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Tot Tunes

Updated on August 17, 2012

La la la la la la la!!!

There's nothing quite as fun as getting your youngsters singing, and there are plenty of favorite characters to encourage the developing vocal chords to do their thing. It's great to sing along with a toddler, as well, as it's a very bright and cheerful experience.

Toddlers don't worry about whether they are in tune, or whether they are keeping a beat. However, giving them encouragement in singing and expressing themselves makes it possible for them to experience music, making it a part of their lives from the earliest opportunities.

This lens highlights some favorite Tot Tunes, and Tot music favorites.

Learning Styles

Get your toddler singing, marching, dancing, and watching...

Put all learning modalities to work!

Even though you may not yet know your youngster's strengths,

You will have the opportunity to observe, and to learn

Much about your youngster in the process!

Get Moving and Singing With Barney!

Barney: The Best of Barney
Barney: The Best of Barney

Barney, the Dinosaur, is one of my favorite characters for getting all the modalities going: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Your child has the chance to process through sight, action, and hearing! Barney is an excellent way of getting them excited, and enjoying a fun, yet educational time together. Furthermore, you will find rhyming, and other educational concepts get highlighted in the process!


Remember Sesame's Early Days?

Even if you remember a time when Sesame Street didn't exist, you have to admit, it's been a blast, since it's earliest days!

Sunny Day!

Sesame Street: Kids' Favorite Songs
Sesame Street: Kids' Favorite Songs

Sesame Street has inspired kids in educational and musical fun combined for the last 4 decades. Familiar characters excite kids, parents, and maybe even grandparents. Sing a Song, or sing the theme song. Learn the alphabet with Big Bird. Children's Television Network incorporates lots of fun and energy into this loveable set of characters and materials. Learning is a blast, and kids don't even notice that it's happening...they're too busy having fun!


Veggie Fun!

Are you familiar with Veggie Tales?

Where is my Hairbrush?

Silly Songs?

Veggie Tales: Very Silly Songs
Veggie Tales: Very Silly Songs

Silly Songs with Larry have made kids and adults take a fun look at the crazy things in life. You know exactly what I mean, if you live in a housefull of girls, and can never find your own hairbrush...nor can they! The banter of the Veggies took on a life of its own, aside from the funny cartoon vegetables telling Bible stories in their own unique way. Silly songs let Moms, Dads, and kids have a great time singing and being silly together.


Veggie Tales on the Road...

Taking Veggie Tales movies on the road provides lots of diversion for your toddler...and maybe for your tween, too.

Foundations in the Arts

Give your child a language arts foundation through music!

Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies for Toddlers

Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies
Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies

Nursery rhymes are fun for giving your youngster exposure to rhyming, while incorporating counting and colors and all sorts of wonderful things. Lullabies are soothing, a way to put music to work at the end of the day. Still incorporating the rhyme, but with a different intensity, the lullaby is a wonderful part of the music library in any home with toddlers.


The Classics

Classical music makes great, productive, background noise for activity times!

The Classical Baby

Classical Baby 3-Pack - Music, Art & Dance
Classical Baby 3-Pack - Music, Art & Dance

Auditory learners process things more aptly when there is some focused sound in the background. Puzzles, coloring, building blocks: all are great with some classical music playing, and toddlers are at an age where there is no predisposition toward or against. Give your toddler a vast background in music and sound, including classical music.


Music to Go:

Make sure you make your music collection mobile!

MP3 player, Boom Box, or Portable DVD player,

bring those tunes on a trip, or to the park, or

to Grandma's house!

iPod Speakers are Fun for Toddlers

iHome iH15 Color Changing 30-Pin iPod Speaker Dock
iHome iH15 Color Changing 30-Pin iPod Speaker Dock

My tweens love the iHome color changing iPod dock and player...but guess what! So do my youngsters. The colors can be changing, or you can pick a favorite and leave it there...mine is purple. The brilliance is most effective in the dark. Plug an iPod in, and play that classical or lullaby playlist while your young one drifts off to sleep.


Make the Most

You don't get to re-do the toddler years, so make the most of them, and have a blast with your youngsters! Sing to your hearts' content, and sing some more!

What are your favorite Toddler Tunes?

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