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Top Baby Names 2013

Updated on October 24, 2013

Top Ten Lists of Baby Names

Naming a baby is one of the biggest decisions a parent makes for their child. A baby name is the one thing that's going to be with the child throughout their entire life. You never know what effect the name you choose is going to have on your child's future. You have to weigh every option and look at the possible consequences of each name. And that's why it's such a hard decision.

Sometimes a decision like this is made easier by seeing what others have decided. So look below to find the top 10 baby girl names, top 10 baby boy names, top 10 unisex names, top 10 names for twins, the top ten biblical names and the meaning and origin of each name.

I even included some fun lists like the top 10 worst celebrity baby names and the worst tv character names. Feel free to vote for your favorites and don't forget to answer the polls!

Do you believe a persons name has any effect on the type of person they become?

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8 Sources for Baby Name Ideas

  1. Use a family name.

    If you're wanting a family name, cast a wide net. Look at grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and even cousins. This might even be the time to trace back your family tree. You might be surprised how many times a name is repeated through the generations.

    And don't be scared to mix it up a bit. Just because you're looking at a family name, doesn't mean you have to spell it the exact same way or use their entire name.

  2. Use a state, city or country.

    This could be the city your child was conceived in, the state where they were born or even just your favorite vacation destination. Some examples include Houston, Orlando, Dakota, Arizona, Paris and Ireland.

  3. Use a month or a season.

    This is usually a month, season or day of the week that holds some kind of meaning; their birth month, the season your baby was conceived or even the day of the week when you found out you were expecting. For instance: August, June, May, April, Summer, Winter and Wednesday.

  4. Use your favorite celebrities name.

    This can be your favorite singer, actor, baseball player, sax player, or even your local weather guy.

  5. Use the same first letter

    Name all your kids names that begin with the same first letter. An example of this would be on the tv show, 19 and Counting. All their childrens names begin with the letter J.

  6. Honor the recently deceased.

    Did someone you were close to recently die? Honor their memory with the name of your child. When my husbands Grandmother died shortly before our daughters birth, we used her middle name as our daughters first name. My brother-in-laws best friend died a year before my sister had her twins so they named one of them after him.

  7. Dig out your old list.

    I don't know of a single woman who hasn't made a list of baby names at some point in her life. I made mine when I was 15. It included names like "Stormy Meadows" and "Sunshine Falls". Of course I wouldn't use those names today, but there were others on that list that weren't so...."weathery".

  8. Let your other kids have a say.

    Ignore the fact that they named the dog Scooby and the cat Spongebob Squarepants. Just ask them for ideas and you might be surprised!

  1. Sophia

    Origin: Greek

    Meaning: Wisdom

  2. Emma

    Origin: German

    Meaning: Universal

  3. Isabella

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: God is my vow

  4. Olivia

    Origin: Greek

    Meaning: Olive tree

  5. Ava

    Origin: German

    Meaning: A bird

  6. Lily

    Origin: Greek

    Meaning: Lily

  7. Chloe

    Origin: Greek

    Meaning: Blooming

  8. Madison

    Origin: English

    Meaning: Son of Maud

  9. Emily

    Origin: Teutonic

    Meaning: Industrious

  10. Abigail

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: My fathers joy

If you name your child "Einstein", will that predispose your child towards learning?

If you name your child "Bubba", will that predispose your child towards a lower IQ?

What do you think?

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  1. Aiden

    Origin: Irish

    Meaning: Fiery

  2. Jackson

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Son of Jack

  3. Mason

    Origin: French

    Meaning: Stone worker

  4. Liam

    Origin: Irish

    Meaning: Unwavering protector

  5. Jacob

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: The supplanter

  6. Jayden

    Origin: Spanish

    Meaning: Green stone, Thankful

  7. Ethan

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Strong, Firm

  8. Noah

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Rest, Comfort

  9. Lucas

    Origin: Latin

    Meaning: Bringer of light

  10. Logan

    Origin: Scottish

    Meaning: Small hollow

  1. Taylor

    Origin: English

    Meaning: Tailor

  2. Bailey

    Origin: English

    Meaning: Steward

  3. Jesse

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Gift

  4. Dakota

    Origin: Native American

    Meaning: The allies

  5. Casey

    Origin: Irish

    Meaning: Vigilant in war

  6. Jaiden/Jayden

    Origin: American

    Meaning: Form of Jaden

  7. Riley

    Origin: Irish

    Meaning: Descendant Of Roghallach

  8. Angel

    Origin: Greek

    Meaning: Messenger of God

  9. Payton/Peyton

    Origin: English

    Meaning: From Pacca's town

  10. Jordan

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: To flow down

Does a persons name affect their friendships?

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  1. Daniel and Dannielle
  2. Mason and Madison
  3. Koltyn and Kaitlin
  4. Nathan and Natalie
  5. Jaden and Jada
  6. Alexander and Alexis
  7. Brian and Brianna
  8. Mason and Madison
  9. Tyler and Taylor
  10. Michael and Michelle

  1. Jacob

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: The supplanter

  2. Micah

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Who is like God

  3. John

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: God is gracious

  4. Joshua

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Lord is salvation

  5. Zacharias

    Origin: English

    Meaning: God remembers

  6. Abigail

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: My fathers joy

  7. Hannah

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Grace of God

  8. Eve

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Life

  9. Mary

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Bitter

  10. Elizabeth

    Origin: Hebrew

    Meaning: Consecrated to God

Does a persons name affect their career?

Would a girl named Candi be more likely to be a stripper?

Would a boy namer Copper be more likely to be a policeman?

Would a persons name make it easier to get into a certain career field? Would it make it harder?

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Top 10 Unusual but Wicked Cool Names

  1. Rogue

    Origin: X-Men

    Meaning: Mischievous

  2. Xander

    Origin: Greek

    Meaning: Protector of Men

  3. Gage

    Origin: French

    Meaning: Pledge

  4. Hadley

    Origin: English

    Meaning: Heather Field

  5. Raven

    Origin: English

    Meaning: Raven

  6. Indigo

    Origin: Latin

    Meaning: Blue

  7. Trinity

    Origin: Latin

    Meaning: Three

  8. Aiden

    Origin: Irish

    Meaning: Fiery

  9. Gavin

    Origin: Welsh

    Meaning: One of King Arthur's knights

  10. Parker

    Origin: English

    Meaning: Protector of the park

Do your research!

  1. What are the initials?

    Make sure to check what your childs initials will be. Here's a few bad examples:

    Timothy Issac Trenton

    Alice Sarah Smith

    Kenneth Kalvin Koolidge

  2. Are the first and last name the same?

    Yes, it's cute. But only at first. Here are a couple of "repeat" offenders:

    Johnny Johnson

    Hunter Huntington

    James Jameson

    Chris Christopherson

  3. What are possible nicknames?

    Remember, nicknames can come from anywhere.

    Bobby Jo is going to have the initials B.J. and when the boys get old enough to learn about the birds and the bees, what do you think they're going to tease BJ about?

    Thomas Morrow is going to get shortened to Tom Morrow (tomorrow).

    Richard Weed is going to have a very bad nickname.

    Poor Cletus is going to have to listen to them chant "Cletus Fetus!".

    And let's not forget Gaylord Focker from Meet the Parents.

  4. Is the name associated with anything bad?

    My sister always wanted to name her son Freddie. Of course, once she married a man with the last name of Krueger, she realized that wasn't possible. Google the possible names for your child. If you find any mass murderers, porn stars or tv horror characters, cross that name off your list. And if your last name is Gump, please cross Forrest off your list!

  5. How popular is it?

    In the 5th grade, I had 6 Chris's in my class. In the 7th grade, I had 8 David's in my class. And in my 12th grade homeroom, there were 5 Amy's. After checking their popularity, I realized all 3 were in the top 5 names the year I was born.

  6. How is it spelled?

    Although you can spell your childs name however you want, sometimes it's best to go with the more popular version. If you ever want to get something personalized for your child (bike license plates, pencils, etc), it will be a lot easier to find it with the popular spelling. Plus, a name with a unique spelling is probably going to get pronounced wrong.

    A better way to give your child a unique name is to play with their middle name.

But Remember, there's no perfect name

Kids are cruel and no matter what name you decide on, there's a possibility of it being used to taunt.

My parents named me Catherine Jo. In the 7th grade, one guy saw my initials and called me something that rhymes with "Rock Job".

Thankfully, it didn't catch on.

So don't drive yourself crazy looking for the safest name.

Which do you prefer?

What kind of name do you prefer?

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Please don't name your boy SUE!

Have Faith in yourself!

You'll figure out the perfect name for your baby.

Don't worry!

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