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Names for twins and twins

Updated on January 10, 2020
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Premina Parker, is a parenting advisor. She is the author, most recently, parenting blog called Genbabycarrier. Her work has helped Time


When two babies are born in a family, this means that parents have twice as much joy, as many worries and many questions. And, perhaps, the very first thing that comes to mind is which names to choose for the twins. Parents often strive to show a touch of creativity. Still, at the same time, they dress children the same way, forgetting that their personalities are different.

With the selection of consonant names for twins, a lot of difficulties arise. Trying to maintain the similarity of children is necessary to emphasize their differences. Some parents think about it immediately after they find out that they expect twins. In contrast, others look forward to the birth of babies. In particular, coming up with names for the twins of a boy and a girl is not so simple. We will try to understand this issue.

How to choose names for twins and twins

The name of a person is a great carrier of information about him. However, one well-known proverb explains the whole point: "as you call a ship, so it will sail." Indeed, by calling a baby a specific name, his character, and, possibly, fate change. Even the sound of the nickname affects the development of the child and affects the psyche.

In general, we give several rules that you can follow when choosing names for children:

  • Choose the names for the twin boys and girls so that they have an equal number of syllables. For example, Dima and Tim, Victoria and Valeria, Marina and Polina, Sasha, and Zhenya.
  • You can choose nicknames that are inverse to each other — for example, such English names for twin boys as Darien and Adrien.
  • An excellent solution - consonant names for twins of girls and boys, which differ in just one letter. For example, Masha and Pasha, Vera and Lera, Dima and Tim, Irina and Arina, Valya, and Alya.
  • It is a great option to choose the meaning of similar names for the twins. They can be easily found on our website for every name — for example, Daniel and David, Rosa, and Lily.
  • If you want to call children names that are of religious origin, then you can choose Orthodox or Muslim names for twins. For example, Darina and Yasmina, Malik and Vasik, Dahlia and Deniz, Dariya and Dahlia, Darina, and Danish. For twins born in families of related nationalities, pick up the nicknames of one culture. Otherwise, one of them will be uncomfortable.
  • Pay attention to the initials so that the first letter in the full name does not match. Otherwise, there will be confusion in kindergarten and other educational institutions when the twins will be located one after another in the lists — for example, Voronina E. (full name Catherine) and Voronina E. (Elizabeth).
  • Another exciting option is to name the children in honor of the older generation while making sure that none of the grandparents is offended. Take one name from the relatives of the father, and another from the relatives of the mother.
  • You can pick up long beautiful names for twins. For example, Veronica and Angelica, Yaroslav and Svyatoslav, Evangeline and Angelina, Vladislav and Vyacheslav, Victoria, and Valeria. But at the same time, you can avoid too similar options. Just imagine, you call Alina, and Arina runs to you, or both at once, without hearing the difference in names. Or pretend that your call does not apply to them at all.
  • Search the global web for names that mean the same thing in different languages — for example, Zoe and Eve, which means "life" in translation.
  • In many cultures and languages, some names have meanings: twin, twins, first, second, third, of course, this option will affect the child very much, since this is what will be his central message in later life. For example, Adam, Aldan, Repair, Sadr, Sadyr - first, Alpha, Alpha, Elfa - first, Beta, Sania - second, Thomas, Thomas - twin, Ekiz - twins.
  • Lastly, name the children as you like best. Listen to your intuition and inner feelings. If you need to maintain the individuality of the twins, feel free to call them different names because they will grow, and each goes their way. For example, Alexey and Igor, Gleb and Sergey, Anna and Anastasia, Andrey and Denis, Olga, and Tatyana.

Recommendations of specialists

What should be called twins and twins

Our ancestors called their babies according to the religious calendar. They believed that the patron saint would protect their child from various adversities. Today, this tradition is reviving again, although there are parents who adhere to very different criteria for choosing a name.

Answering the question of which names are best suited for twins, a boy, and a girl, many parents, give preference to consonant options. Although some psychologists, on the contrary, believe that providing children such nicknames is a bad idea. Such a choice will become a severe obstacle in the manifestation of the individuality of each baby.

Perhaps one of the essential criteria for choosing nicknames for two children is a middle name. Names must combine with patronymic. Avoid too different and obscure nicknames. For example, English names for twins of girls born and living in the UK will not confuse others. Still, in Russia, Gina, Sandra, and other nicknames will not be entirely appropriate, especially in combination with the Russian surname and patronymic. For example, Sidorova Gina Ivanovna, Kalinina Sandra Semenovna.

Choosing the beautiful names of twins, some are guided by the character traits of the kids, while others - on the contrary, to soften the obstinate temper. Today it is fashionable to be conducted in choosing a nickname with the zodiac sign. Astrologers are convinced that the consonant names for the twins, selected according to the astrological canons, will contribute to the personal growth of each baby and inner harmony.

Another tip - try to avoid too different names — for example, Maria and Iraida, where one name is often found, and the other is rare. Well, trust your intuition and sensations, which usually do not fail. Of course, a universal name-matching rule for twins for girls and boys does not exist. Therefore, you should adhere to your taste preferences and family traditions.

What you should not call twins and twins

Of course, no one has the right to impose your opinion on you. Only you decide what to choose the beautiful names of twins of boys or girls. Nevertheless, we note a few points: do not give an underlined foreign name to the twins, because in the future, children will encounter significant problems in kindergarten and school. Just imagine if in the team where Natasha and Masha study, there will be Jessica and Britney. Of course, provided that you are not going to move to the USA or Canada. In this case, such names will not confuse others.

History and literature are sources of inspiration

Many exciting options can be found in history and literary works. Moreover, it does not matter that the heroes are twins or relatives. The most striking examples are Romeo and Juliet (or the more familiar names are Roman and Julia), David and Goliath, George and Seraphim (in honor of famous athletes), Tristan and Isolde. Exotic names for twins of boys and girls are better not to abuse, but Russian nicknames are just what you need. In this case, children are not threatened with ridicule from classmates.

Famous twins and twins

The secret of the popularity of famous and famous twins and twins has not been revealed so far, and it is unlikely that it will ever be possible. Often very different, but with

This blood relatives achieve incredible heights in a career. What is this - a successful combination of strength of character, charm, and talent, multiplied by two? Or are people interested in similar external data? In general, judge for yourself.

Juliana and Natalia Podolsky

Twin sisters are very close and similar to each other. Unless they have different hair colors. Even the children were born with a difference of only a couple of months.

Scarlet and Hunter Johansson

The brother of a successful actress works on the president's team, building a career as a politician.

Olga and Tatyana Arntgolts

Twin sisters are not just beautiful women, but also talented actresses. They act in collaborative projects and don't have souls in each other.

Dan and Dean Keiten

Talented twin brothers, whose names are consonant, the creators of the brand Dsquared2. He received worldwide recognition, and clothes, perfumes, and accessories - places in the best boutiques and large shopping centers.

Andrey and Sergey Safronovs

The twin brothers always did everything together: walked on the street together, fell in love with the same girls, skipped classes.

Mike and Bob Brian

Perhaps supporting each other in difficult times helped the twin brothers achieve tremendous success in sports. Maybe these are some of the best tennis players in the 21st century.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The twin sisters are trying to do everything together: to act in films, write novels, create clothes and accessories.

Vadim and Igor Verniki

Not everyone knows that the famous actor in the theater and cinema has a twin brother. However, he is quite renowned in his path. Vadim Wernick is a Russian television journalist.

To summarize

We hope we helped you decide what to choose beautiful names for twin boys and girls. In any case, only you make the decision. So creativity to help you and go! Good luck with such a complicated matter!


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