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Updated on September 15, 2011

I am so glad to see women that think positive and it have lead them to great success in their lives.Positive people + positive thinking = positive results.People should learn from the Kardashians because look how they stick and work together.They work hard to get where they at today,and continue to do so.Some people look at them and only see the money side of it,but they see the hard work that go on behind the scenes to get on the level they on.They are not noly family but friend also,which helps a lot to be that way.Not all people are the same,because i know people that don't think positive,or stand by one another,or even trying to do something positive in their lives like the Kardashians or anyone else for that matter.There are negative people that don't want to see positive things for others.People lose out on opportunities because of their negative attitude and people they hang around with.I know a woman that want to see her sister with nothing better than her.It is ashame that not only people in general can be that way but your own family out of all people.I am a big fan of the Kardashians,especially Kim Kardashian.I know their mother is proud of her daughters,like parents should be when their children grow up and do positive things in their lives.When people decide to get off that negative stump their lives can and will change for the better.All things is possible with God and believing that in your heart and positive thinking can lead to big and better things happening in their lives.Thank you for taking the time to read my hub page. Joseph Potier


The Kardasians is not a perfet family,but they have stuck together through thick and thin and became a successful and family.The sudden death of their father didn't hamper their confidence and they conquered the bumps in the road by being their for one another like a family should.Positive people+positive thinking=positive results


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