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Ten fun facts about Parenting

Updated on March 6, 2014


1. You are going to need a budget because kids are expensive. From the moment you find out you are pregnant to the moment of delivery you are going to pay a lot of money. With every child I was surprised at how much everything cost. Hopefully, you have good insurance. Coupons and websites and ads are a must. Joining diaper clubs for perks and rewards will now be important to you. You will have separate passwords for Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. Why you need a password for diaper perks is still a mystery to me. Baby food is both confusing and expensive. Sometimes I bought the food and sometimes I used a food processor and they ate what we ate. As they get older they just eat more. The more kids you have the faster food disappears. You will find that chips, cookies, and soda are always on sale while the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables just keep going up. Then we add the holidays and sports and gas for the car and well, you get the point. The amazing thing is you adjust. It is exciting when you can save a few dollars. We decided to do the Dave Ramsey financial peace tutorial and it has really helped.

Just for fun

This hub is meant to be humorous yet informative. After 11 years of parenting, I have learned a few things. I have four kids so a lot of what I write applies to more than one child. I have also been a stay-at-home mom. I have worked jobs on the side but the majority of my time has been spent at home. I have learned that you have to have a sense of humor or you will go insane. I hope you laugh and maybe even learn something from this hub. Happy Reading!

Go for comfort and not style.

2. I hope you like your house because you are going to spend a lot of time there. This mainly applies to stay-at-home moms especially to those of more than one child. The more kids you have the less you really enjoy going out so you naturally decide to stay home more. That means more home cooked meals and more nights in. Things like comfy couches and warm blankets and pretty plates take priority over fancy dinners, season tickets, and movie theatre marathons. This, I will say, changes as they get older and are able to sit still longer. Nothing is worse than spending eight dollars to see a movie and then spending half of it in the bathroom with your three year old because she is potty training. I speak from direct experience in this matter.



3. Get used to cold food. I hate to tell you this but your days of hot food are over. There will always be food to cut up and extra servings to be served. It’s truly amazing. You could just be putting your first bite in your mouth and they are done. “Where is dessert they say?” There is also a dire need for ketchup and barbecue sauce and mustard and well, you get the picture. This also gets better as they age because eventually you just make them get it. But by then you’ve been trained and you don’t mind the cold food so much. On the rare occasion that you go out on a date with your spouse you will remember what it was like to eat hot food and the date will be that much sweeter. You will also have a greater respect for the person serving you. (Where’s the ketchup?)

Sleep Is Overrated.

How long have you gone without sleep?

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4. Sleep is overrated. I think the biggest sacrifice you make will be sleep. I will say that the first 6 weeks are the hardest. That is the every 2-4 hour wake –up calls for food. The older they get the better this gets. There will be nightmares and sickness. Sickness always comes in the middle of the night. I don’t know why. The good news is you will find it easier to catnap during the day especially during their little t.v. shows. You will find a new talent so you will be really proud of this. “I took a nap today,” you will say and it will be a good day.

School lines haven't changed.

5. The school car line is War. It’s not really war but there are days when it feels like it. Did you know that some parents cheat and cut in the car line? They actually wait till the last minute and then come in the side and cut everyone off and then they make you wait while they drop off or pick up their kids. Can you believe that? Some people fall asleep in their car and you have to wake them up. Sometimes kids run through the line and scare you half to death. Sometimes cars break down. The car line is a whole new experience. It’s like grade school where you are all supposed to be in a bathroom line but there is always that one kid who wants to be the leader and will do anything to make it happen. It will be an excellent test of your patience and you will find yourself talking to people who aren’t even in the car with you. It’s fun if you think about it. So enjoy!

There is nothing more rewarding.

Sick days

6. If you make plans someone will get sick. This is very important. Your plans must always be changeable. Always have a plan b. Your child can be perfectly fine the night before but for some reason the minute you plan something they get sick. I am not talking fake sick but legitimately sick. It’s just one of those Murphy laws. This doesn’t always happen so don’t lose heart. Just think how happy you will be when things fall into place.

Pixar preference

Smells so sweet.

8. Chlorox wipes, Scentsy, and Febreeze are the best inventions ever. This is especially true for Chlorox wipes. I have the wipes in each bathroom for extra handy use. How they can miss that enormous toilet bowl? It is still a mystery to me. I have three boys between the ages of 7and 11. I have them all in one room so you can just imagine what that smells like. Most days my main objective is to get the house smelling good.

Movie time

7. Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks are your new best friends. I am personally partial to Pixar but we all have our favorites. No more will you discuss Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts. It is now all about Mike and Sulley. Then there is Woody and Buzz and Lightning and Sally and Dory and Marlin. I could talk for hours on this one. The good news is that your favorite stars usually do the voices so you will really get to see them at their best.

Have another!

One, two, three, maybe four...

9. Each child is different so no matter what you did with the first one the next one will require something different. So you have that first child and they are wonderful. They eat when you place food in front of them. They sleep and take naps. It is all so wonderful. You think “I got this parenting thing down.” So you decide to have another. The second child will be nothing like the first. Let me say that again. The second child will be nothing like the first. You will have to learn all over again. The good news is the more kids you have the less you worry about things so go ahead and a have more than two. It will all be alright.

It will be alright.

It's homework time.

10. Remember when you were in school and your teachers told you that you would need that math someday. They were right. Do you know what they were really talking about when they told you this? They were talking about helping your kids with their homework. I did alright till about 5th grade and now I am having some trouble. Story problems have entered the picture again. Also, there have been some metric system problems. Sometimes I just fake it or use a calculator. Also, I think there may have been some crying.

Everything you need to know can be learned by watching the Andy Griffith Show.


Well, these are just a few of the things you can definitely count on. I hope I didn’t scare you. For you veterans out there I hope this brought a chuckle. Everything that happens changes you. The changes for the most part have been really good. One day you wake up and find these amazing people living in your house. And if you keep your sense of humor, they will too and it will be lots of fun. Parenting is hard but it is definitely worth the ride. God bless.


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