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What's so "COOL" about being a teen mom?

Updated on December 28, 2011

I am seriously appalled at how adults today let their teenage daughter have a boyfriend, let them spend the night at each other's houses, knowing that two teens of the opposite sex are going to have sex if given the chance alone. I can't believe how many Teen Mom episodes I have watched on TV. All most of them care about is their boyfriends and some of them aren't worth caring about. Then, what really gets me, is how the girls cry cause the boy leaves her after she has their kid. What, ladies, did you actually think the Leave It To Beaver lifestyle was going to magically present itself if you get pregnant? Um, no...

Me, personally, I would make my daughter give birth with NO epidurals. Feel the pain, and feel how wonderful it is to be in so much pain, oh yes, what a fun time... NOT. My problem with this: The parents. What is wrong with your parenting skills? Why do you let your daughter have sex at a teen age? Some of you would say, "Well, I didn't let her," but yes, in all reality, you did. You let her, because you weren't doing your job as a parent. If it weren't for careless parents like you, none of us tax payers would be paying for their welfare, paying for their child to eat, and paying for their medical, when your daughters should have been on reliable birth control, or be abstinent. If you let your son have sex without a condom, he gets his girlfriend pregnant, then all four parents are to blame.

What is so cool about being a teen mom? There's nothing cool about it, and if you think it is cool to drop out of school, work at McDonald's, and have your whole paycheck go to your child, then you weren't raised right. Teenage girls these days should have more class, more self respect, and less worry about having sex. Trust me, if you are a teen girl who is "thinking" about getting pregnant to have somebody to love, dear, you need serious help. Look at the girls on the TV series "Teen Mom"... They think it's funny to be on camera, while the whole world watches how they behave, and it's really not funny or cute. Those girls look like street walkers.

Where is all the morals and values of a teenage innocent girl? I want MY girls to wait for sex until they have found the man that God will provide for them. If I ever saw one of my three daughters on that Teen Mom show, I as a parent myself, would be embarrassed to say the least.

We as parents need to teach our daughters about the values of waiting for marriage, and the way society will view them if they become mothers at teen ages. If I see my daughter becoming pregnant before she is eightteen and married, then I the parent messed up somewhere down the line. All you young girls need to understand, it is not all that great to have kids. First of all, if it isn't with a man who loves you, it isn't worth it, and secondly, if you are a decent girl and want boys to respect you and like you for who you are, you can say no. If saying no makes the boy uninterested, then he never liked you to begin with. Is it cool to be a teen mom? No, because peers look at you different, even though they may not say it. Just think about the pros and cons of it, if ever you feel you should have a baby just to get away from problems. Trust me, honey, it doesn't make problems vanish. Infact, (especially if you are not employed) it creates more problems later on in life... Enjoy being you for a change, enjoy your friends, and if you like babies, be a babysitter, but do us all a favor, and use birth control, or wait. You'll thank me for it in the long run.


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    • Sa Belle Fille profile image

      Melyssa Anne Ermi 5 years ago from Pueblo, CO

      Teenagers have no clue what birth control is. Like Molly says, "you just get lost in the moment"? No. Nice try. If you're going to have sex with somebody, be prepared. Condoms don't always work, we know this, but abstinence is better. Yes, YOU CAN have a relationship without sex. I'm in a relationship currently, and we have not jumped in bed together the whole year we've been together. The time for us isn't right just yet. I'm a student in college, and sex is not the first thing on my to do list. If he/she loves you, they can wait. Let me add: Teenagers having sex and getting pregnant makes them look like desperate hoes. Makes you wonder what the teenager's mother did when she was a teen. Apple don't fall too far from the tree.

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      Thank you! I totally agree with your views. There is nothing 'cool' about being a single teen mom. Voted up and all the rest!