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Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts Every Mom can Expect!

Updated on May 11, 2014

You Know it's Mother's Day When...

It's early on a Sunday, You hear the kids in the kitchen whispering. You know what they're up to but you pretend you are still asleep. They quarrel and you roll your eyes. All you want to do is get up, pee, and brush your teeth but you don't want to spoil the surprise. Someone runs out the front door..."Oh please don't let them be picking the neighbors flowers again" you think to yourself, all the while knowing you will have to apologize to your neighbor later. It is all Worth it when they bring you a tray with your favorite breakfast, a cup with your neighbors prettiest roses inside, and their smiling faces melt your heart just a bit, no mater how annoyed you were that you did not get to sleep in. And the parade of gifts begins.

Lets count back from 10

#10 The painted rock/ paper weight:

Every mother has received the painted rock at some point in their mothering career. "Look Mom, I made you a paper weight!" Your child is so proud of their work and of course you love the gift. Does anyone really NEED a paperweight?

#9 The Tiny flower/plant They grew themselves in a milk carton at school:

I hate to say it but I always killed them within a month...shhhh. don't tell my kids.

#8 The macaroni frame:

This is one of my favorites but after a few years it becomes a frame with bits of glue around it.

#7 The macaroni Necklace:

I'm not sure on what occasion I would wear this unique accessory But I love it anyway...Of course.

More Favorites

#6 Bouquet of dandelions pulled right from the front lawn:

Another one of my favorites. But then again I don't have allergies

#5 Home made card:

Now depending on the age and talent of the child these can vary from a folded piece of paper with a heart drawn on it to a very artistic rendition of your family standing outside your house with a dog you may or may not own.

#4 Something that was obviously not for you but for them:

What do I say? thank you for this video game that I will never play or this comic book that made it next to your bed before the day was through.

Almost there

#3 A Box of Chocolate:

Who doesn't love a box of chocolates that you will, of course, have to share with everyone, leaving about 2 or 3 pieces to enjoy yourself.

#2 The Face Plate:

I love getting a plate with my child's face in the center. It just makes eating fun.

Now for Number one

Drum roll please

#1 The Homemade coupon book:

Now this is my favorite because it's the gift that keeps on giving. And... a little child slave labor is nice too. Now if you have never received this gift, you are missing out. It usually consists of things like "I will do the dishes for a week" , "I will rub your feet for 10 minutes" and "I will weed the garden".Now the fun is trying to get them to do it whenever you hand them the coupon.

Happy Mothers Day!

Best Mothers Day gifts - Just in case you wanted to know what we really like

MyGift Classic Black Jewelry Hanger Stand for Earrings/Necklaces/Bracelets
MyGift Classic Black Jewelry Hanger Stand for Earrings/Necklaces/Bracelets

We always need something to hold our macaroni necklaces

Amazon eGift Card - Amazon Music (Notes)
Amazon eGift Card - Amazon Music (Notes)

We need to be taken away from it all with our favorite tunes.


What's your favorite mothers day gift

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