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Girl Scout SWAPS

Updated on May 20, 2012

What are SWAPS??

SWAPS are a Girl Scout craft in which girls trade with each other to promote friendship. When girls swap their pins, they make new friends, and that is what girl scouting is all about!

A great time to doing some girl scout swaps is right before an event or camping trip where there will be others to trade some swaps with.

Flowers in vase SWAP
Flowers in vase SWAP

Flower Vase SWAP


* Penne pasta

* Tin foil

* Packing peanuts

* Green toothpicks

* Sequins in flower/spiral shapes, assorted colors

* Pin backs


- Glue and/or hot glue gun


1. Wrap each piece of penne pasta in tin foil to make the vase. Stuff a packing peanut inside pasta to hold the toothpick stems in place.

2. Glue a "flower" or "spiral" sequin on one end of the toothpick.

3. Stick toothpicks into "vase".

4. Glue pin on back of vase

Popsicle SWAP
Popsicle SWAP

Popsicle SWAP

Very easy to make this adorable popsicle swap!!


* Assorted colored pipe cleaners.

* Popsicle sticks

* Pins


- Glue gun

- Marker (optional)

- Scissors


Break or cut popsicle stick in half. Wrap colored pipe cleaner around 2/3 of the popsicle stick, covering the cut end. Glue pin onto back. You can write your troop or message on the stick!

A great KWANZAA Swap - We can't forget our Kwanzaa friends when swapping!!


Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday about the festival of the first harvest of the crops. It begins on December 26, and lasts for seven days. The name Kwanzaa, sometimes spelled Kwanza, comes from a phrase which means "first fruits" in Swahili, an East African language.

What you will need:

Green foam

yellow tissue paper or mini yellow pom poms


glue or glue gun


How to make:

Cut out two identical green foam leaves for each pin. Glue them together overlapping.

Using either MINI yellow pompoms or small balls of tissue paper, glue these on top of the overlapping green foam leaves to make a corn cob.

Glue pin on the back!

Snowman Pin


What you'll need:

Three white pom-poms (ours are 1/2 inch round)

Two wiggle eyes

Red felt

Black felt

Thin marker to trace on felt

Tacky glue or hot glue

Tip of an orange crayon, or piece of Fimo clay, felt, or construction paper

jewelry pin

How to make it:

- Take three pom-poms and glue together.

- Take red felt and cut an 1/2" inch wide by eight inch strip.

- Tie the "scarf" around the snowman's neck.

- Glue on wiggle eyes.

- Cut buttons out of scraps of black felt and glue on snowman.

- Depending on the type of nose you want for your snowman, glue on a tip of a crayon, shape a piece of Fimo into a carrot shape, or cut some orange felt or construction paper. Glue on to snowman's face.

- Cut a rectangle out of black felt three inches by four inches long.

- Glue the short ends together to make the hat.

- Trace around the top of the hat to make a circle to fit. Cut out and glue on one end of the hat.

- Trace around the bottom of the hat, making the circle slightly larger to make the brim. Cut out.

Stuff the hat lightly with felt scraps to help it keep the shape.

- Glue the brim to the bottom of the hat.

- Glue the hat onto the snowman's head

- Glue a pin to the back of the snowman.

Dreidel Swap - A great SWAP to help celebrate Hanukkah


What you'll need:

Light gray felt

Navy felt

Silver decorative thread

Tacky Glue



1 1/2" Safety pin

How to make it:

Cut a piece of felt 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square.

Starting 1 3/4" down one side of the felt square and cut diagonally towards the middle. Repeat for other side.

Cut a piece of navy felt into a 1/2" x 1" strip.

Glue navy strip on top of dreidel.

Cut the symbol out of navy felt and glue to dreidel.

Glue silver decorative thread to dreidel, or use silver glitter.

Turn the dreidel over and glue pin to back.

Let dry.


Football swaps

What is your favorite NFL or AFL team?

This is a very easy swap to make and helps to support your favorite FOOTBALL team!!

What you'll need:

Brown craft foam


Glitter glue OR white glue and glitter

Pin backs

Hot glue gun OR white craft glue

How to make it:

1. From brown craft foam, cut out football shapes.

2. Using glitter glue or glitter pen, write team names on the footballs or decorate it to look like a football by adding stitches and a border. If you don't have glitter glue, use white craft glue then completely cover the glue with glitter. Allow to dry, then tap off excess glitter.

3. After the pins are completely dry, use white craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach pin backs.


Holly berry and leaf swap.

Deck the swaps with boughs of holly.....

What you need:

Red pom poms (small, plain or glitter)

Green Foam


glue or glue gun


How to Make

Cut out holly leaves from Green Foam (2 for each pin).

Glue the two leaves together as shown below.

Glue on 3 red pom poms as berries.

Ribbon is optional.

Glue pin on back.

Present Pins

A great Holiday SWAP

You'll Need:

Shrink plastic


Fine-tip permanent black felt pen

Permanent felt pens: red, white, metallic gold


Jewelry glue

Adhesive pin backing

To Make Pretty Present Pin Jewelry:

Draw a present on a piece of paper. Place a piece of shrink plastic over the patterns and trace them onto the plastic with a pencil. Remove pattern, and retrace outline with black felt pen.

Color presents with colored felt pens. (Note: Do not use metallic gold until after plastic has been shrunk.)

Cut out the presents. Follow manufacturer's instructions to heat shrink plastic in your oven.

When pieces have cooled, turn them over so the shiny side faces up. Add metallic gold. When dry, glue small present to large present.

Apply adhesive pin back to back of large present.


Pom Pom Seahorse

Purple is my favorite color - what color will you make yours?




Adorable little origami Penguins

Click here for directions to make penguin

Glue a pin to the back after you make your penguin.

Summer Watering Can

I thought the beaded water was the perfect touch

1. Cut watering can out of green (or any color) foam. Decorate as you like.

2. Add "sprigs" of blue beads. You can buy beaded rows at a craft store, or make your own with wire and blue beads.

3. Glue a pin on the back.

Awesome Dragonfly Pin

You will need:


Round or pony beads


Safety pin or pin back

To see these directions, with pictures, please click here.

Take the wire and fold in half, but leave a curve on the bottom, then put the five beads on the wire.

Make the little wings like a figure of eight (see image).

Make the secondary wings, a little bigger than the first.

Fold the wire down to the back (the back will be the front when is ready).

Then turn the wire up from the front, this will make sure that the wings don't move.

Put the other bead on the top of the 2 wires and turn the top of the wires to look like antennae.

Put pin on back through wire or red bead.

Fuzzy Chicks

Easter Swap

You Need:

Pastel Chenille

Wiggle Eyes

Pipe Cleaners

Tacky Glue or Ultimate Craft Glue

Pin backs


Take a large chenille or pipe cleaner and wind it into a round or oval body.

Glue on wiggle eyes.

Cut a small piece of orange pipe clearner. Fold in half and push ends into the pipe cleaners (adding a dab of glue) under the eyes to make a beak.

Cut four 1" pieces of orange pipe cleaner. Bend one piece around the a second piece to make three toes and a leg. Trim toes. Make a second leg. Push legs into the bottom of the chick using a dab of glue to secure.

Add pin to the back.

©2002, Inc. All rights reserved.

Adorable Pie Pins

Here are the supplies you'll need:




seed beads

clear glue

pie crust colored felt (a.k.a. tan)

1. Trace your bottlecap onto the felt. Cut out circle (this is your pie crust). Glue on inside of bottlecap as crust.

2. Fill pie crust with clear glue, then sprinkle seed beads on top and press into glue to hold.

3. Cut 6 small strips to make lattice top for pie. Glue on top.

4. When this is all dry, glue a pin to the back of the bottlecap (hot glue gun would work best).

Step by step directions with pictures can be found here.

Little Chick SWAPS

Egg carton

1 ½" yellow pompom



Two 5mm googly eyes




Scrap of orange felt /construction paper

Cut one individual cup off of an egg carton.

Paint the entire cup. If the cup is cardboard, you could also use markers. A styrofoam cup will work just as it is.

Glue the pompom inside the cup.

Cut a small diamond out of orange felt or construction paper for the beak.

Glue the beak on the pompom by folding the diamond in half and pushing the center of the beak into the pompom.

Glue on the eyes.

Add a pin to the back.

Mouse and Cheese Pin

What You’ll Need:


yellow sponge

grey pom pom


felt or wiggle eyes

chenille stick

pin back

Cut a small triangle from a yellow sponge for the wedge of cheese.

Glue a grey pom pom to the sponge for the mouse's body.

Cut a nose, ears, and eyes from felt or foam, (or use wiggle eyes). Glue them in place.

For the mouse’s tail, cut a 2-inch strip of chenille stick or felt. Glue one end under the back of the mouse’s body.

Glue pin to the back of the cheese.

SWAP History


The origin of SWAPS is Native American. Potlatch is the ceremonial exchange of gifts practiced by Native Americans of Northwest Coastal tribes. The custom stems from the legend explaining why birds have colored feathers. As the story goes, two Indian girls plucked feathers of a magic bird and distributed the multi-colored plumage to the colorless birds living in the forest. From that time on, birds have had brightly colored feathers and those gifts were remembered at potlatch ceremonies.

Families were summoned to the potlatch by a messenger carrying a bundle of sticks representing the number of people to be invited. The ceremony included speeches, songs, dances, games, races, and refreshments. The host and members of his family were costumed and enacted legends about their heritage. The gift giving came last of all, just before the guests departed. Since potlatch gifts were symbols of the families status in the village, they were often quite elaborate, often being carved boxes, canoes, dishes, jewelry, mats and baskets. The potlatch ceremony was given to commemorate the births, deaths, marriages, or coming of age of members of the group. (1)

The idea of SWAPS was started at the original National Roundup Conferences.

At that time a SWAP was a little remembrance that one Scout gave another. SWAPS are handmade, thus the girl is giving a part of herself to show friendship. Swaps are exchanged at National Conventions, Council events, Wider Ops, SU or neighborhood events, troop meetings and most frequently at day camp. They can have a tag attached with the event name and date or the Troop number, Council name or State. (2) In some countries SWAPS are called hat crafts.

Swapping promotes friendship. encourages girls to talk to other people.

SWAPS are great mementos of a good time as well as a great way to share something about where we live and what we do.

Pom Pom Shamrock Pin

Easy to make.

I have one at home that I made a while ago. I had to borrow this picture off the internet.

Things you need:

Green pompoms

Green pipe cleaners

Hot Glue Gun

Pin backs

How to make:

Glue 3 green pompoms together to make a shamrock.

Add 1/2 a gree pipe cleaner to make the stem.

Glue pin back on back.

To make it more fun, water down some elmers white glue, dab the glue on the pom poms and sprinkle with glitter.

This picture has a ribbon..which is optional....

All girls love ROSES!!

What you'll need:

1 ½ green chenille stems (per flower)

Red craft foam


White craft glue or hot glue gun


**they also make already made foam flowers to make it even easier**

How to make it:

Set aside the ½ chenille stem for a later step. Take the full chenille stem and bend it in half. Starting at the bent end, twist the chenille stem around itself all the way up. When you reach the end trim it to make it even if needed.

Cut out 1” teardrop shapes from the red foam, you will need 7 of these.

Cut out ¾” tear drop shapes from the red foam, you will need 3 of these.

Lay a 1” tear drop on the table, point side down. Glue the open end of the twisted chenille stem to the red tear drop petal.

Glue a second tear drop behind the first tear drop (point side down), most of the tear drop in back will be visible. Repeat on the other side. Repeat again on each side, gluing them in a curved fashion (similar to a half circle). When you are done there should be one petal in the middle and 3 on each side.

Glue one of the smaller tear drop petals on top of the green chenille stem. Glue the other two smaller petals overlapping the first one, point side down.

Once these are all dry, bend and curve the foam petals to join both rounded sides together to form the flower. Glue in place and hold until dry, hot glue comes in handy here.

Use the ½ chenille stem to bend the leaves into shape and twist around the stem.

Attach a pin to the back of both roses.

Beaded Hearts

What you'll need:

This will make 1 heart:

12" red pipe cleaner (chenille stem)

30 red translucent tri-beads (non-translucent beads may be used)

Wire cutters (a good pair of scissors will work as well)


How to make it:

Cut the pipe cleaner in half. (Note: Save the other half for another project)

Bend one end of the pipe cleaner into an "L" (about 1/4"). (Note: This keeps the beads from falling off when the child puts them on the pipe cleaner.)

Add all the beads onto the pipe cleaner.

Bend the other end of the pipe cleaner into an "L" shape.

Twist the 2 "L" shapes together. Clip off any extra wire. Be sure to bend in any sharp edges.

Bend into a heart shape.

Add to a pin to the back and SWAP for Valentine's Day.

Orgami Star - If you don't glue down the top flap, you can open it and add your own message.

Click here for the directions for the star

Glue a pin to the back after you make your star.


You can make almost ANY pin - as long as you can draw it. Put it on a shrinky dink page and shrink it down. They have colored pages now too.

Click here to buy Shrinky Dinks online.

Suncatcher SWAPS


Wax Paper



pin backs

Old Crayon Pieces (wrapper removed)


Iron (adult supervision required)

How To:

Decide on what shape you want to make your suncatcher and cut out two identical shapes from the wax paper.

On one piece of the wax paper, take your old crayon pieces and shave them (using a sharpener works real well). Mix the colors around.

Place the other piece of wax paper on top.

Cover with a towel (carefully), then hold the warm iron on top of the towel, on top of the suncatcher.

It may take a little while, but the crayon shavings will melt together between the wax paper.

Glue a pin onto the back

Daisy Pins

This would be great to do with Daisy Scouts


Double stick (2 sided) tape - Heavy duty works best

Two 7mm googly eyes

Ultra fine permanent marker

Pink Crayon

Bar pin back

Tacky glue or Elmer's glue

Artificial flowers

Tiny pom-poms

1)Remove the stem and center of the flower. Glue a very small pompom on top of the hole to represent a nose. Add googly eyes above nose. Draw mouth. Use pink crayon to draw "rosy" cheeks

2) Using 2 sided tape (or glud/glue gun), attach the bar pin to the back of one of the sets of daisy petals.

Mouse Pin


wooden heart or foam hearts

1 black skinny chenille stem

2 small wiggle eyes

1 miniature pink pom pom

gray and pink paint

hot glue gun (I used Aleene’s tacky glue instead, though the glue gun would have been quicker)

pin back


What you do

1. Paint the wooden heart gray and let dry, or cut hearts out of craft foam.

2. Cut the chenille stem into six 1.5″ pieces.

3. Glue the pink pom pom to the point of the heart for the nose.

4. Glue 1-3 of the chenille whiskers to the left and right sides of the nose (you will have to see how many look right according to the size of your heart).

5. Glue the two wiggle eyes around the middle of the heart, above the nose.

6. Use pink paint to add the pink in the ears (in the humps of the heart).

7. Glue a pin back to the back of your rodent.


Make a pin to show the support you have for your Baseball Team.

Buy Foamie Baseballs (or cut them out of white craft foam and use a red marker to make stitches).

Write your team's name and year on the ball.

Glue Pin to back.

Peanut People Pin

Great for any "peanut" themed occasion

The picture is not of the colored ones, but you will get the idea.

What you will need:

Peanuts in the shell

Different colored paint

TINY Googly Eyes

Scraps of felt

Jewelry Pin

How to make:

- Paint the Peanuts and let them dry.

- Glue on googly eyes

- Use scraps to make "clothes" (optional)

- Glue jewelry pin on back.

September 20 Celebrates the Anniversary of the First Train Station

Make this wonderful Train Pin as a SWAP

Train Beaded Safety Pin

Materials Needed:

12 -1 1/16 inches Safety Pins

1 - 1 3/4 inch Safety Pin

Seed Beads (see picture below for colors needed - or pick your own colors)


Follow this pattern and the basic directions on the safety pin jewelry page to complete this project.

Each number column represents a pin; for example, your first pin will have 5 white beads, 1 red bead, 3 white beads, and then 1 more red bead. Your second pin will have 4 white beads, 3 blue beads, 1 white beads, 1 red bead, and then 1 more white bead. When you thread these beaded pins onto your larger pin, start with pin number 1.

How to Make Safety Pin Beaded Pins:

Depending on the pattern you choose, you will usually need between 10 and 14 small safety pins. Open a safety pin, and slip the seed beads onto it. Once all beads are in place, close the safety pin. You may want to use the needle-nose pliers to pinch the end of the safety pin so it will not pop open later. Repeat this step until all the safety pins are beaded.

Now you are ready to put all the beaded pins onto a larger safety pin. Open the large safety pin (the size you need will be stated in the pattern). Use the flat-head screwdriver to slightly pry apart the coils at the end of the large pin.

Slip the loop of the first beaded safety pin onto the large one. Pull it down to the loop at the base of the large pin. Pull it around the loop and up the back-side of the pin. Repeat this for each beaded safety pin.

Once all your beaded safety pins are on your larger pin, use the pliers and squeeze the loop to close it.

Apple Pin

On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, apples represent the hope that the coming year will be sweet. Here’s a fun magnet to make that will hold up artwork, keep track of school projects, or hold the all-important grocery list, all year long.

This craft is also great for a National Teacher Day or back-to-school project. After all, apples and autumn go together like bacon and eggs! Make a few for the fridge today!

What you'll need:

Red craft foam

White craft foam

Green craft foam

Brown chenille stick

Brown marker

White craft glue


Hot glue gun


How to make it:

Make a pattern onto red foam and cut out. Repeat this with white foam.

Glue red foam to white foam with red on top. Use our photo as a guide.

Cut out two leaves from the green foam and use white glue to attach them to the top of the apple, behind the red foam. Let the glue dry.

Cut a two inch piece off the chenille stick and save the remainder for another project.

Hot glue the chenille stick to the back of the foam apple, leaving about one inch showing from the front for the stem. Bend the top of the stem slightly.

Use a brown marker to draw on a few seeds.

Hot glue a pin to the back!

A Back to School Swap


9/11 Angel Pin Swap

With 9/11, here is a 9/11 themed SWAP!!

Here's a simple project your whole group can make and wear in remembrance of Sept. 11.

You Need:

Coiless Safety Pins - 1½" Gold

18" of Red Satin Cord

Angel Bead

Heart Shaped Pony Bead

Red and Blue Pony Beads

911 Number Beads

Gold Metallic Pony Beads


White Glue

Our project prepack makes 30 911 angel pins.


Cut satin cord into an 18" length. Stiffen end with white glue. Slide the angel bead to the center of the cord. On each side slide on one red, one gold and one blue pony bead.

Open up the coiless pin. Slide the 911 beads onto the pin and around to the opposite side. Slide one end of the cord through the 911 beads. Slide the other end of the cord through the 911 beads in the opposite direction. Push the cord ends through pony beads in the opposite direction and then through the angel again.

Bring the cords down and slide together through a heart bead. Tie an overhand knot tightly under the bead. Trim cords.

Button Bouquet Pins

Button Bouquet Pins

Create beautiful

bouquet pins

Create button bouquet brooches out of old buttons. The whimsical bouquets bring colorful results and happy smiles to the faces of those lucky enough to receive your bouquet.

What You'll Need:

2 green chenille stems 12 inches each

5 beautiful buttons

12 inches ribbon, 3/4 inch wide

3/4-inch pin back




Needle nose pliers

Glue gun

Glue sticks

Step One: Cut the chenille stems into 4-inch lengths.

Cut stems into 4-inch pieces.

Step Two: For flat buttons, slip a stem through a button hole, going from the back and then through the front to the back again. Twist the stem tightly at the back using the needle-nose pliers. For post-style buttons, twist the stem through the hole, then add a drop of hot glue to hold the button so it faces forward.

Step Three: Gather the 5 chenille stems together and wrap them tightly with the last 4-inch chenille stem. Trim the ends of the wrapped stem.

Slip stems through button holes and glue.

Step Four: Bend the button flowers gracefully to make a flat bouquet. Pull some of the flower stems shorter, leaving others longer. Trim the bottom of the stems. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the center of your bouquet.

Gather stems and tie a ribbon.

Step Five: Glue a pin back to the back of the bouquet.

Pom Pom Friendship Pin

Pom Pom Friendship Pin

You will need:

Pom poms

Googly eyes

Craft glue


Wire cutters or fingernail clippers

Small domino or small piece of cardboard

Colored paper


Pin back

1. Glue googly eyes on the pom poms.

2. Cut two pieces of wire about one and a half inches long each for each pom pom with the wire cutters or fingernail clippers.

3. Twist down the ends of the wire to form antennae. Glue the other ends into the tops of the pom poms. Let dry.

4. Cut a piece of colored paper to fit the domino or piece of cardboard. Glue the pin back on the other side and let it dry.

5. Glue the pom poms on the front of the domino. Let dry. Wear it on a jacket or pin it on a backpack.

Butterfly Pins

What you'll need:

Black chenille stem

Any color bumpy chenille stem (for butterfly body)

4 Pom poms, optional

Wire cutters

Needle nose pliers

Tacky glue (if using pom poms)


How to make it:

Cut the black chenille stem in half. (You will only use 1 piece for this project)

Bend the bumpy chenille stem in half in a V shape.

Fold down one end of the bumpy chenille stem to the base of the V. Bend around the V. The end should be pointing up.

Bend the bumpy chenille stem down to the base again. Bend around the V. This will form one side of the butterfly.

Repeat with other end of the bumpy chenille stem.

Be sure to use the needle nose pliers to hide any sharp ends.

Fold the black chenille stem in half.

Twist the bent end about 1/2" from the bend.

Slide the butterfly in-between the black ends of the chenille stem.

Twist the black chenille stem above the butterfly to hold it in place.

Separate the ends of the black chenille stem.

Bend one end of the black chenille stem over about 1/4". Bend again.

Repeat with other end. This makes the antennas.

If desired, place pom poms in the openings of the wings and use tacky glue to hold in place. Let dry.

Glue pin onto the back.

Ladybug Pin

What you'll need:

Red sheet of craft foam

Black sheet of craft foam

Hole punch



2 Slightly different sized

circular objects to

trace, optional

Tacky glue


How to make it:

Trace around the smaller object onto the black craft foam. Cut out.

Trace around the larger object onto the red craft foam. Cut out.

Cut the red circle in half.

Use the hole punch to punch out black spots for the ladybug.

Cut a shape for the head (see photo).

Glue the pieces together using the photograph as a guide.

Glue the pin on the back of the lady bug.

Let dry completely.

Monkey Swap


Join the SWAP group on Yahoo

You can join this group and get LOTS of ideas from creative people all over the world. You can also exchange SWAPS with other troops from all over. You could make it a pen pal swap project....

Click to join SwapsGirlScoutStyle

Girl Scout Gifts on Amazon

SWAP Etiquette

SWAPping "do’s and don’ts" vary from council to council but there are some basic rules that everyone should be aware of:

* SWAPS for trades are carried separately from the ones you want to keep.

* Keepers are frequently pinned on to hats or bandannas. Sometimes they are pinned onto a specific area of a shirt.

* SWAPS for trade can be in a SWAP bag, zipper baggie, shoe box, a friendship tie or pinned onto ribbon, any thing that can be easily carried.

* SWAPS are usually 1 to 2 inches.

* It is considered rude to refuse to swap with someone who asks. If you don’t like the item you have been given or already have an identical SWAP, accept it politely and give them one of yours with a Girl Scout smile. (Try to make your SWAPS something you would want to receive.) ALWAYS say thanks!

* Do not use glass, other sharp objects, or food in SWAPS.

Leaf People Pins - great for FALL


One artificial leaf approximately 3" long

Two 7mm googly eyes

1/2 - 3/4" long piece of magnet

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Tacky glue

One orange chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

Ultra fine black permanent marker

1) Cut one 5" piece and two 2 1/4" pieces of pipe cleaner

2) Cut the leaf off of the stem so that it is just a leaf.

3) Fold the 5" pipe cleaner into a V shape and pinch the point of the V. Hot glue the pinched point to the back of the leaf at the base of the leaf to form the legs. Then, fold the bottom 1/2" of the end of each leg to form the feet.

4) Hot glue one 2 1/4" piece of pipe cleaner on the back at each side to form the arms. Bend the tips of the arms over to form hands and bend the arms into whatever position appeals to you.

5) Glue a pin to the back of your leaf .

6) On the front side, using tacky glue, glue on the eyes.

7) Draw on the rest of the face using black permanent marker.

Halloween Swap


Pumpkin Swap

Pumpkin SWAP

Make a small pumpkin pin.

Materials Needed:

Bottle Cap

Orange, Bumpy Pipe Cleaner

Green Pipe Cleaner

Scraps of Green Felt

Black Seed Beads




Bend the orange pipe cleaner like figure 1 and then gather the folded sections together.

Stick one side of the folded edges so they catch on the inside edge of the bottle cap. Stick the other folded edges inside the opposite side of the bottle cap. Fluff up the center part of the pipe cleaner and make it look rounded like a pumpkin. Cute a 1 inch piece of green pipe cleaner and stick it in the top of the pumpkin. Cute two small leafs out of felt and glue in place. Make eyes, nose, and mouth out of black seed beads. Stick a pin on the back of the pipe cleaner.

Bat Pin

Decorate your clothes this Halloween with these cute little bat pins! These make great gifts too, so make several at once.

What you'll need:

Black craft foam

2 small wiggle eyes

1 miniature purple pom pom

Small scrap of white craft foam

Purple or pink glitter glue


White craft glue


Pin back

How to make it:

Draw image of bat and cut it out from black craft foam.

Coat the entire bat with glitter glue and let dry.

Glue wiggle eyes in place.

Glue on purple pom-pom for the nose.

Cut two tiny triangles from white craft foam and glue below the nose. Let dry completely before moving to the next step. Once dry, flip the bat over and glue pin back to its back. Let dry completely.

OX PIN - 2009 is the Year of the Ox

What you'll need:

brown foam

tan felt

Brown acrylic paint

Black marker


White craft glue

Pin back

Pattern (you will need to shrink it down a little)

How to make it:

Cut a heart approx. 1.5 inches high out of brown foam.

Cut snout and horns from tan foam using pattern that you have shrunken.

Glue horns at the top of the heart and snout to the pointed end of the heart.

Use black marker to draw on eyes and nostrils.

Glue pin back or magnet to the back of the heart.

Red Envelope.

Children get red envelopes with money it it for Chinese New Year.

What you'll need:

Red craft foam,

Hot glue gun

Gold pen

Green construction paper

Black marker


Chinese characters pattern

How to make it:

Cut a red foam rectangle approximately 1 inch wide by 2.5 inches long.


Use gold pen to draw on lucky Chinese symbols. Set aside to dry completely.

Cut a small rectangle from green construction paper. Use a black marker to draw “$1” in the corner and the word “ONE” in the center.

Glue the green $ on the back of the red envelope.

Glue a pin back on the back of the red envelope.

Click here for Chinese Character Patterns


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