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What is a Nursing Necklace: To Chew and To Hold

Updated on August 27, 2013

Nursing Necklaces Soothe Babies By Providing Something to Grasp

Nursing necklaces are awesome. As nursing necklaces gain popularity, many people are asking just exactly what is a nursing necklace. These necklaces serve multiple functions and are a must have for every mother of young children.

Nursing necklaces can be used at any age and are often introduced sometime around 2 to 3 months of age. Initially, a young baby will find comfort in holding onto the necklace as it gives them something to grasp. If you are a nursing mother, you likely have experienced your babies hands wandering aimlessly looking for something to grab. Rather than pulling your hair, your baby will be happy exploring the surfaces and textures of your necklace. It's a win win!

Nursing Necklaces Act as Teethers Too!

Just by the time your baby is starting to get bored with your nursing necklace, she will find a new interest in it. Teething is one of the toughest stages for both parents and babies. All prepared moms are stocked up on natural rubber and wood teething toys but they often forget them out home. A nursing necklace made of medical grade silicone is the perfect teething toy for your baby because you won't forget it at home and won't have to pick it up off of the grocery store floor. Silicone teethers, just like bottle nipples, are super easy to clean and don't leach chemicals like plastics. Untreated wood is another good option.

Nursing necklaces should never be left with a baby unattended. Like any small object, nursing necklaces can pose a choking hazard if not utilized properly. They should always be checked for signs of wear and the cords should always be checked to ensure there are no tears. Safe nursing necklaces should offer a break away clasp and each bead should be individually knotted.

Show Your Nursing Pride!

If you are a nursing mom, go you! Nursing is such an empowering and rewarding experience yet it feels like society still lacks the proper embrace. Although there are many reasons why some women cannot breastfeed, there are definitely some that simply choose not too. Share your support for breastfeeding moms by wearing a nursing necklace. Although the average-Joe may not know what your nursing necklace symbolizes, those who embrace a woman's natural ability to feed their children will notice. Be proud and nurse on!


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