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Toddler Stand for Stroller | Universal Stroller Standing Platform | Stroller Board Attachments | Sit or Stand Toddler Se

Updated on October 2, 2012

Universal Toddler Stands for Strollers - Attachments for Standing or Sitting

They are growing up & a universal toddler stand for strollers allows their little legs to get a break, when they just need some rest. Although they want more independence, toddlers certainly enjoy going for a ride. A stroller board ride on for kids also keeps your energetic toddler closer to your side, so you know they are safe.

Adding a standing platform for your stroller allows you to keep using your existing single stroller and make it usable for both of your children. This is great if you like what you have and own some extras or accessories that you don't want to lose or replace, especially when money may be tight after a new baby. A buggy board for strollers can also be attached and removed quickly.

Adding a sit or stand stroller board attachment also allows them the flexibility when they need a break, without forcing mom and dad to drag out the double stroller that they will hardly want to be in. This way, parents can move around easily, and the kids have flexibility to enjoy a ride.

The popular manufacturers of universal stroller stands and seats include Valco, Englacha, and Lascal. They manufacture universal wheeled stroller boards which work on most (not all) single, umbrella, jogger, and some double strollers.

Below are some universal models of stand up attachments for a stroller as well as boards with stroller seats for toddlers who want to be able to take a seat, and not just ride standing up.

Strolling in a Single Stroller with Toddler Stand

Toddler Stand for Stroller
Toddler Stand for Stroller

Universal Stroller Standing Platform

Why a Toddler Stand for Strollers Works

As your family gets larger, you need more space as you move about. A toddler stand for strollers is such a great idea because it allows you to convert your existing stroller to a double at a fraction of the cost.

You can keep that stroller you already like, and just convert it to make it more practical as your life is moving forward.

The universal add on platform on the back of the baby stroller is a mini board that fits small toddler feet just right. Most boards are stand only, allowing them to hold onto the stroller handle and be close to you as you push.

Other models do include a seat, which allows a tired toddler a bigger break, and a rest from standing. This adds extra weight though, so not everyone will find that pleasant. And remember, most toddlers do enjoy a nice view, they want to see what's going on around them, so they prefer to stand.

It is important to know if the toddler stand for strollers that you choose will work with your unit. There really is very little data available to know this. It is important to read reviews or purchase a unit universal toddler stand attachment that will work for your baby stroller.

Do You Have a Universal Stroller Standing Platform Attachment?

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