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Discover the Best Toddler Learning Toys for Your Child

Updated on July 22, 2016

Your Child Deserves the Best Toddler Toys

Toddlers are the most avid of all explorers. Since all these exploring leads to learning, why not give them the best toddler learning toys you can find? By providing them with the best educational toys fit for their age, their intellect and personality will blossom - that's a guarantee!

Experts agree that the first three years of a child's life serves as the foundation of his (or her) development as an individual. It determines the rate by which he gains mastery of his motor coordination skills as well as his thinking and social skills. Enhance these essential life skills by encouraging them to play with the best toddler learning toys available.

The Importance of Play

A child can develop his or her intellect and life skills through play.
A child can develop his or her intellect and life skills through play. | Source

Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Experts agree that the best way for a child to learn and develop his intellect and other life skills is through play. As such, it is our responsibility as parents to make sure they get what they need.

It is our duty to teach our kids how to learn and to let them realize that learning is not a boring process. Instead, let's make sure that they will eventually welcome learning as a fun and enjoyable part of growing up. Now, what can be more enjoyable than letting them learn by playing?

And this is where educational toddler toys come in. These learning toys are the best tools you can use to effectively teach your children the various skills he need to develop. Educational toys are not mere playthings. They can help develop your child's motor skills and help him understand important basic concepts such as size, color and shape. They can help widen your toddler's vocabulary and help him understand basic math concepts. These educational toddlers toys can likewise help nourish your child's creativity and artistic talents.

Providing children with quality educational toys can likewise help them develop their social skills and help them learn the importance of showing respect to others by sharing and taking turns.

Toys for 1 Year Olds

What are the Best Toddlers Learning Toys for This Age?

The toddler years begin as the child turns one. The best learning toys for this age includes toys that develops his motor skills such as nesting or stacking cups, shape sorters and peg toys, among others.

As an added bonus, these toys also help develop your child's creativity. Toy phones are also highly recommended since they help develop your child's language skills while pull toys and push toys can help your little one become more stable on his feet. Musical toys are also highly recommended.

Stacking and Nesting Toys

Fisher-Price Light-Up Lion Stacker
Fisher-Price Light-Up Lion Stacker

The Light-Up Lion Stacker brings a friendly character themed twist to a proven play format for baby! Featuring 4 colorful translucent rings, each with molded detail and texture, a bat-at wobbly base, and a friendly lion character top. Baby will love discovering the lights and sounds helping develop curiosity and discovery! As baby stacks each ring onto the wobbly base, they will be rewarded with dancing lights up and down the base and playful tunes that build as baby stacks! Press down on the lion top to unlock even more tunes that are sure to delight baby.

Sparkly lights and music stimulate baby's senses of sight and sound

Placing stars on the post and the lion on top encourages eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills

4 colorful stars help baby learn colors & counting

Big, smaller, smallest! Stacking helps baby understand relative size

7 songs reward stacking


Baby Walker Toys

Now, this one combines the functions of a musical toy with a push toy. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker offers your baby two modes of play (learning and music) that will keep them engaged while they learn.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


Removable toddler play panel that helps develop fine motor skills

Early learning center with 5 piano keys that plays music and encourages creativity

Wheels work on carpeted and hard floors

Has 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills

Pretend telephone handset and mechanical elements enhance role-play fun

Over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases


Educational Toddlers Toys for 2 and 3 Years Olds

Oh, the terrible twos! But did you know that at this age, your child is learning and mastering the use of his hands and fingers, and starting to add a creative dimension to their playtime? Yes, kids this age love to imitate grown-ups by incorporating role playing into their usual play activities. Here are some age-appropriate educational toys for 2 and 3 year old kids.

Playing with Dolls is a Great Toddler Learning Activity

Playing with dolls can be a great developmental learning activity for toddlers - both boys and girls. By playing with dolls, they learn valuable social skills such as love, responsibility, and taking care of others, and learn the value of having healthy family relationships.

Playing with dolls also teaches children several essential skills, including the following:

  • Cognitive and fine motor skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Speech-language skills

As such, role playing with dolls should come up high on any parent's list.

Thomas the Tank Engine

My son Gabriel loves Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends. He developed his love for Thomas when he was still a toddler and can readily identify the names of the rest of the gang quite easily even then. If my son enjoyed playing with Thomas, I guess yours will, too! Here are some great Thomas and Friends toys for toddlers.

How to Choose the Best Educational Toddlers Toys - Some Key Factors to Consider

To get the most benefits from educational toddler toys, kids should be totally engrossed in the learning process. As such, you should choose toys that are fun to play with, are age-appropriate and are suited to their current skill level. You should also choose educational toddler toys on the basis of what skills you want them to develop.

On the basis of these major criteria, here are some key factors you need to consider in buying toys for your toddlers:

  1. Safety and Durability. Toddler toys should not present choking hazards. It should not have small parts that toddlers can accidentally swallow when left unsupervised. Toys should not have any loose parts, sharp edges, or broken bits that can injure the child. It should be non-toxic and durable enough to withstand rough play (toddlers have the tendency to go haywire at times).
  2. Interesting and Fun to Play With. The best educational toddler toys are those that allow kids to get involved and actively participate in the activity.
  3. Allows for Imaginative Play. A great educational toddler toy encourages imaginative play. Go for multi-purpose open play materials that allow kids to use their imagination and creativity while playing. Dolls are a great example of such toys.
  4. Timelessness. Toddlers develop a lot quicker than you can possibly imagine. So, in buying toys, make sure that your toddler will still have a use for it in the future, say in 6 months time.

Books for Toddlers

Reading to your toddler can help him develop his language skills, imagination, and understanding of the world around him. However, make sure that the books are durable (laminated cardboard books are ideal for these inquisitive toddlers), have brightly colored pictures and illustrations, and short text. Long stories will only bore them. :-)

My Big Animal Book (My Big Board Books)
My Big Animal Book (My Big Board Books)

This book features large, colorful illustrations and rhyming text (great for memorizing!). Your toddler will surely love it!


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    • Diaper Bag Blog profile image

      Stanley Green 4 years ago from Czech Republic

      I like your selection of learning toys for toddlers. Personally I can recommend the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker for all parents, who are waiting to see their tods to finally start walking. My daughter love to walk with this toy and it is definitey worth of buying.

    • profile image

      ccorrig 6 years ago

      I'll have to mention some of these toys to my cousin. She has two very young children and may want to invest in some when they get a little older.

    • profile image

      alyssa87 7 years ago

      this was fun i will try to get all such toys for my niece and nephews. thanks for sharing :)

    • littlelotus profile image

      littlelotus 7 years ago

      thanks for sharing this lens :) I'm a new mum and just lost in toys world. I would like DS to play and learn but need some guide in choosing which toys to give. THanks again :)

    • jackieb99 profile image

      jackieb99 7 years ago

      Nice site, I like the toys that you've picked out.