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Suicidal Single Parents

Updated on August 23, 2016

Being a single parent has its difficulties. There exist no universal manual for parents on how to parent well. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that single parents struggle in their attempts at caring for their children. The struggle is real for many single parents and the reality of rearing a child consist of doubts and despair. This difficulty coupled with personal shortcomings bring single parents to the sad conclusion that there is no hope and hence they make a decision to take their lives. Presently, suicide among single parents has not garner enough attention. This tragedy affects many but most importantly, the children within that household. Let us look at what makes a single parent lose interest in life and then decide to end it so abruptly. Most parents live for their children what makes a parent act in contradiction to the very meaning of life.

The Role Of Alcohol

To relax after a difficult day at work and after dealing with difficult children, single parents might drink a glass of wine or two. When this habit evolves from wine to bottles of strong alcohol then the parent will be susceptible to bouts of depression. Alcohol in excess, converts into a depressant that often leads to melancholy reflections about life. When a parent finds herself or himself frequently in this disposition, then the mind switches back and forth from despair to hope and eventually despondency wins. Impairment of the mind, emotion and spirit is not limited to excessive drinking. Parents who also take prescription or illegal drugs can experience this traits. While participating in the above listed indulges, they find themselves in a state of desolation, which induces distorted thinking that leads to the convincing that the only escape is death.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

Post Morten Depression

Women are most vulnerable to the voices of suicide during the stages of Post Morten Depression. After giving birth, some women experience unsettling levels of hormones that prevent them from functioning at a normal capacity. This depression prevents mothers from enjoying the initial stages of motherhood. The after “birth blues” lead too many disruptive behavior and activities. Mothers experience excessive mood swings and as they go through their daily routines experience emotional highs and slows. They struggle with weight issues and cannot get a handle on their weight gain or loss. During the Post Morten state, mothers despondent by nature become anti-social. As these mothers experience the many facets of Post Morten Depression they seek to escape the despairing struggles of parenting resulting from the ailment. They attempt to move from an abnormal state to a normal one, however with little success and at their weakest moment give into the thoughts of suicide.

hyacinthoides cc by Flickr
hyacinthoides cc by Flickr | Source

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Trying To Live Up To Perfection

At times parents question their capacity to nurture their children. When parents move toward improving their parenting skills they find themselves comparing what they do and do not do to other parents. In doing so, they often experience criticism, which at times motivate them to perfect their parenting skills. They work excessively to have the best home, the best children and the best job and within these pursuits when failures occur, life loses its meaning. Moreover, at the end of the day when they revisit their activities, and acknowledge their failures, their thoughts consumed with disillusionment look toward terminating the process.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

Extremely Stressful Situation

Within some single-family household a mom or dad on a daily basis, finds herself or himself struggling to overcome a stressful situation associated with their child. The offspring might have a serious ailment or behavior issues. The ailment might have occurred at birth or manifested at an early age. At times within the household, the parent must learn to control the disruptive child, a child requiring 24 hour monitoring. Living under either one of these stressful conditions can wear down the human spirit and with little support can bring the parent to the doorsteps of suicide.

Help For A Single Parent

Experts feel the best way to help single parents contemplating suicide is the direct approach about their intention. The acronym ACT guides others on how best to approach the person intended to commit suicide, it stands for acknowledge, communicate and tell someone. Acknowledge the wounded person’s conflict, then communicate to that person the importance of what he or she feels, with the final step of reaching out to a professional to help put in place the appropriate preventive care for that individual.

Public Attention

Statistical researches declare that every year over 30,000 Americans commit suicide. This estimated number, they believe, can decrease with nationwide public awareness. Apparently, Americans do not have sufficient information on how best to identify the signs of someone wanting to commit suicide. Citizens are unaware that when a person begins to all of a sudden order his or her finances that that behavior is a telltale sign of wanting to end life. Citizens do not know that repeated statements of wanting to kill oneself during casual conversation is another indication of suicidal tendencies. Depression and excessive aggression are also indicators. Experts believe the greater the publicity the better the sensitivity to others inclined to commit suicide.

The struggle is real for single parents and if for whatever reason you come across a parent sinking into despair have them call or you call for them the Hopeline Network at 800 784-2433; this organization offers 24-hour public service.


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    • Flipsgeraldine profile imageAUTHOR

      Yvette Marshall 

      2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      So true, I know life would have been ten times easier with family support.

    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      it is difficult to be a single parent, trying to raise a child single handed , needs support and encouragement


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