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Toxic Toys-A Worldwide Problem

Updated on August 24, 2017

How Toxic Toys Are Affecting Our Children

We came to think that when we bought a toy for our child, especially if the toy was from a major maufacturer, we could count on that toy being safe. At least that is what we thought.

The facts are that in 2005 nearaly 73,000 children under age 5 were sent to the hospital emergency rooms. 20 children died from toy related injury according to government statistics.

The problem started when companies were outsourcing work to other countries. These toys that were imported did not have the controls and safety testing that those in our won country might have.

Now it is coming to light that many of these toys have been manufactured poorly. That non spec paints and parts have been built into them. Who would have known till now the end result.

The holidays are coming and we think that you should be an informed shopper ! Because of the numerous recalls, you should be checking your list more than once or twice.

We will be adding resources daily. so please bookmark us.

Product Safety Law Finally Signed

On August 14th, 2008, the product safety law was finally passed. This bill, signed by President Bush, bans lead paint and phthalates in products intended for children under the age of 12 - the strictest such law in the world. There were a record setting 448 recalls in 2008, about 50 percent of those recalls, involved our children.

The new law bans six different kinds of phthalates - chemicals that make plastics more flexible. These chemicals have been linked with reproductive damage. Phthalates can be found in dozens of baby and child products, including bath toys and baby lotions.

Toys Must now be tested before they are sold

How To Protect Your Kids

There is at present no national lead regulation law. So for the present, it is each of our responsibilities to take family matters into our own hands.

  • Look for any jewelry made of metal, plastic or wood. You know the kind often seen in the dollar stores.

    Be suspicious and cautious of any toys made in China, where lead is frequently used in manufacturing. Look for where the item is made and until everything is sorted out, I simply would not buy it

  • Look for items like bibs and lunch boxes that are made of PVC or vinyl free.
  • Buy a lead test kit available at most hardware and home stores. You get about 8 swabs for $20. While the strips are not foolproof, you may want to test older toys. When in doubt, throw it out. Try to keep toys out of your children's mouthes.

Lead Testing Kit - Every home should have one !

It's not just the new toys, but there may be several old toys that may be hazardous to your children's health. We suggest that you purchase a kit and be sure that what you have around the house is safe' We have searched the net and we recoomend these products

Recent Toy Safety News

Tests on more than 1200 children's products were conducted by a coalition of enviormental health groups across the country.

According to the report by the Associated Press on December 6th, only 20 % of the tested toys had no trace of lead or harmful chemicals.

35 % of the tested toys conatin lead, many levels far above the federal standards used for lead paint. According to this report, 17% of these products had levels of lead that would trigger a recall of lead paint.

Testers purchased most of the toys at local retailers such as Wal;mart, Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 40 toy recalls in fiscal year 2006, on;y three involving lead paint. In 2007, there were 61 toy recalls, 19 involving lead paint

Toy Safety Groups and Websites

This is such a huge topic that we wanted to collect some great groups and websites that you can use to learn more about toy safety.

Toxic Toy List & Dangers

Government and Other Groups - Recalls and Action

These are resources where you can get up to date information as well as who is on the front lines on toxic issues.

Toy Safety Tips - These are from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Here are some safety tips that you should consider when buying any toys

  • Look for toy labels that give age and safety recommendations and use that information as a guide.
  • Select toys to suit the age, abilities, skills and interest levels of the intended child.
  • For children under 3, avoid toys with small parts, which could cause choking
  • For children under 6, avoid sets with small magnets, which could casuse serious injury or death if swallowed
  • For children under 8, avoid toys with sharp edges and points
  • Helmets and safety gear should fit properly and be worn by children using riding toys, such as skateboards and inline skates.
  • Improper use of projectile toys, such as rockets or darts, could result in serious eye injury. These toys should be for older children
  • Battery chargers and adapters can pose a burn hazard for children.Adults should supervise charging batteries and pay attention to warnings on chargers.
  • Immeadiately discard palstic wrapping on toys.
  • Keep toys appropriate for older children away from younger children
  • Stay informed ! Bookmak this site ! Ue our resource guides for more information

The Mattel Story - Where it all started or did it?

On September 7, 2007 another recall was added to the growing list-Barbie Accessories. With most of our toys being manufactured elsewhere,can we truly feel safe again. The fact is that most of these toys were in fact manufactured in China. And what was the major issue-lead paint. Where the list will end is anyone's guess !

Matell Wasn't The Only Toy Company With A Problem - Fischer Price Is Under Scrutiny

The September 2007 recalls include paint hazards from Fischer Price Toys also. Again, levels of lead in paint seems to be the biggest problem. Here are some of their recalls.

Toys R Us

More News On The Retail Front

Toys R Us, the nation's second largest toy retailer, behind Walmart stated that it would use an indepemdemt lab to test every branded product, accordimg to Kathleen Waugh-company spokeswoman.

The retailer says that it will absorb the costs this year, but it also thinks that next year pricing could increase.

The Disney Factor

Disney's stand and other Disney product news.

The Walt Disney Company was hit hard by Mattel's recall of 435,000 toy cars believed to contain lead paint. The major product was called "Sarge" , a character from the Disney movie, " Cars". Disney will now independently test all toys featuring their characters.

These tests will include all catagories od toys from about 2,000 licensees

Some Best Non Toxic Toys

Vinyl Bibs Under Scrutiny - They are not toys, but we thought it was important

On August 17th, Toys R Us pulled off it's shelves a massive amount of bibs that were made with high levels of lead. These were retailed also at Babies R Us. These companies were offering a refund on any bibs purchased at their locations. Here is more information on bib recalls.

More Recall Resources

We have gathered lots of resources that will help you keep up with all the latest toxic toys. Bookmark them caise we know this will be daily news for a while

Who Will Bear The Cost For Safety ?

Costs for better quality control will more than likely pass to consumers

Yes, more than likely, the cost of better quality control will be passed to consumers. However, it also should be said that these costs will not be passed on until after the 2007 Christmas Season.

Prices are expected to go up at least 10 % after the more than 3 million toys that were already shipped from China are recalled.

Some critics have said that prices were kept low in an effort that the discounters have waged. These same critics will say that real safeguards were sacriced during these same price wars.

Some analysts have states that prices will remain the same till January because manufacturers and sellers have already ordered their Christmas inventory.

Product testing is now at a frenzied pace and the cost of it all will eventually be passed onto consumers.

Eric Johnson, a professor at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business has stated, " This year, both retailers and manufacturers will share the costs. But in the longer term, costs will have to go somewhere. And consumers will see it."

Let Washington Know How You Feel about The Issue - Add your comment here

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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 13 months ago from the short journey

      By now, this should be a non-issue. It's not like choosing to harm one's health by indulging in harmful drinks, smokes, or foods. Parent's don't have a way to know if a toy product is safe. They must depend on companies and governments to do their job. Yes, legislators have a huge responsibility here. And perhaps toy companies need a message, after all, many families store half the toys they have half the time anyway.

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      You are right. Nothing changes till people raise their voices. The "Breaking Bad " toys are a perfect example of the toy people making a buck selling everything. Since when do we want our kids playing with toys that are action figures for cartel members?

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 4 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @PiccadillyPunkin: I agree, mostly it feels like anything for a buck. The toy business is fueled by the greed of the major manufacturers. Even if we are firm about allowing our children only safe toys, the media brainwashes our kids into wanting the toys that they are promoting. You are right. Our Legislators need to get on board toward more regulation, but that won't happen until people raise their voices

    • PiccadillyPunkin profile image

      PiccadillyPunkin 4 years ago

      As a mother, I wish the US were leading the charge against toxic toys and proper labeling! We shouldn't have to fill out petitions and appeal to congressmen so we can feel safe about the toys on our shelves. US standards are way too low. It's obvious over recent years that the almighty dollar is driving safety standards and changes that should have happened long ago. Rather than take a reactive approach to parent outcry, we need to have our government leading the way towards healthier and safer children's toys...which down the road will lead to a less toxic America in so many areas. I would rather support toys made in the USA, but there are far too few of them with manufacturing standards that are safe for my kids. I buy most of my toys from European companies whose practices reflect more of a care for children and their parents.

    • marckq profile image

      marckq 6 years ago

      Having kids aged 8 and 4, I am extremely careful about buying toys and other kids stuff. And yes, I think any country exporting toys should comply with a strict lead standard. Thank you for sharing this lens, it's true toxic toys are becoming a worldwide problem.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Well, I don't know a lot about the topic, but I've read lately about several Chinese companies using toxics on their toys! Now I'm scared, and I don't know if I should Buy Kamagra or a TV or a little toy for my kids... because these guys are not careful at all!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Well, I don't know a lot about the topic, but I've read lately about several Chinese companies using toxics on their toys! Now I'm scared, and I don't know if I should Buy Kamagra or a TV or a little toy for my kids... because these guys are not careful at all!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Hi! Please help us find toys that are made in America and NON toxic to our kids. Someone in our government MUST be watching out for our children! Don't they have kids and grandkids? We need answers and protection for products being sold to us. We want to but MADE IN THE USA prodicts that are safe!

    • SALZBURG LM profile image

      SALZBURG LM 10 years ago

      I enjoyed your lens

      nice job!

    • Edmands profile image

      Edmands 10 years ago

      It is unfortunate that Mattel has been unable to implement an appropriate Quality Supplier Assurance program and protect its customers. On October 24th Mattel management made the press release that they are now going to implement an inspection process to help control the quality of paint used to make their toys. Quality experts know that inspecting quality into a product was abandoned in the 1920s, yes the 1920s. This action might make the paint problem go away, but a problem will just show up in an area which they are not inspecting.

    • profile image

      CarmenVj 10 years ago

      Hi, Great lens on toy safety. It is a shame what is happening with so many toys right now. The lead factor is a negative. We have to protect our children that's for sure.

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 10 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      I am requiring that my government take appropriate action to make lead paint untollerated on any toys. I further require that action be taken in regard to the inspection of any imported toys. We have the right to know that the toys that we purchase are safe for our children.

      Linda White Florida