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Stroller for Big Kids | Strollers for Older Kids | Best Strollers for Large or Tall Children

Updated on February 21, 2013

Best Stroller for Big Kids - Because Older Kids Like to Ride Too!

A stroller for big kids is a necessity for many families. Larger or heavier children, as well as kids with a health or medical condition, often need a stroller with high weight limits. There are special needs stroller that work from preschool to adulthood, but they are expensive and not necessary for most parents.

A long walk or run that moms and dads enjoy is a lot to expect of a child who may not find it so fun while on foot, but will enjoy a relaxing stroll. If you add a nice jogging stroller for older children, the exercise will be enjoyable for everyone. Most umbrella strollers are very lightweight, but normally come with a low weight limit of 40 pounds or less.

A large toddler or big kid over 5 will do fine in a stroller for larger children These often have weight limits up to 75 pounds, so kids who are 50, 60, or 70 lbs will be accommodated comfortably. Jogging strollers with swivel wheels are ideal for outdoor excursions, but are also costly, and many who are shopping for a stroller for big kids are also concerned with their budget.

Many strollers are all-terrain, with big rubber wheels for easy transport of older children. The nice thing about these push chairs, is the portability and easy folding action, making them light enough for travel and transport. Theses jogging strollers for kids over 40 lbs are perfect for tall and larger children. These often include the storage baskets, recline features, and snack or beverage holders that are ideal for younger babies too.

A nice jogging stroller for bigger kids will fit kids up to the age of 7 or 8, or about 75 pounds. Below, we have listed some of the top buys in big kid strollers with weight limits. These strollers fit larger kids, which is ideal for you. They are divided by weight limit and type, to give you the best stroller for big kids.

Joovey Stroller for Big Kids to 75 LBS

Best Stroller for Big Kids
Best Stroller for Big Kids

Stroller For 50, 60, 70 Pound Kids - Are They Too Big For One?

Stroller for Kids Over 50 Lbs & Older Children

Looking for stroller reviews with a high weight limit, I was surprised by the stereotypes online. Many moms say older children should walk, not ride. Have they tried to carry a tired 6 or 7 year old up a hill returning from a walk (that I happen to really enjoy) recently? Apparently not, because it would change their minds quickly.

The good thing is, it is not their choice to make. Many moms and dads like to walk, run, hike, or just enjoy a day of shopping. There is even the occasional trip to an amusement park or vacation spot like Disney where you really want to have a great time. Sure, healthy older kids should be able to walk much of the time. But to expect them to always be glad to be moving is asking for trouble.

Having a five, six or seven year old child who just gets tired, and makes your trip miserable or ends it all together, is much more tiresome than providing a stroller for their 40 to 70 lb bodies. This way, everyone stays happy, I feel like a better mom, and that makes everything run more smoothly. It is just that simple.

So a stroller or jogging stroller for heavier kids is ideal for moms who don't want to stop moving because the kids would rather relax. Mom can move, while they do relax. So, find the right big kid stroller, and enjoy your kids!

What is Your Favorite Stroller for Big Kid Riding?

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