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The Adventures of Mommy Pig

Updated on November 26, 2012

When girl met pig

On one fateful fall day, my daughter happened upon a nondescript stuffed pig on the floor at Mamoo's house (my mother). She squeezed the little pig which gave a great grunt. Over the weekend, she would not put the pig down, so it came home with us. Little did I know that she would become the treasured toy of a little girl and what adventures they would have.

The Name

What would a 3 year old call a stuffed pig? I thought it would be something creative. This was my imaginative 3 year old after all, but it was obvious. She was "Pig". So pig became my daughter's constant companion.

Pig slept beside my little girl each night. I had to hunt down pig many times before bed. Over the years, pig's name has evolved. There was a brief time when she was 4 that my daughter took to calling Pig "Grass". I'm glad this phase did not last long. I just couldn't bring myself to calling the Pig that! I thought for sure we would be done with Pig when my daughter turned 5. You see Pig had been in a terrible accident in which major surgery had to be performed to stitch her together again. She was beginning to show her age. Mamoo also bought her a new, more life-like pig, for her birthday. I was prepared to sneak Pig away when the replacement was opened at the party. When my daughter opened her present, she shouted "A BABY PIG!" We didn't see this one coming. Pig was now what would become her final moniker. She was "Mommy Pig". And so, at my daughter's 5th birthday, two pigs were now in tow. What did I get myself into?

You too can find a pig toy to love!

Reconstructive Surgery

Culprit's description:

Coat- Red





Yogi, the big red dog. We almost named him Clifford, but he was a Yogi. We got him at a pound when he was 1 1/2 years old. I would love to see puppy pictures of him. I bet he was all head, and in that head are a lot of teeth. He may look viscious, but he would only lick you to death. He almost caused the demise of Pig though.

My daughter, Pig, and I went outside to play one day. It was a nice summer day. I think we got caught up in playing with the water hose. In any case, Pig was left outside with Yogi. I did not realize what happened until the next day when I saw bits of stuffing on the groud. Uh oh. I found the remains of Pig laying on the ground at the foot of our deck stairs. After close examination, I was able to determine that Yogi had only taken out the seams on Pig's body. I'm not sure how he managed that, but there were no tears in the fabric. I sewed up the seams, and added new stuffing. In a sense, she was now Frankenpig. This was not the last time I sewed her up. I did not notice until later that her snout was now on crooked and one ear was sewn on backwards, but I did not feel like redoing it. My daughter did not know the difference. Pig was loved just as much as ever.

I think this was punishment for tearing up Pig.

Surgery #2

When my daughter was 3, we had tubes put in her ears. The doctor said it would help her ears drain. Apparently, she had been hearing as if she were under water. We did not realize this. She had always been a strong willed child. I just expected she would one day speak in full sentences.

The tubes helped tremendously, but we still had trouble with her ears. This past May she was set yet again for surgery. This time with Mommy Pig at her side. The doctor put new tubes in and removed her adnoids. As she was being prepped for surgery, the nurse put an id band on Mommy Pig. It even had her name on it. Yes, Mommy Pig went into surgery. Mommy Pig was the first thing my daughter saw when she woke up. Now that I think of it, they should have disinfected Mommy Pig. She had been through the ringer. Who knows what germs she had on her! It was hard to see my daughter waking up from surgery. She was scared and said "Mommy I can't wake up". I stroked her hair and told her it was ok. We watched some cartoons as the anesthesia wore off. She got sick when she was offered some juice. It was so pitiful to watch, but she was a real trooper! An hour later, we were ready to leave with Mommy Pig in tow.

And then there were 3

I think my mother is beginning to feed this pig obsession. This was confirmed when we went shopping for homeschool supplies. For whatever reason, this store had a display of stuffed animals. I innocently shopped for what I needed while my mother encouraged the attachment of my daughter to yet another pig. I already had trouble finding both Mommy and Baby Pig when it came for bed time. Now, I turned the corner and there was my daughter holding a stuffed pig. She had a big grin on her face and asked if she could have it, of course Mamoo would not say no! So, we left the store with my homeschool supplies and a new pig in tow. This time my daughter was a little more practical in naming. The tag said "Gordy", so that is pig number 3's name. I believe it is a Gund. I guess we now have the three little pigs. I wonder if the big bad wolf is next!

Ok I admit to feeding the obsession. She wanted to be a pig for Halloween last year, so I obliged.

Christmas Is Around the Corner

Not long ago, my mother asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas. Mamoo came into the living room. She said "you'll never guess what she wants for Christmas"...oh no...She told Mamoo that she wants princess dresses for her pigs. Oh boy. I do not know where this is all going, but it seems this pig thing keeps getting bigger. Now the problem was where to find dresses to fit the pigs. I suggested Build-A-Bear, so we went to check out the store. They had a good selection, and I think they will fit the pigs. I can't wait to see the look on her face Christmas morning when she opens presents. I guess the pigs will have to come with us when we drive down to Mamoo's house. So, this adventure continues as I write. My daughter will be 6 this month. I wonder how long it will last. How old will she be when the pigs fall into neglect and end up in storage? I do not want to think about that just yet. I think I will continue the pig obsession for now and enjoy the innocence of childhood.

One of my daughter's favorite cartoons!

Did you have a much loved stuffed animal?

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    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 7 years ago

      Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 7 years ago

      Lovely story - hope Gordy is settling in to the pig family :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      This is a cute lens you got here!

    • elizajane202 lm profile image

      elizajane202 lm 7 years ago

      Be careful because Build-a-Bear also has pigs to make. Sounds like a normal obsession for now, I won't even tell you how many ponies my daughter has lol. (cute story though)

    • hayleylou lm profile image

      hayleylou lm 7 years ago

      I has a Smurf, Papa Smurf. Now my eldest sleeps with him and my youngest sleeps with a Fluffy dog, originally named, Fluffles. Nice fun lens, thumbs up :)