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Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light

Updated on September 10, 2014

The Perfect Night Light For Children (or adults) Who Are Afraid Of The Dark

Does the thought of falling asleep or waking up in the dark cause you to tremble?

Looking for a small portable night light to help you find you way around in the dark?

Just want a cute and cuddly turtle night light to sleep near? Well I found it! The Twilight Constellation Light by Cloud b.

Oddly enough, I did not purchase my first Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light for my children. It was actually given to me by a great friend, because I am afraid of the dark, and because I love turtles. Yes you heard that right, I am afraid of the dark. A mother of two, 29 years old and It strikes terror in my heart to walk anywhere in complete darkness.

I actually use this turtle night light every night before I go to bed. I love it so much that I did actually purchased one for my both my children's rooms. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light - My Children's Favorite Toy Is A Turtle Night Light

The Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light Is Perfect to Fall Asleep With

A Nightlight You Can Cuddle!

I absolutely love my Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light. The Twilight Turtle throws a soothing glow across any room on each of its three color settings. Not only is the light dull enough to fall asleep to, it is fun to look at as well. I noticed amber is the darkest color and does not provide as much light as the green and the blue settings. But on any setting it serves its purpose.

The Twilight Turtle is soft enough to sleep with if you were to fall asleep with it like a stuffed animal. I would know because I fall asleep with it all the time. The turtle night light also poses no threat of fire if left in bed.

The Twilight Turtle Constellation is battery operated so its easy on your pocketbook. I have had my Twilight Turtle for several years, and I change the batteries about once per year, with nightly over-use. (Two Double A Please)

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light

Do You Have A Turtle Night Light? - To Keep You Safe From All The Scary Things That Go Bump In The Night?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

See results

The Turtle Nightlight Is Educational and Fun

The Best Nightlight Is The Turtle Light At Night

The Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light can serve so many purposes for your children and their friends. As a friendly kids companion during the day, with its hard shell the Twilight Turtle can resist a lot. I have on occasion stepped on it (I am clumsy), and it has held up to that as well as my eight-and-eleven-year-olds everyday use. It is also great for younger children as well. I babysit several two-and-four-year-olds, and they love it. One of my favorite things to teach a child is how to say turtle. (I told you I love turtles!)

The Twilight Turtle helps toddlers learn colors, as well as identify a unique animal. It encourages counting, just instead of sheep you use stars and a turtle. It can be used to initiate conversations about the constellations and the universe. I have seen my kids use it to pretend they are camping under the stars. They have even got so creative as to hang it from a shoe draped over the head of the bed, so that the stars would move all over the room as the turtle nightlight hung and bounced around.

This turtle light is fun and educational as well as useful and kid friendly. Its my favorite toy, good for infants through adults.

Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light

The Best Starry Night Lights! I love all the stars thrown across my ceiling as I fall asleep everynight

Cloud B Review Of The Twilight Turtle

The Official Product Description For The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

The Twilight Turtle, is the first plush constellation night light ever created. The turtle night light transforms any room into a starry night sky, to help comfort children to sleep.

From within his plastic shell, Twilight Turtle projects a magical constellation of stars onto bedroom ceiling and walls in three soothing color options. The Twilight Turtle's shell illuminates to help ease children's fear of the dark. Children also love being able to hold their turtle night light as they fall asleep at night. Its perfectly safe for children to take to bed with them.

This interactive and educational turtle light includes eight actual constellations (such as The Big Dipper) in the star pattern. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide. The Twilight Turtle projects the full night sky onto ceiling and walls.

The Twilight Constellation offers three color options: Bright Blue, Bright Green and Soft Amber, which illuminates for a calming night light effect. The green is a little hard to sleep through, however, blue and amber are very soft on the eyes and every bit as soothing. This turtle night light really is the best children's interactive nightlight available.

Auto shut-off 45 minute sleep timer

Star Guide to help identify the constellations

Twilight Turtle story and adoption certificate

See The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light In Action - I Love My Sleepy Turtle Nightlight

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Available in multiple colorsThe stars as they appear across your walls when in use.Underside of the turtle, area where the batteries go.What the turtle looks like when he glows!Turtle with directions and box.Glowing Blue!So cute sitting next to the other toy!
Available in multiple colors
Available in multiple colors
The stars as they appear across your walls when in use.
The stars as they appear across your walls when in use.
Underside of the turtle, area where the batteries go.
Underside of the turtle, area where the batteries go.
What the turtle looks like when he glows!
What the turtle looks like when he glows!
Turtle with directions and box.
Turtle with directions and box.
Glowing Blue!
Glowing Blue!
So cute sitting next to the other toy!
So cute sitting next to the other toy!

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Cool night light.

    • ManojBala profile image


      7 years ago from ABU DHABI

      I wonder how you write these lenses. Very good in content and layout

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image


      8 years ago

      What a cute little fellow! I'm only afraid of the dark when I've just watched a scary movie lol - maybe I should have one of these to hide behind and then cuddle up to afterwards! Lovely lens!

    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 

      8 years ago from Croatia

      I love the stars too! :) And I'm sure my little girl would love them too! Well done review Amanda! :)

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      8 years ago from UK

      What an adorable turtle light! Perfect for children, but I agree that it is a lovely idea for anyone who doesn't like the dark. Stars on the ceiling are wonderful at any age! The photo slideshow and information are all useful too.


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