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The Empty Nest

Updated on October 5, 2014

The Empty Nest - Perspectives in Prose and Poetry

What happens when you don't need to nurture your children every day?

A while ago I wrote a poem about being on the verge of empty nesting. Well, that day has arrived and what the heck do we do now?

New poems and prose, below, are a continuing chronicle.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission.

She's Off to College

Well, we just brought our youngest daughter to her college dorm and she is so busy. She'll be home often enough (we think). The university is only 10 minutes from our house. But ... she has so much to learn and experience. She has so many old and new friends.

We have two mostly empty bedrooms.

Our oldest daughter graduated college a couple years back and it's wonderful that she lives in the same city as we do. Again only 10 minutes from home. We meet once a week for coffee at one of our favorite coffee shops.

The younger one just came home the other day. To get her winter clothes and spend a little time. We all ate hot soft pretzels with cinnamon and sugar.


I Better Get Reading

Maybe reading one of the above books will help me too.

Yet, I think that the best thing I can do is get involved in something that I am passionate about

And keep in touch, keep in touch, keep in touch

The Poems

She's In the ER

My daughter's in an ER bed

Sliced her finger with a hammer

I've got to stay cool and still the dread

She'll be OK; She's not in the slammer

Just an accident; things happen

A mom can't be there every sec

Surgery soon, she's taking a nap and

It coulda been worse, like a car wreck

I Better Learn to Text

What they say about the young folks and Texting is true

Texts ARE more quickly returned than a voice call

I better get with the program and learn something new

I better keep up with the tech and no longer stall

Off We Go

Time to go someplace beachy and warm

Away from the malaise that may do us harm

Exploring some places we've never been

Like Roswell, NM; might see an alien

Could get to the coast in time for a hurricane

We'll batten our hatches 'fore it starts to rain

Along with the sights and the salty sea air

We'll look for work if there's any there

I'll keep writing poetry along the whole way

As my quick mind always has something to say

The plan is to return by Thanksgiving or so

Unless exceptional luck kiboshes our status quo

Like, should a perfect contract be landed

We'll stay longer; but we won't be stranded

Eating the best seafood from the ocean

Slathering our bodies with suntan lotion

Staying at a nice apartment with palms

And exploring the area without any qualms

I'm Treating

Having a fun dinner before heading South

I'm treating the whole family to dinner

At a Nepalese place in the city

It's to celebrate that I'm a winner

So I wanted it exotic and pretty

We'll all have East Asian treats

With naan bread fresh and hot

Sherpa favorites, curries, meats

I bet it will really hit the spot

We'll all be together before my trip

And share like at a Holiday table

Only a tear of happiness on my lip

Will be allowed if I am able

Yes, I really did win

a poetry contest AND a cooking contest

See Tomatoes Fresh and Sweet

Home For the Holidays

After 6 weeks on the Gulf Coast

We returned just 'fore Thanksgiving Day

Girls are doing fine I must boast

And Bogo returned to us to stay

Christmas had the family here

We shared lobsters for New Years Eve

Ready to pack the beach day gear

For another warm, relaxing leave

For Lots More Poetry by MyFairLadyah


We Love Poetry

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    • frances lm profile image

      frances lm 6 years ago

      Love the way you explore your experience in rhyme

    • profile image

      pawpaw911 6 years ago

      It took me about a year, but I learned to embrace the empty nest.

    • franstan lm profile image

      franstan lm 6 years ago

      This is a neat lens