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Used Bob Stroller for Sale | Used Bob Duallie Stroller

Updated on June 1, 2010

Used Bob Stroller for Sale - Where can you Find a Bargin when New Duallies are $600?

I am a mother of two, and a few months ago started a quest to find a Used Bob Stroller for Sale. I found what I was looking for, so I thought I would share it here, maybe I can help others.

You may be familiar with the Bob Stroller, they move in every direction with a swivel wheel, come in great colors, have loads of specially made accessory options and liners, have duallie (twin) models, and just plain really do move through anything! I wanted to find a used Bob Stroller for sale for one reason.....These babies are expensive. A used Bob Duallie Stroller would still be an investment.

The problem is, there were no used Bob Strollers for sale in my area. So, I started an internet search. Great thing was, I found a great used Bob Duallie Stroller model for $150 less than retail. Yes, mine was used, but condition was very good. I also got the warm fuzzy liner and the Bob Handlebar console included, which made the deal even sweeter.

So, where can you find a used Bob Stroller for Sale? Do what I did, Head over to eBay.



Find a Used Bob Bob Stroller for Sale - Here's how to get Started!

Open your Paypal & Ebay Accounts - It's a Snap!

I did not have an account with either Paypal or Ebay, so I opened one at Ebay and then headed over to Paypal.

Most sellers require you to use Paypal. I opened an account at Paypal, and was able to pay with a credit card, so this was much easier than I thought.

They had a number of Used Bob Strollers for sale, and if you want a used Bob Stoller Duallie Model, you can really save!

When I was searching for my Used Bob Stroller for Sale, I found many great deals on New Models as well at eBay. Something to think about.

How easy your life will be with a Used Bob Stroller..Well, it folds quick!

Used Bob Stroller for Sale - Features that make this the Best for Moms!

Why I only wanted to find a Bob Stroller for sale.

First of all, I really did a lot of research before finding a Used Bob Stroller for Sale . I am fairly cheap, but we all know it's great to be able to get around with the kids. My Used Bob Duallie Stroller is a lifesaver.

The things I love about the Used Bob Duallie Stroller I found:

It is really big, but if feels so light weight to push around (frame is aluminum)

It is easy to fold up and open - It velcros onto itself, watch that the velcro is facing the right direction

It fits through most single doors in shops and homes.

I love the front swivel wheel.

Easy to push, even with one hand

The Handlebar console add-on is very convient

Very sturdy

Great sun shades/Large too

Kids can sleep in this stroller even when I'm running over rough terrain.

Very smooth ride.

The Used Bob Stroller for sale you find will have some downsides:

It is big and sometimes a pain to lift in and out of the car, although its not terribly heavy. You need some room when it is folded in the back of your vehicle.

No hand break. I was used to that, but I am living without it. For all the other features, it's not worth fussing about.

I Don't love the underneath storage, it's hard to get to, but there is so much other storage, it's not been too big a deal.

My Used Bob Duallie Stroller, may be an older model, so can't say for sure this will be a problem for you

Other than that, finding a Used Bob Stroller for sale was a treat for me. My friends are so Jealous....Got to like that!

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