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Time to reflect

Updated on January 22, 2015

These four walls

So I wasn't feeling too good yesterday and decided that me and the kids would stay in all day long. It's easier said then done when you have kids of my age that are ALWAYS bored. It seems that they also become increasingly hungrier the longer they are in the house with "nothing to do". Almost as if Christmas did not just happen 1 month ago (technically less) baring a truckload of "things for them to do".

It's safe to say that yesterday they woke up in a pretty good mode. My 2 year old behaved (not so much like 2 as she does on most days) My big girl was a bit under the weather so for the most part she was quiet. Except for when she wasn't. She's going through what I call a bit of a bossy stage. She wakes up and the "orders" are released. (lol) She's a good girl though a real good helper for me with her siblings. My little boy was good too, as long as he could see my face.

Which brings me to today's topic. Helping a baby to be content, while getting things done around the house. With babies it quite simple. They are pretty easy to fool and to capture their attention at a very young age. I would say between the time their motor skills begin to mature, and they can notice things with color, and grab for what they want. What you want to do with young babies is change up their surrounding every 30-40 minutes. You see, although they are tiny little things, they like to explore new things all the time at that stage. The fact that they can reach for an item and roll and hit their target really excites them at this stage. So to keep your baby entertained throughout the day, I say do a 3-4 point station rotation. Say whaaaat??

OK, Lets say you start your morning with your baby and he/she Is in the floor for tummy/roll time. Most babies after they are fed and changed, are ready to play. So, down they go for tummy time. Now we all know that playing is hard work (for your little ones) so usually after tummy time it's nap time. When your baby wakes up from his/her nap don't try tummy time right away. Instead put you baby in his/her bouncy chair, or little Einstein chair, something where he/she is sitting up. The next time your baby is ready to play, put them close to you in a playpen so they can play worth you and toys at the same time. The next time, you can take a break from the house hold duties and hold your baby, and play on your patio or front porch. Give him/her some fresh air. When you change up your baby's routine often. You will find that leads to a happier more independent baby when you are in need of getting things done around the house. Try it out. Moms, let me know what you do to keep baby happy while working around your home. :)


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