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The Importance of Speech Therapy

Updated on August 26, 2015

Provide your child hope for tomorrow by improving his quality of life today.

There are more children then ever before diagnosed with communication delays and disorders. These children have a difficult time interacting within their environment because of their communication barriers. You may have a child with communication problems and can identify with the challenges he encounters throughout his activities of daily living. Your child may have difficulty speaking words, understanding words and simple sentences, or expressing his thoughts logically. If your child does not get the proper help that is needed to improve his communication skills, he may have a difficult time adjusting and achieving in his academic setting. Speech and language problems that go untreated may have a negative impact on your child's school performance and overall life achievements! These communication problems may also have a traumatic affect on your child's emotional and social development, this may create behavioral challenges. Help your child by seeking valuable services from a speech-language pathologist. Visit for further information on communication and it's disorders. Please visit our website:

Why Early Speech-Language Invention Matters?

Early speech-language intervention enable children to improve their speech and language skills before they enter Kindergarten. Studies have shown children with articulation/phonology (speech) difficulties may lag behind their peers in reading, writing, and spelling. Why? Because children may spell, read, and write the way they talk. Moreover, children with language problems may demonstrate difficulty in their ability to comprehend and formulate language.

Effective speech and language skills are the foundation for academic success!

Early speech and language intervention is the best intervention! Don't wait! have your child screen or assessed today by a speech-language pathologist.

The Most Anticipated Moment

The most anticipated moment for a parent is the sound of a child's first words. But what if the words are delayed, jumbled, or never come at all. Speech and language problems can affect early learning and self esteem. Give your child a chance by seeking proper

treatment from a speech-language pathologist.

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Association (2005). The Most


Moment. Retrieved (7-12-2005) from (



Speech and Language Development

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Speech, Language, & Hearing Milestones: Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists (Part 1)-

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