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Unique Piggy Banks for Kids

Updated on July 17, 2015

Savvy Pig is the Best Piggy Bank for Teaching Kids ages 4-11 About Managing Money

Allowance doesn't just have to be a bribe for chores or a threat to encourage proper behavior. Allowance can be a powerful tool that will shape your child's relationship with money for years to come.

Most Americans excel in credit card use with very little cash in the bank, a process that puts the majority of us into debt as young adults. Part of this is our culture and lifestyles and part of this is the lack of financial education and responsibility instilled into us from a young age.

If fiscal responsibility is a value you want your children to possess, starting young with a weekly allowance and a piggy bank is a perfect way to open up the money conversation.

Photo used under Creative Commons from kenteegardin.

Teach Children about Saving, Gifting, Investing & Spending with a Piggy Bank - Complex concepts made simple with the Money Savvy Pig

Little Boy Enjoying his Savvy Pig Savings Bank
Little Boy Enjoying his Savvy Pig Savings Bank

Photo used under Creative Commons from trenttsd.

The Money Savvy Pig - A Unique Piggybank for Kids age 4-11

Money Savvy Pig - Blue
Money Savvy Pig - Blue

This is my favorite piggy bank on the market. It's broken into 4 labeled slots one each for saving, spending, donating and investing. It's see through so kids can see how many coins are in each slot, and since it's a piggy bank and not a bank account, kids can lift and feel their allowance grow.


The Savvy Piggy Bank is Split into 4 Banks - Teach your child to budget with these ideas

Younger kids love change, start with an allowance that consists of an even number of coins that your child can deposit at least one coin into each slot once a week. As they get older and start understanding the difference in the 4 bank slots you can give them additional coins allowing them to make the choice which slot the additional coins should be placed, keeping with the rule that at least one coin must go in each slot.

It is interesting to see how your child's personality correlates with their money style. They may be a patient saver, a fun loving spender, big dream investor or a big heart giver. There is nothing wrong with any 4 of these types of money approaches as long as some coins are going into every slot.

As your child grows older they will have a solid concept of budgeting and the concepts can be applied to bank accounts.

  1. Save

    Encourage your child to save for a larger item like a special toy or a trip to the movies. Talk about the goal and how many weeks it will take of allowance to own the item.

  2. Spend

    This is your child's pocket money to be used in anyway they wish. Maybe candy at the check out or the gumball dispensers at the mall. Explain if your child has any leftover in this category that they can add it to next week's pocket change or put it towards another goal.

  3. Donate

    This is a great one to start early, let your child select a charity or cause they are interested in. A perfect way to instill the value of helping others from a young age.

  4. Invest

    This is the money set aside for the future, most likely your child's education. This one is intended to be moved to an actual bank or investment account in time. Talk about education goals, traveling the world, or how the money can help obtain the dream job or business we all had at that age.

Kids Delight in Putting Money in their Bank - Video from

Katie Couric, the Savvy Pig in the Classroom - Only 6 states require financial education in schools

Let's Talk About Money - How many slots does your piggy bank have?

Drop coins in a piggy bank
Drop coins in a piggy bank

Photo used under Creative Commons from alancleaver_2000.

Does your current budget include setting money aside for all 4 slots?

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How do you teach your kids about money?

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