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tips for surviving when your baby is in the NICU

Updated on May 12, 2015

Ask questions

You may think that you are bothering the nurses or that your question is a stupid one, but i can tell you that is all wrong. Nurses are there to answer your questions, and trust me when it comes to our children no question should be left unasked, you have every right to know what is going on with your child at all times. When i got my son home i was looking over the paperwork and i noticed that there were things in the paperwork that i was never informed of. I learned through the paperwork that my son had hypoglycemia as well as congenital pneumonia yet i was never made aware of this.

spending time in the nicu with your child

At my hospital the parents are allowed to visit the baby at anytime day or night even if you were already discharged id assume they all are that way i mean it is your child. I was down there every chance i had but it still didnt feel like enough. Trust me when i tell you it is going to be hard, i only had to deal with it for a week i cannot imagine doing it longer.

Avoid having too many visitors

During your childs time in the NICU i would recommend you avoid having very many other people visiting, depending on the reasoning that your little one is in there it might be more important for some than others. Usually a child in the nicu has problems that may cause them to have an ever lower immunity than normal babies so why risk your little one getting extra germs and potentially getting into a worse condition. Yes we all want to show off our little one but that can wait until they are home and in a better condition if you ask me.

A few photos of my little guy during the NICU stay


Thank your nurses

Taking care of one or two babies is hard enough, imagine taking care of around 10+ with critical health conditions and constantly beeping alarms all at once. Yes as you can imagine it would not be an easy task. so be appreciative that your nurse can handle the task and is there day or night keeping a close eye on your little one for you.


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