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Time Out Chair

Updated on December 11, 2014

Time Out Chair

A period of time in a quiet 'time out' spot/step/mat for a toddler or young child who has misbehaved. Really useful from aged 3 years and up to approx 6 or 7 years old. After this age, most children can be sent somewhere to be quiet without needing a visual or physical reminder. The length of time-out is usually equivalent to their age e.g. 3 minutes for a 3 year old and so on. Some parents have huge success with sitting their child on the bottom step of a set of stairs. Others will need to use a mat or rug, bench or stool - visual timers can be a really useful tool and not just for children with autism.

Some kids need and benefit from a visual or physical place to sit for time out.

This lens features a variety of the options available:

* wooden benches

* rocking chairs

* mats and rugs

* pads with lights and timers.

Choose what you think will work best for your children, family and home.

Product Features of the bench pictured:

* Natural hardwood slats

* Attractive seating

* Perfectly sized for young children

* Mom's Favorite

* Time out painted on back

Time Out Bench, Hardwood

Buy now and save $10!
Buy now and save $10!

Time Out Mini Rocker Chair

The Time Out Mini Rocker makes "time out" a little more fun!

We all remember our childhood rocker. In fact, many of us still have them. Given to us by someone dear, it became our constant companion while we read storybooks, watched cartoons or just rocked and dreamed. Now, meet Rock A Buddies Jr. , beautifully handcrafted and hand-decorated wooden "heirlooms-to-be" that are sure to delight your favorite little rocker! Creative and playful, each chair is more than a rocker and it is sure to become a buddy, a best friend and a treasured part of a special little one's memories!

The Time Out Mini Rocker has an adorable blue, green and red design and an actual timer you can set for up to 15 minutes! Message on the timer reads: "Time moves slow when you want to go!" and is decorated with turtles and snails. Special message on the seat of the rocker reads: "Time out to think about the things you do, but always remember, I love you!" Understamp beneath can be personalized for any occasion. A card comes with your chair, which the child can customize with their picture to make their "Thank You" extra special! Printed on card: "My new Rock A Buddy just got here this minute. So here is a picture to see how I look in it. I love my new rocking chair... as you can see. And will always remember who gave it to me!"


* Blue, green and red

* Special message on seat and timer

* 15 minute timer

* Total Height: 24"

* Height to seat: 10"

Time out to think about the things you do, but always remember, I love you!

Time Out Chair Options

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Buy now for under $10
Buy now for under $10

Take Out Time Out Mats

Great for outings!

Bright Products Take Out Time Out Mats

Take Out Time Out mat (TOTO) is a portable time out spot that allows for a consistent method when teaching children acceptable behavior. The Supernanny, Nanny 911 and Dr. Phil all cater to the "time out" trend. They stress the importance of being consistent and using a consistent spot.

This innovative new product recently received the iParenting Media Award, and a couple on-air recommendations by Kelly Ripa.

Here's a great idea:

Does your child have a hard time sharing his toys?

Put the toy in time-out until your child learns to share.

The Take Out Time Out Mat is a useful tool to teach your child how to share or behave. You can use Toto as a toy jail until your child agrees to share or you can place your child on the the mat for the duration of a time out. It can fit in your purse, bag or pocket for easy transportation.This Toto is also waterproof and can be used anywhere, stairs, chairs, shopping cart, playground, etc.

Toto assist you with a consistent spot for time out.

Consistency is the key for this time out pad.



Time Outs aren't just for kids!

They allow time for the adult to calm down too!

Time Out Pad

Time Out Pad - Blue

The Time Out Pad is a pressure sensitive pad with a built in timer that helps parents monitor time outs. This simply works by adjusting the timer for one to five minutes and by pressing the start button. Its countdown will start when the child sits on the Time Out Pad and if the child stands up before the countdown has ended, an alarm sounds until they sit back down. This features red, yellow, and green lights that provide a visual countdown signaling the last 30 seconds of the time out. The Time Out Pad comes with a positive parenting guide including 5 steps to successful time outs.

It requires two AA batteries which are not included.

The Time Out Pad helps parents make the most of the time out technique.

To help children learn when their behavior is not acceptable, many parents use the 'time-out' technique, sitting the child quietly for a few minutes to calm down.

Time-outs are a great way for the parents to stay calm too!

Boys Reading Rocker - Girls also available
Boys Reading Rocker - Girls also available

Once Upon a Time


Your little one will discover that reading rocks with the Time to Read Rocker!

The mystical motif (royal purple and midnight blue with gold accents) is the perfect background for the charming seat back poem:

"Once upon a Time I took a look and found my world was full of books. Now I love to sit and read each chapter Rocking and Reading HAPPILY EVER AFTER."

FUNctional features include a clock to keep track of little one's reading time, a comfy, removable padded seat cushion, a sturdy attached wooden book rack and the special message: Time to Read!

Total height: 28

Height of seat: 12 1/2

Levels of Discovery Time To Read Rocker - Boys

Levels of Discovery Time To Read Rocker - Girls

Supernanny - Jo Frost

Supernanny - Jo Frost
Supernanny - Jo Frost

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