter how much you "childproof" your home there`s no substitute for vigilance with a small child

Stove guards to protect your "little shrimps"

There are many different types of stove guards suitable for different childproofing situations.

Stove guard reviews on Youtube

Watch real people`s reviews of child safety in the kitchen products on You-tube

Child Safety Tip - Stove Top Guard

Why we should have chosen a different stove guard!

Sticky pads don`t stick!

So we have been using our stove guard for a few weeks now and we have found the problem with this type is that our child is now tall enough to reach up and get a solid grip of the bars and then with a determined pull he was able to overcome the sticky pads that hold it down.

I found the solution to this was to clean the sticky pads of and after cleaning everything meticulously with nail polish remover then glued the feet to the stove top using silicone.


I would not recommend that you buy this type of stove guard simply because the child can get a good grip on the bars and yank it free.

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      Johnd672 2 years ago

      I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic. bfkfeefbbkke

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      Johnk959 2 years ago

      Magnificent website. Lots of useful information here. Im sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat! aacbccecdebb

    • Nimblepins profile image

      Nimblepins 4 years ago

      It's true, our stove guard is a great thing to have. Nice lens, Pixelhound!

    • Pixelhound profile image

      Wayne 4 years ago from west vancouver BC Canada

      @Board-Game-Brooke: Thanks for visiting my lens and leaving the first comment!

      I never new about them either until it became obvious that we needed something to keep our little guy safe.

    • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

      C A Chancellor 4 years ago from US/TN

      These are great tips. I don't think I had seen a stove guard before.