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Newborn Baby Checklist

Updated on November 21, 2013

Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist

Wondering what you really need for a new baby? Then the newborn baby checklist is a must. Preparing for yournew baby is a fun and exciting time, though it can also be quite challenging. With so many options in baby gear it can be overwhelming deciding what items you actually need.

I'm a stay at home mom to three little ones. I've learned through experience which baby supplies are must haves, which ones are nice luxuries, and which ones are a total waste of money. Here you will find honest baby gear reviews based on my real life, every day experience as a mom. I've put together this newborn baby checklist to help new mother's prepare for their baby's arrival without wasting money on unnecessary items.


Baby Bouncer - Newborn Baby Checklist Item #1 - Baby bouncy seat is an absolute must have

Baby bouncers (also called bouncy seat) or infant seats are light, easy to transport, and keep baby safe and confined. Without a baby bouncer, simple tasks like taking a shower, cooking dinner, doing the laundry, etc. can be very difficult. A baby bouncer is an absolute must have.

There is a slight difference between a bouncer and a infant seat. The infant seat is stationary while the bouncer will allow the baby to make the seat bounce by moving his arms or body. Either will serve the purpose of keep your baby safe and comfortable while you get household tasks done. Both hold baby at a slight incline which is great for babies with reflux or colic.

Here's my Son, Just 5 Days Old in His Infant Seat

Here's my Son, Just 5 Days Old in His Infant Seat
Here's my Son, Just 5 Days Old in His Infant Seat

Play Yard - Newborn Baby Checklist Item #2 - A play yard or pack n' play is a baby essential

Play Pens, or the name brand Pack n Plays, are a must have. They are so useful. If you have more than one child, you can put the baby in the pack n play to protect her from the older children. A crawling baby is too tempting a target for a toddler. If you have a child that isn't quite school age and a baby on the way, then you need a play yard. A play yard also doubles as a portable bed. It folds up for travel, making it very convenient to bring along on trips.

We set up our Pack n Play a week before I had our first baby back in August of 2006 and in our living room until January of 2011. Since I had our three kids back to back, we never even put our Pack n Play away. I use it for each kid until just a little after their second birthday! You will used a play yard almost daily for two years. They hld up well (mine has survived four children now because it was a hand me down to us and it still looks great), so you can always sell it when you're through with it.

Quilted Plush Play Yard Sheet - Super Soft and Comfy Eddie Bauer Sheet is a Must Have

If you own a play yard then this sheet is a must have! Seriously. Play yards have a pad, not a mattress, and it is very stiff. This Eddy Bauer quilted sheet is soft and plush. The quilting provides a bit of cushion. It is completely machine washable and dryable. I have this sheet and it is now surviving through my third baby. It's great.

My Eddie Bauer Quilted Plush Sheet in Action

My Eddie Bauer Quilted Plush Sheet in Action
My Eddie Bauer Quilted Plush Sheet in Action

Infant Swing - Baby Checklist Item #3 - An infant swing is a newborn baby essential.

One day I was browsing around the CafeMom group forums and came across a question from a woman expecting her first baby. She asked, "Do I really NEED a swing." And the verdict from all of us experienced moms was a very loud, "YES." I would go crazy without my infant swing.

When your baby is a newborn and won't sleep any where but your arms and you're losing your mind because you want to take a shower because you literally stink...just place your baby in the swing in front of the shower. Need to get supper cooked? Move the swing to the kitchen. Have a reflux baby that won't sleep? Put the swing right next to your bed. You get the picture.

I have used the swing for sleep time, play time, a small smidgen of mommy time. I've even used the swing for snack time, it does have a little snack tray after all. Heck, when my baby was ready for solids but big sister was still using the high chair, I even used the swing as a back up high chair.

If you plan to have more than one child, buy a good quality swing that will last and suit all your needs and then sell it when you're through with it.

ExerSaucer or Activity Chair - A Nice Luxury - ExerSaucer or Activity Chairs are Nice, but not Necessary

So many moms talk about the ExerSaucer like it's the most important piece of baby gear right after the carseat, but it's not. My sister-in-law gave us one when we had our first baby and after one week of using it I had my husband put it in the attic. Now after having three babies it's still in the attic. The ExerSaucer is a nice place to set your baby while you vacuum, cook, run to the bathrrom, etc, but the play yard can serve that purpose. The play yard allows a young baby to sleep and an older baby to crawl or sit up and play with toys. An ExerSaucer keeps a baby stationary, so they aren't using their muscles and developing important skills. The main reason why I don't like the ExerSaucer is that it's big. In our house, space is limited and the ExerSaucer is huge. So, unless you have tons of space and money to burn, skip the ExerSaucer.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon
Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

This ExerSaucer has plenty of activities to keep your baby busy while you get some chores done.


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    • Sarah Switalski profile image

      Sarah Switalski 

      8 years ago from Iowa

      My daughter absolutely loved her exersaucer and there's no way you would say she wasn't using her muscles if you ever saw her making it bounce! But, every baby is different. I know kids who hated it too. I completely agree with you about the Bumbo, I'm so glad we got it used since we only used it once! Thanks for sharing your opinions in this informative lens for new mamas!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      No one can go without a baby bouncer, they are the greatest invention since sliced bread! Nice lens, thanks for sharing.


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