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Treadmills For Children - Junior Child Sized Treadmill For Kids

Updated on May 30, 2014

A child treadmill for kids allows your young ones to work out alongside mommy and daddy burning off some excess energy and allowing you to get in an uninterrupted workout at the same time.

Generally, you would want to keep kids away from your full-sized treadmill as they are definitely not designed for little bodies and there are too many hazards for little hands and feet. A child size treadmill is designed to be safe for them to use but lets them feel like they are working out just like the grown ups. Infant treadmills are non-motorized so the belt only moves when they make it move and stops when they do so there is no danger of being injured by the moving belt or other motorized components. Manual belt movement means treadmills for kids will only go as fast or as slow as your child is comfortable with and not force them into an adult style workout which is not the desired purpose of these exercisers.

Whilst the cute factor of these mini treadmills for children is really high, with their mini-me style and bright child-friendly colors, they are also full functioning exercise machines capable of burning off excess energy throughout the winter months when leaving the house might not be possible and they start bouncing off the walls with boredom. Some have an odometer with speed and exercise timer on the front and stability hand bars to prevent falling just like the adult machines.

The best treadmill for kids is the Redmon Fun and Fitness Kid Treadmill which is designed specifically for use by young children.

Recommended Treadmill For Children - Put the fun in fitness!

Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Tread Mill
Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Tread Mill

The Redmon kids treadmill is bright and colorful and designed for little bodies to use safely in the home environment. This is just like the manual treadmills for adults which are self-propelled by using the power in your own legs to move the belt. No motor means it is a safe way for your child to use the machine without you having to worry about them trapping body parts in moving machinery. It's ideal for your little ones to use whilst you work out on your own treadmill, keeping them entertained and close at hand so you can fit in your own workout without having to worry about them getting up to mischief in your absence. The Redmon Treadmill for children has a sturdy tubular steel frame which is padded in all the important areas with foam to prevent knocks and bumps from accidental falls. No lead paint is used on this machine.


See The Treadmill In Action and Learn More

More Child Size Exercise Equipment

Treadmills for kids aren't the only small size exercise equipment out there. In fact, there is quite a wide range of exercise products for children on the market which are designed to be safe for their developing bodies. The following selection can be used in accompaniment with a child's treadmill or as standalone products if you have decided these are a more practical introduction to exercising or something which might be more appealing for your own children.

Redmon For Kids Fun and Fitness Multifunction Rower
Redmon For Kids Fun and Fitness Multifunction Rower

Rowing machines aregreat for building arm and upper body strength as well as cardiovascular fitness and this kid size rowing machine is another great option for keeping kids fit and healthy as well as being ideal for keeping them amused whilst you do your own rowing workout.

Fun and Fitness Kids Happy Rider
Fun and Fitness Kids Happy Rider

What comes more naturally to any child than riding on a bike? A child sized exercise bike allows them to work out along side you as you do you own exercise routine and when it's this cute, who can resist?

Redmon For Kids Fun and Fitness Trampoline
Redmon For Kids Fun and Fitness Trampoline

It might not be a toy exercise machine but this might just be the most fun out of all of the products listed here. What child doesn't love bouncing on a trampoline and this trampoline for children is sure to be a hit in your home and it is great for developing balance and coordination too.

A+Childsupply Weight Bench
A+Childsupply Weight Bench

Now your little one can lift weights along with daddy when you buy this weight lifting bench for kids. Designed with their safety in mind this is heavily foam padded and of course the weights aren't terribly heavy either.


Exercise Equipment Not For Your Children? How About The Wide Range Of Fun Fitness and Dance Games For Children!

The Nintendo Wii offers a wide range of excellent opportunities to get your children jumping around in front of the TV to fun and exciting games. Below are some of the more popular dance and fitness titles which are well reviewed by their owners.

Nickelodeon Fit
Nickelodeon Fit

Think Wii fit for children and you've got the general idea of what this software is all about. It features 30 fun games which emphasize fitness within the gameplay and since they all feature the Nickelodeon characters they love, they'll be more than happy to play the games. If something like a kids treadmill doesn't sond appealing then games like this which emphasize heart health, cardio, strength building, balance, endurance and coordination are the way to go for all you Wii owners.

Just Dance Kids
Just Dance Kids

Sometimes getting kids to workout is all about not making it seem like they are working out at all. Dance games are an easy sell and the Just Dance Kids series to aimed directly at them with 40 child friendly dances led by other children on the screen and featuring tiny tot friendly characters too from The Wiggles and yo Gabba Gabba make this fun for kids of all ages.

Just Dance Kids 2 - Nintendo Wii
Just Dance Kids 2 - Nintendo Wii

The sequel packs just as much of a punch or more as the original with another 40 dances for children to get their groove on with. Jumping on a treadmill for a child might prove boring after a while but grooving to these tunes is never going to get old and it's even better with friends.

We Cheer 2 - Nintendo Wii
We Cheer 2 - Nintendo Wii

Cheer along to classic cheerleading song like Mickey and Get Ready For This in this interactive dance game girls will love. Psst, it's not just for kids either, adults who want to reminisce or those who never made the squad also love this game!

Just Dance: Disney Party - Nintendo Wii
Just Dance: Disney Party - Nintendo Wii

More from the Just Dance crew this time its all Disney all the time.


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  • TaraWojt profile image

    Tara Wojtaszek 

    6 years ago

    These are too cute! I didn't know they made treadmills for kids.

  • TransplantedSoul profile image


    6 years ago

    Run you little sod, or I'll make you do Sudoku! Seriously though - I think I'd go the route of getting a dog for them to walk first! (well maybe the dog is for me). In some cases a dog is not good (no one home during the day for example) - so these treadmills could be a good idea. We should invent one where they need to go a certain distance in order to power their game system fo 1/2 hour - that would get them fit!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I like the idea of treadmills and other equipment sized to fit younger children to encourage fitness safely.


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