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what i need to know about leadership

Updated on September 14, 2015

It is unfortunate to know that people learn about everything except about life and that’s why there are so many crises in the world today. Leadership is an event and it has to be learned so that it can be developed. God is the author of leadership. After creating man He said to him “……….Have dominion”. That simply means take charge, be the leader. Man is created essentially to lead.

Leadership is not occupying a seat, leadership is taking the lead. Leadership is setting the face and blazing the trial. It is not occupying a sit but accomplishing a fit. Leadership is not an appointment but an attainment. It is not occupying a position but making an outstanding contribution. It’s not all about having a qualification; rather it is about making a contribution. Occupying a position does not also make a leader. Leadership is essentially task defined. This means that you have a field and you are making waves in your field.

The field of a leader defines his/her leadership and your contribution to your field is what defines your level of leadership. Jack of all trade they said is master of none. You are never a leader except in a well defined field. You ought to define in specific terms where you actually belong. You need to know where you belong. If you are a carpenter, you must strive to become a known carpenter and a tailor also strives to be a known tailor. You give expression to your leadership by making outstanding contribution in your field. Vision is the true foundation for every leadership.

Everybody on earth belong some where. All of us don’t belong to the same field. So it is an individual task to discover his/her own field.

Songs of Solomon 1:6 “look not upon me because I am black,

Because the sun hath looked upon me,

My mother’s children were angry with me,

They made me the keeper of the vineyards,

But mine own vineyard have not l kept.”

Everybody has a vineyard which he has to discover. Some body may ask why the bible is been used as a platform in leadership. The bible is not just a religious book, it’s is the creator of manual for living. When you buy electronics, there’s always a literature inside it. That literature is called the manual and it helps you understand the content and functions of the equipment you bought. God is the creator of man and he prepared a manual to help man understand his make-up. The bible is not just a book but the creator’s manual for a living. God said that man shall not live by bread alone but by every world that proceeds out of the mouth of God. It’s a manual for profitable living. 2 Tim: 3:16-17 “All scriptures is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all God works.” It means that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and with a manual to guide your adventure in life. The bible is not a mystical book to be conjured but a practical book to be applied.

Where you find yourself tomorrow is not a product of luck but work in your field. Be not deceived, whatever a man soweth that shall he reap. If you invest qualitatively in your assignment you will seat with kings. Like I said earlier, leadership is not all about occupying a position but making a contribution. It is not in the tittles that you wear, it is in the values that you add. Leadership is taking the leading and not talking the lead.

There are two misconceptions about leadership;

(1) Leaders Are Born: These can’t be the actual truth. Have you ever met a born pilot, would you ever board that aircraft? Have you ever met a born professor who never went to school but is a professor? Have you ever met a born doctor? Have you ever met a born motor mechanic? This means that if there is no born pilot, there is no born leading pilot. You have to become a pilot before being a leading pilot. Leaders are not born, leaders are raised.

(2) Leadership Can Be Inherited: Have you ever imagined a professor who is about to die and he wills his professorship to his son or daughter? Or have you heard that the world heavy weight wrestling champion willed his belt to his first born and the boy goes to defend the title in the ring. Other wrestlers will just piece him there. That means in all indication, leadership is not a transferable asset. It is a product of individual

accomplishment. Most companies die today because it is transferred to a son who has no capacity to run it. And at the end, the business will just collapse.

Life is a race and you need two legs to perform effectively in it. There is nothing of value that does not carry a cost. Every one that desires to build his leadership potentials must recognize the cost it will take him/her.

Every leader should build on capacity and character. Psm: 78:72 “He guided Israel according to the integrity of his heart and the skillfulness of his hand”. This talks about capacity and character. Integrity of his heart is the character and skillfulness of his hand talks about his capacity. David has capacity and character. In Acts: 6:3, the bible talks about looking out for men of honest report, full of Holy Spirit and of wisdom. Wisdom defines capacity, honest report defines character.

Capacity connotes intellectual abilities. It is the sense that makes a star and not strength. Solomon the greatest king in the bible was made by wisdom. By wisdom kings reign and princes decree justice. As you can not make cake without flour, so will you not be an effective leader without wisdom. Wisdom is the principal raw material for the making of a leader. Wisdom is not common sense but acquired sense. People don’t have value for knowledge so they can not possess wisdom required for leadership. Common sense will always generate a common result. Only applied sense has the capacity to generate excellence.

Joseph was a man of character. He was faithful a man, he never attempted to defraud Potipher all his life even though he was in charge of everything. Character followed him from a slave boy to prison and down to the palace. Daniel also had character. When Joseph interpreted the dream, the king said “Can we find a man like you”. Your capacity excels above every one here, therefore take over.

You need a commitment to Godly character and a commitment to continuous capacity development so that you can be current enough to take the lead. It’s important to say that even though capacity is very crucial requirement for leadership, it can be cheaply corrupted by character deficiency. Mention any great name today, it they find cocaine with them, all they values will be eroded overnight. Capacity will always need character to stand. Capacity will take you up and its only character that will keep you there. Capacity can give you opportunities but you need character to sustain it. You need capacity and character to have full leadership expression.

There is no school that confers capacity, they only confer certificate. Capacity is your own personal cup of tea. There are some people I admire their story a lot. Benjamin Franklin had only two years of formal education. He literally taught himself how to read and write but he had a great passion for knowledge. He was a printing apprentice but he would save his launch money to buy a book. He was going without food to buy books and he began to develop his capacity. Now he is one of the greatest Americans that have ever lived. Today there is a Benjamin Franklin day observed in America every year. There are only 366 days in a year maximum, how can you give one day to a man. Most presidents have no day given to them. He developed himself to become a great philosopher, He developed himself to be one of the one of the greatest American diplomat that ever lived, He personally negotiated the French government support for the revolution which was the only way they won the war, He developed himself to become a scientist, He invested the thunder arrestor, He founded a national news paper, He built a specialist hospital, He also founded a university. One man, one life.

He went to school for only two years, he was committed to capacity development. This is one major disease of African man; he can talk from here to china but to read for 30mins will be impossible. He can dance all day but he can’t read for half and hour.

No matter how great your vision is, it takes capacity and character to drive it until you pass the character test. You can’t emerge as a great leader. Character failure will always result in leadership failure. You don’t pray to pass exam but you sit down to study. You don’t pray into leadership but you pay into it. There is a cup and a baptism; you need to drink the cup of character and the baptism of capacity to be qualified for leadership. Where you find yourself tomorrow is your making today. The soup that is sweet is a product of money. The destiny that is great is product of money. The destiny that is great is a product of character and capacity that made it so.


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