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Sun and Moon coloring pages!!

Updated on June 19, 2012

Just one page (not anymore!...I have added two more coloring pages!!)

This lens is a coloring page lens all about the Sun and Moon. This is a hand drawn coloring page of the moon and stars in one corner, and the sun and clouds in the other corner.

The Moon and Suns all have very child friendly features. Allow your child's mind to wonder free as he/she pulls out the crayons and begins to bring this coloring page to life!

This coloring page can also be used to teach your children the difference between day and night. Or the difference in the sun and moon. I know my oldest son ,at 2 1/2, would sometimes calls the sun "moon" as it was setting in the afternoon.

Look for some fun facts about the sun and the moon throughout this page. I thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my coloring page!

The Sun's diameter is approximately 109 times larger than the Earth's diameter.

Green Cheese

The moon is NOT made of green cheese.

Sun vs. Moon

Since both are equally important to life here on Earth, we won't debate which is more important.

Instead, we will simply debate which one is your favorite?

Which is your favorite celestial body...and why?

Yellow dwarf

Our Sun is designated as a Yellow Dwarf.

The Moon is 1/4 the diameter of the Earth!

Did you and your children enjoy the coloring page? Let me know what you think of my lens and the challenge of have only 1 coloring sheet on this lens.

You can also send me pictures of the sheet colored if you want to.

The Sun spot

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