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Parenting; How to Teach Children to Be Responsible

Updated on July 26, 2017

How many of us have observed people happy to live by their parents’ riches? And how many of us have seen men unwilling to take responsibility for their wife, children and old parents; and unwilling to get out of bed in the morning to earn a living? It is highly irksome to encounter such people and how we wish that our children do not turn out this way. Training to be responsible should commence from an early age, when you want a child to be something it is actually the whole package; the environment, the experiences which make the person who he actually is. Try to incorporate the right elements to achieve the right result.

Love and Affection

I cannot stress enough the importance of display of love and attention to your child, but not to the point of turning them into spoiled brats. Be firm when required, disciplining the child is mandatory. For this read my article on follow 3 simple rules to discipline ill behaved children.

A Healthy Behaviour All Round

Have a responsible approach towards every thing in your life; always remember that your children can be your own mirror. The parents should undertake to keep their differences aside in the presence of their children. It is very important to demonstrate a solid outward appearance of your relationship; loving and understanding in their midst. The differences should be discussed and maybe clamored out in privacy.

Be a ‘responsible’ example

It is very important that you take your responsibilities seriously for your children to take their responsibilities seriously. Though it is very possible that an irresponsible parent can be so highly disgusting to witness that the child may hate the way he or she is, that is not exactly the right kind of parenting, highly risky.

Planned detachment

The incorporation of the above elements was just to create the right environment for the next crucial steps. Planned detachment is tricky because it involves not only to have a good bonding with your child but also to equip him to be effective and a success in the world in your absence. Treat him like a responsible adult and ask for his opinion on matters, give some importance to what he thinks; appreciate his thoughtfulness and gently apprise him of the shortcomings in his opinion. This step of course cannot be carried out until the child is capable of such analysis i.e. when he is probably in his early teens. This will keep his mind in shape and keep him in touch with what goes on in the house and that it does not run on its own. Take him along for routine activities like paying bills and grocery shopping; little responsibilities which he should learn to shoulder in times to come. Take him to the office maybe and introduce him to your colleagues. Let him set his goals in life.


To train the child to be responsible you have to trust him. Many parents out of fear that the child will misuse the authority refrain from giving access to the facilities which will expedite his feeling of responsibility e.g access to the family car. One of my friends when he was old enough to drive, he had no plans to learn to drive. His mother had the brains to insist that he learned and he did under pressure, this gave him freedom and the responsibility to take care of the family’s transport. Trust him with important errands; and give him some responsibility in the household for instance giving you medicine on time, cooking lunch, paying bills on time. If the child has a history of rash behaviour, then you are probably right in the mistrust. Do not give complete access to the car; make him take you out whenever the need arises, subject him to means of supervision in other responsibilities.

Encourage a part time job

Equip them to take care of themselves; for example let them earn their own pocket money. This will teach them the value of money; and the sweat which goes into earning a living.

Indicate a good example in the surroundings or in your relatives and whenever possible mobilize your resources in helping him to overcome problems

Help your child overcome problems; some problems if not overcome can dishearten the child from his goals for instance if he is unable to find a job then pull some strings; use your connections to find your child a suitable job. Be there by his side and guide him at every step. Do not tolerate laziness; some parents accept it and in turn, exacerbate it.

It is very important for the future of the world to in the right hands. I hope this helps the parents to raise a better generation.


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    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice work for parents to take corrections on how to train their children

    • profile image

      imranhaider 6 years ago

      great work for children