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The Best Baby High Chairs on the Market

Updated on September 29, 2014

Comfy Babies are Happy Babies!

I recently started browsing for high chairs for my son, who is about to turn six months. The start of weaning is extremely exciting and amongst picking out what foods to try him on first (mushed carrot was the winner, in case you were curious!) and stocking up on bibs, wipes and baby spoons, bowls etc... My partner and I wandered into our local town to find our little man's very first high chair.

I have to be honest - it was a completely daunting experience - there are literally hundreds of high chairs that look exactly the same! Saying that, there were 5 designs in particular that I thought were really stylish and cleverly made - which inspired me to make this page!

Bloom High Chairs

Bloom Fresco Chrome Contemporary Chair Frame - Mercury Base
Bloom Fresco Chrome Contemporary Chair Frame - Mercury Base

An ultra stylish, wonderfully practical high chair for your little one.


Bloom Baby Fresco High Chairs

Suitable from birth

Modern, sleek and stylish, these high chairs have a stunning, contemporary design which is also brilliantly practical and can be safely used from the day your baby is brought home. I would love to buy one of these high chairs for my son, who is just beginning to eat solid foods. The seat is bought separately, which is a downside (and possibly a bit cheeky as well because you are having to buy the chair in two parts), but this means that you can choose from a wide range of seat colours and styles.

In terms of price, it is one of the more expensive designs on the market, but you definitely get your money's worth as it can be used from birth to an age where they will no longer need it. It has a dishwasher safe food tray which can be raised to a height of 91cm, meaning that even if you have a high counter top or breakfast bar, you won't have an issue getting your baby to the right height so that she can see you.

The five-point adjustable padded harness makes the seat completely safe and is a firm hold but also very comfortable for little ones of all ages. It also has a quick-release button so you can get your baby out of the chair quickly if you need to. The chair is extremely easy to clean and also doubles as a play chair, which is ideal for when you need to sweep or mop and keep an eye on baby at the same time. The play tray is also dishwasher safe, and simply attaches to the chair in the same way the feeding tray does, and these two trays are interchangeable.

The chair can be swivelled 360 degrees, to suit whatever angle you need for feeding or play time, and the base of the chair has a scratch-free design to keep wooden, tile and hard floors in perfect condition.

Bloom Fresco Chrome + Pad Starter Kit - Mercury Base - Rosy Pink
Bloom Fresco Chrome + Pad Starter Kit - Mercury Base - Rosy Pink

You don't expect a high chair that looks this good to be so incredibly easy to clean and so practical.


Joovy HiLo High Chair

you may look at this and think "wow, funky design!" or you might consider it a bit of an eye sore - my partner and I were divided about this...

Personally, I think the contemporary design not only looks great, but is sheer brilliance. The chair is designed to be used from 6 months and up and is able to be changed into a low seat that fits right up to the table for when your baby is older. Naturally, this means spending less money and time getting another infant chair when your little one is ready.

I've included a demo about this high chair because when the assistant in the store we visited showed us how the chair worked, we both agreed it was an absolutely excellent seat.

This high chair will support children up to 6 years of age - and from then on, let's face it, they'll probably be in a normal chair anyway! It is also virtually indestructible - which is perfect for those of us who plan on using one high chair for multiple children!

Stokke TRIPP TRAPP Chair

The Tripp Trapp highchair from Stokke combines the traditional wooden high chair frame with a new, innovative design which makes it possible to buy this chair for a newborn baby to rest in and not have to buy another high chair or booster sets for the home ever!

The seat and attachable additions mean that this chair grows with your child, adjusting from a high chair to a seat suitable for adults. Another thing I love about this high chair Is that it is designed to fit right up to your dining table, so that your little one is able to be a part of family meal times - which I firmly believe is important!

The seat allows meal times and play time to be an enjoyable, relaxed and comfortable experience with the added bonus of the seat design being ergonomic - meaning it supports and encourages a healthy, upright posture in all ages.

These Videos Offer Clear Demonstrations

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