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Two Way Baby Monitor | 2 Way Baby Monitor

Updated on October 16, 2014

What is a two way baby monitor?

Two-way baby monitors give you an option to communicate with the baby! Many baby monitors work only one way, which means that they're only able to transmit sound (and sometimes video) from the transmitter (nursery unit) to the receiver (parental unit). That way you can hear (and sometimes see) what is going on with your baby using the receiver.

If you have a baby monitor, you don't have to check on your baby every few minutes while they sleep. If you need to get something done or just want to relax while watching your favorite TV series, just take the receiver with you. That way, if there is something wrong with your baby or they simply wake up and start to cry, you'll know that right away. That's the purpose of every baby monitor. As I've mentioned earlier, two-way baby monitors allow you to communicate with the baby.

Best Two Way Baby Monitors

Motorola MBP33
Motorola MBP33

Motorola MBP33

Motorola MBP33 is one of the best-selling video baby monitors with two-way communication. The device allows you to talk to the your baby remotely. Besides that, it's a very good video baby monitor - video and audio quality are good. Parent unit has a color 2.8'' LCD screen with infrared night vision, so you won't have any problems watching your baby sleep during the night. The nursery unit can play 5 different lullabies to your baby to help them fall asleep. The device also allows you to monitor temperature in your baby's room. If you need, you can buy additional camera (you can up to 4 nursery units).

If you're looking for a god video baby monitor with the most useful features and a unit that isn't very expensive, this one is definitely worth considering.

Motorola MBP36
Motorola MBP36

Motorola MBP36

Motorola MBP36 is a video baby monitor very similar to Motorola MBP33. The main difference between the units is that this one has a 3.5'' LCD screen on parent unit (for many people the bigger screen is very important) and you can remotely pan, zoom and tilt the camera, so if your child moves in the crib, you can always point the camera back at your child if needed. Besides that, the units are pretty much the same - good quality of audio and video, infrared night vision, five lullabies built-in and room temperature monitor.

If you're looking for a quality two-way baby monitor with few additional bells and whistles, this device is really worth considering.

Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor
Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

VTech Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor is a two-way audio baby monitor. It is a long-range device - manufacturer states that the range is up to 1000 feet. Parents like this device because the sound is clear and there is no static or white noise. The volume is good and of course you can communicate to your baby, which makes it a really good unit. Besides that, it's a pretty inexpensive model - you can buy one for under $50.

If you're looking for an inexpensive two way audio baby monitor, this unit might be the one you're looking for.


Advantages of two way baby monitors

Two way baby monitors allow you to communicate with your baby. How can this feature be helpful? It's pretty obvious that babies wake up very often during their rest. Sometimes the baby isn't fully awake and they just need to hear their parent's voice to get back to sleep. Using a two way baby monitor you can talk to the baby without leaving the room in which you're at the moment. That's extremely helpful, especially during nights. We all know that parents with infants often lack sleep because of their little ones. Using a two way baby monitor will reduce the number of times when you need to go to check on your baby.

Some babies need to hear parent's voice while falling asleep. Sometimes you might think that your baby has fallen asleep, you leave the baby's room and your little one starts to cry almost immediately. You need to get back to the room and start the routine once again. That can happen a dozen times in a row. A two way baby monitor should be of a help for you - you're able to constantly speak to the baby while quietly leaving their room.


Things to consider while buying a two way baby monitor

There are a few things that you should consider while buying a baby monitor for your child. In fact, choosing a device to monitor your baby is pretty simple, you just need to assess your needs. Firstly, you should think about the range that the device has to cover. You should consider the type and size of your property and whether you'd like to be able to monitor your baby while you're working in the garden (if you have one). This is crucial - you have to be in range to monitor your baby.

Please note that some producers make bold claims that their devices have a range of a few hundred meters. That can be true, but that's usually possible only when both nursery unit and parental unit are on open space. Any objects between the transmitter and the receiver interfere with the signal, so the range is substantially shorter.

Another thing you should consider is how the device should be powered. There are mains-powered baby monitors on the market as well as battery-powered and rechargeable units. If a mains-powered unit is sufficient for your needs, then that's the one you should buy, assuming that you don't want to spend a lot of money. Rechargeable units are very good if you're often moving around the house doing various things. You can simply attach the parent unit to your belt and you'll always know if something is going on with your child. If your baby monitor is only battery-powered, you'll need to always have a few spare batteries, so you'll always be able to monitor your baby.

If you have some other needs, e.g. you'd like to be able to read room temperature from your baby monitor, or you'd love to hear a few lullaby melodies coming out from it, you should also consider that while buying a two way baby monitor.

After you'll buy a baby monitor you should exhaustively test the device. You need to know if it meets your needs, e.g. if you can get a clear signal in all rooms of your property.

More two way baby monitors on Amazon - Check these out, or browse with the search button!

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