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Toddler Bed Bedding Sets - Cute, Colorful And Fun

Updated on August 1, 2015

Toddler Bed Bedding Sets Are Cute And Fun

When your baby graduates into a toddler, it is also time to move him to a toddler bed. Many parents try to make the transition easier by getting their kids a small bed with cute toddler bed bedding sets. This is to entice them to want to take that step to sleep on a bed and give up their crib.

Toddler bedding sets now come in various characters and pictures that appeal to young minds. You can give your toddler a sense of independence by getting him to choose a toddler bedding set for himself. That way, he may be more cooperative when you need him to leave the crib. With so many toddler bedding patterns to choose from, there is bound to be one or two that will make him excited to want to sleep on a toddler bed.

Image Credit: Disney 4 Piece Minnie's Fluttery Friends Toddler Bedding Set, Lavender from Amazon

Blue's Clues Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

Cute But Hard To Find Bedding

The Blues Clues toddler bed bedding sets are obviously very popular among kids but it is certainly very difficult to find. At the time of writing, you can still find a flat sheet for a toddler bed but most of the other items are out of print.

The beauty about Blue's Clues toddler bedding is that you can find many other items to fit into your toddler's room. For instance, there is a Blue's Clues night light, drawer handle, wall sticker, soft toy and decorative pillow. All combined, they would certainly make your toddler's room looks cute and fun.

Shop For Blue's Clues Toddler Bedding And Toy

Blues Clues Crib Toddler Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Bedding New
Blues Clues Crib Toddler Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Bedding New

One of the very few Blues Clues bedding sets that you can find at present.

Ty Beanie Baby Blues Clues
Ty Beanie Baby Blues Clues

A cute Ty Beanie Blues Clues to keep your toddler company, day and night.


Cars Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

Always Popular With Boys

The popular cars toddler bed bedding sets are undoubtedly those that feature Disney's Cars such as Lightning McQueen and his friends. There are a few designs to choose from when it comes to this toddler bedding Disney character.

If your toddler is not into Disney's Cars, you can also have buy simple car patterns instead. Olive Kids have a car toddler bedding set that features trains, trucks and planes. Although this is more expensive, it is made of 100% cotton compared to most of Disney's Cars toddler bedding sets which are of cotton and polyester blends.

Disney Cars Team Unstoppable 4-Piece Toddler Set
Disney Cars Team Unstoppable 4-Piece Toddler Set

The unstoppable team. With McQueen racing around the track, your kid will find it hard not to be excited over this one.


Discount Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

Where To Get A Wide Selection

One site that you can get a wide selection of toddler bed bedding sets at competitive prices is eBay. At the time of writing, there are over 600 listings that carry the term "toddler bedding" at the site.

I find that eBay is also one place that you can get hard to find toddler bedding sets. For instance, many major online retailers have difficulty stocking the Blue's Clues toddler bedding set, but surprisingly you can source it at eBay.

As eBay comprised of many small-time sellers, the competition is very stiff which means you can probably get a toddler bedding set at discounted prices there.

Dora Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

A Little Girl's Choice

If you have a little girl, one of the popular choices would have to be a Dora toddler bedding set. There are a few patterns for this likable character and your toddler will adore them.

Most of these Dora toddler bedding sets comprise of a flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase and bedspread. If you don't want a 4-piece set, you can also settle for just a Dora fitted sheet and pillowcase.

Shop For Dora Toddler Bedding

Dora perfect Puppy Toddler Bedding Set
Dora perfect Puppy Toddler Bedding Set

Let this smiling Dora adorn your toddler's bed. It's a cheerful set for a sweet little girl.

Dora the Explorer Toddler Bedding 4-Piece Set, La Imagination
Dora the Explorer Toddler Bedding 4-Piece Set, La Imagination

This is a 4-piece Dora toddler bedding set. Here she is pictured wearing a pink dress, just like a princess.


Princess Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

Bedding Fit For A Princess Indeed

If your toddler likes the Disney Princess character, then you certainly need to buy her a Princess toddler bed bedding set.

Generally, Princess toddler bedding sets are not hard to find unlike some other cartoon characters. In fact, there are quite a few patterns to choose from when it comes to Princess toddler bedding although all would naturally come in shades of pink.

Shop For Princess Toddler Bedding

Disney Princess 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set "Princess Hearts" Collection
Disney Princess 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set "Princess Hearts" Collection

Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, and Princess Aurora - your toddler can have them all with this set!


Sesame Street Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

The Famous Elmo

When it comes to Sesame Street toddler bedding, you certainly can't miss seeing Elmo on it. The bright red lovable creature adorns many Sesame Street bedding sets although when it comes to toddler sizes, they may be somewhat difficult to find.

But one that you should be able to get if you look for it is the Elmo Sport 4-Piece Toddler Bedding Set. It features a sports theme with Elmo and other Sesame Street characters playing different kinds of games.

If a sports theme doesn't appeal to your toddler, you can get other Sesame Street bedding designs but you will have to settle for a twin bedding set instead.

Train Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

It Has To Be Thomas The Train

If you are looking for a train toddler bedding set, then you certainly can't escape from browsing through Thomas The Train toddler bedding designs. Most boys would be able to identify with Thomas and you can't really go wrong with this character.

Of course, there are also other train toddler bedding sets apart from Thomas And Friends such as the Choo Choo Train set. For this toddler bedding, you can even has matching curtains to give the room a theme, if you are interested in such a d├ęcor.

Shop For Train Toddler Bedding

Thomas the Train 4pc Toddler Bedding Set Railroad Crossing
Thomas the Train 4pc Toddler Bedding Set Railroad Crossing

A smiling Thomas adorned this toddler bedding set. Watch him chug along the tracks.

Olive Kids Trains Planes and Trucks Cotton Printed Sheet Set, Toddler
Olive Kids Trains Planes and Trucks Cotton Printed Sheet Set, Toddler

Well, this toddler bed bedding set doesn't only have trains on it but also planes and trucks. It does look nice with the added variety.


Girls Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

Sweet And Soft For A Lovelier Room

If you are looking for toddler bedding for your little girl but is not too fond of cartoon character sheets, you can browse through girls toddler bedding by Jojo Designs.

Unlike cartoon character bedding which are usually bold and loud, the Jojo Designs girls toddler bedding collection is instead sweet and softer in color. Simple and smallish patterns in the form of flowers or fairies means they are also soothing to the eye to give a good night's sleep.

Shop For Girls Toddler Bedding

Pink and Green Olivia Girls Boutique Toddler Bedding 5 pc set
Pink and Green Olivia Girls Boutique Toddler Bedding 5 pc set

An uncommon color combination of pink and green with this toddler bedding set. Polka dots, scrolls and stripes make it truly unique.

Pink and Black Madison Girls Boutique Toddler Bedding 5 pc Set
Pink and Black Madison Girls Boutique Toddler Bedding 5 pc Set

This set is a little more striking with pink and black combination. Still, it does look nice for a girl's bedroom.


Boys Toddler Bed Bedding Sets

Timeless Patterns For A Boy's Bed

Popular toddler bedding designs for boys usually center around cars, heroes, trucks and animals. These are what you can find when it comes to boys toddler bedding by Olive Kids.

Many of Olive Kids toddler bedding sets are made of 100% cotton which is the reason why its items are generally more expensive than other brands. But if your boy would be delighted by its colorful and timeless patterns, why not, right?

The other popular boys' bedding set would naturally need to have something to do with famous characters. Think Toy Story and Star Wars, for instance. Your kid will surely be able to identify with them with ease.

Shop For Boys Toddler Bedding

Olive Kids Pirates Cotton Printed Sheet Set, Toddler
Olive Kids Pirates Cotton Printed Sheet Set, Toddler

Pirates would be a nice theme for boys bedding set too. It is definitely less common than the usual cars and trucks you'll find out there.

Olive Kids Out of This World Cotton Printed Sheet Set, Toddler
Olive Kids Out of This World Cotton Printed Sheet Set, Toddler

Launch off to space with this set here. With planets, stars and spaceships, there is much to imagine for your toddler as he goes to bed every night.


Fun Poll: Cartoon Character Or Timeless Patterns?

Most kids can identify with Woody, Elmo and Cinderella, for example. So, you can find plenty of these character bedding sets for kids because they sell. They do appeal to kids but as adults, we may prefer something entirely different. Timeless patterns of flowers, stars, polka dots and animals might be more to our taste when decorating our kid's bedroom. So, which would you choose?

If you need to buy a bedding set for a toddler, would you be buying timeless patterns or cartoon character sets?

See results


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