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Toddler Nap Mat

Updated on October 27, 2014

Do you need a toddler nap mat?

Does your child needs something to nap on while being somewhere outside your home? If so, a toddler nap mat is a perfect fit for your and your child's needs. A toddler nap mat is great for kindergarten, sleepovers, vacations or anywhere else where you need to put your child to sleep (even in your home). You, as a parent, need to make your baby's life as comfortable and safe as possible. Toddlers sleep a lot, so you'll use the toddler nap mat quite a lot. When your child sleeps in a place where you can't be anywhere close to them, they need something familiar. Something that the little one will associate with love and comfort. A toddler nap mat is the thing that will provide your child with this.


Things to consider while buying a toddler nap mat

To get the best toddler nap mat, you need to consider a few things such as:

  • Size of the mat

    Your child grows rapidly in the toddler phase. Because of that it's convenient to invest in a nap mat that is noticeably larger that your little one. This way your child will be able to use it for a couple following years. Buying a mat of an appropriate size is beneficial for both you and your baby. You can save money because you won't have to buy another mat because your toddler won't grow out of this one. It will fit your child till they won't need a nap pad anymore. After some time your child becomes attached to their nap mat, so it's best for them not to change their cherished belonging.

  • Toddler nap mat set should include a blanket and a pillow

    It's very convenient to have all three items: mat, blanket and a pillow in one. You won't have to spend extra time searching for a pillow and a blanket if you have them in one set. There is another advantage of this approach - you won't be able to forget any of the three items because they stay together.

  • Mat should be washable and durable

    Children are prone to catching and passing any kind of bacteria. That's obvious because we all know that they often get sick. Because of that, even if your baby's nap pad seems to be crystal clear, you need to wash it on a regular basis, at least a few times a week. Washing is the reason why the mat should be durable - the more often you wash it, the faster it will age.

  • You should be able to easily personalize the mat

    Look for a manufacturer that embroiders his mats with a given text. Having your toddler's name on the nap mat is probably a must. Your child will feel pride when they see their name on the mat. That makes your child even more attached to this simple item and grateful to their parents for such a gift. Another benefit is that a kindergarten teacher can easily identify who is the owner of this particular nap pad.

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Why your child needs a nap mat?

You child is probably the most important person in the world to you. You need to provide them with anything they need. When your little one is old enough to go to kindergarten, you need to prepare everything that is necessary for your child to possess. In kindergarten children have nap times. There's at least a few reasons why it would be beneficial for your child to have a toddler nap mat for having naps.

Your toddler always sleeps on a clean mat

If your child sleeps in a kindergarten or preschool, you can't be sure that any bedclothes that are given to them are perfectly clean. That's the main reason why your baby needs a nap pad. If your child uses their own nap mat you can be sure that they're clean simply because you are the one responsible for washing them on a regular basis.

You baby can sleep comfortably

If you'll choose an appropriate nap mat for your toddler, they would be able to sleep comfortably. If your child uses his own nap pad, you don't have to worry that the cots or pillows provided by day care center or kindergarten aren't comfortable. To ensure that your child has peaceful and restful nap time in kindergarten, their sleeping experience should be similar to the one your child knows from home. Sleeping on the same nap mat makes the experience as similar as it gets. Your toddler has something that they know from home and that makes them feel secure.

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