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The Lightest Jogging Strollers On The Market This Year

Updated on June 28, 2013

Get A Lightweight Jogging Stroller To Make Your Run A Bit Easier

If you've ever tried out a jogging stroller or anything similar to them then you know that they are pretty big and heavy compared to other more conventional models.

Running is hard enough when you bring your toddler long with you; make sure you get the lightest stroller possible to make jogging as easy as possible.

Below I've singled out the lightest jogging strollers for sale today. Most joggers can get upwards of 30 lbs but those featured below all weigh in at less than 25. The Ironman Jogger featured to the left is the lightest of them all. It only weighs 23 lbs.

I have briefly reviewed it below if you want to jump to that section.

Lastly I wanted to provide one caveat - I believe there is big disconnect in marketing and function. Just because a stroller has a single front wheel doesn't make it a jogging stroller. Many all-terrain strollers have single front swivel wheels. Some people may be fine jogging with them but they aren't built for runners. Click here to see lightweight single front wheel strollers (not just joggers). Thanks.

Pictured above - The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

(this stroller weighs in at only 23lbs)

What Type Of Lightweight Jogger Are You Looking For

Are You Looking For A Cheap Lightweight Jogging Stroller Or The Lightest Jogging Stroller

Please Choose One

Lightest Strollers For Jogging

1. BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

This stroller weighs in at only 23 pounds. If you are a runner and are looking for a light stroller for jogging then this is about is good as it gets.

The BOB brand is well known for their quality products. They are about as durable as they come. Most people can use their BOB strollers on multiple kids and then sell them used 6-10 years later. There are well made.

The Ironman jogging stroller is not only well made and light but it is also a fixed wheel jogger making it even better to use while running or trail hiking... and as far as BOB strollers go this stroller is lower in price.

2. The BOB Revolution CE Stroller

The Revolution CE is another stroller from BOB that is perfect for jogging (so long as you lock the front wheel into a fixed position). The stroller is not as good for trail running as the Ironman but for around town it's awesome.

Weighing only 23 lbs, just like the Ironman, BOB has a lock on the lightweight jogging stroller market. This stroller is a bit more expensive than the Ironman and may be out of the price range of many parents but it is much lighter than the average jogger.

BOB Revolution CE Stroller, Black
BOB Revolution CE Stroller, Black

The Revolution is one of the most popular strollers of any kind. It is a flagship product from BOB Gear and almost every parent knows just how great these joggers are. If you can afford one it's hard to find something better than a BOB.


3. Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger

The Cheapest Lightweight Jogging Stroller

The InStep Flash Jogging Stroller

Not Satisfied? Check Out These Lightweight All-Terrain Strollers

I have a personal definition of jogging strollers that doesn't include many all-terrain strollers that are popularly classified as a jogging stroller. If you have a more broad view of what constitutes a good stroller for jogging then the following all-terrain baby strollers may be perfect for you.

Save Some Cash And Buy Your Jogging Stroller Used

BOB Ironman baby strollers may be out of the price range for many people. Below are some of the current auctions for quality used Ironman joggers. These are the lightest joggers on the market so buy used if you can't afford new.

Do You Actually Jog With Your Toddler? - What Challenges Do You Have While On The Road?

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