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Awesome Portable Baby Playpens Play Yards

Updated on November 3, 2014

What Is A Baby Play Yard?

Play yards are essentially modern day versions of play pens but with greater versatility and functionality. They are also called travel cribs, baby portable playards or baby playpens travel cots. Modern day parents want convenience, safety and ease of travel.

These days play yards are not just for babies to play in. They provide a portable, convenient and safe place for your baby to nap or play in and will be handy for years. Or if you have twins, there are play yards specifically for them too.

Today's play yard styles range from basic to high tech with various accessories such as detachable bassinets or changing tables, storage options, a canopy for shade, lockable wheels, soothing devices, toys, sounds and even music.

What is a bassinet in a play yard? The bassinet is a cosy bed that you can use until your baby is approximately 3 months old or until your baby's weight reaches 15 lbs. Then simply remove the bassinet and it becomes a play yard for fun and naps. The bassinets are either full size or smaller than the play yard and are at waist level for ease of use. A lot easier on your back as there is less bending.

What is a pack n play? It is a registered trade mark branded by Graco which has become synonymous with the generic term: play yard.

The Graco Pack N Play Travel Playard is a good example of a portable play yard with bassinet.

Graco playpens play yards are a great investment as you can use then from the birth of your baby until he/she is a toddler - initially as a portable travel cot and later as a playpen.

Then you can fold it up and store it for baby number 2 and 3......

What is a pack n play?
What is a pack n play?

What Is A Play Yard For?

If you need both hands to do something and need somewhere safe to put your baby or you simply need a safe space for your baby to play or nap in while you get some work done, then the play yard will be very helpful.

Having the option of moving the playard from room to room so that baby is near you at all times is great. The lockable wheels prevent any mishaps such as one of the other children taking your youngest for a ride!

The mesh allows you to see your toddler and is good for ventilation.

If you have a 2 storey home or multi-level house, having a play yard downstairs for easy change of diapers or naps saves you lots of trips up and down stairs.

If you have a small apartment or limited space, you may want to consider the play yard with bassinet next to your bed for those nightly feeds and diaper changes.

The storage options are great for keeping extra diapers, wipes, clothes and blankets.

If you enjoy camping or traveling, staying over at friends or family or need family to baby sit your little one, moving from place to place can be unsettling for your baby or toddler and stressful. The play yard is easy to fold and set up, comes in a carry bag and is a convenient and safe travel crib for those trips.

Having a crawling toddler who wants to explore everything, means supervision at all times. A portable play yard will provide a safe space for your toddler to play or nap in while you get ready for work or just want to make a cup of tea.

The mobiles, interactive toys or music will keep baby entertained and content while you get some time for other things you need to do.

It is convenient, portable and versatile.

Portable Baby Play Yards

What is a play yard for?
What is a play yard for?

What Would You Or Are You Using It For The Most?

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Choosing A Play Yard For Baby - Trying To Work Out Which Play Yard To Get?

Given the selection of play yards for babies, it can be overwhelming trying to work out what best suits you, so I hope this list of questions will assist you in the decision making process.

Consider these factors before buying a play yard:

  1. Weight - how heavy is it to carry?
  2. Durability - how sturdy is the frame?
  3. Folding mechanism - is it easy to fold and set up?
  4. Size - if it is movable, can it fit through doors or will it fit in your room?
  5. Does it have lockable wheels? What type of wheels are they? Do they roll easily? Do you need wheels?
  6. Storage space - is it out of reach of your toddler? Is it useful storage space?
  7. Check the weight limits of play yard, bassinet and changing table.
  8. Is it easy to clean?
  9. What is your budget?
  10. What extra features are included? Do you need them or will they be useful?

Baby playpens travel cots?
Baby playpens travel cots?

Playpen Or Play Yard For Babies?

Deciding whether you want a play yard or a playpen depends on what you need it for and the age of your baby or toddler. Do you want to use it from birth or only once he or she is a toddler?

What size do you need?

The Graco Playpens Play Yards are designed for the changes in growth of your child. You can use a pack n play with a bassinet for your newborn until your baby outgrows the bassinet, usually around 3 months of age or no more than 15 lbs in weight. Simply remove the bassinet and the play yard can then be used until your toddler is about 35 inches tall or as long as he or she cannot climb out of the play yard.

Make sure to read the recommended weight or height restrictions of each one.

A panel playpen is usually recommended for older children and the age recommendation varies according to the design and manufacturer. Best to check the recommended age before buying.

The pack n play playpens are versatile and can be used as baby playpens travel cots as they are easy to fold and set up, lightweight, easy to clean and durable. For example, the Graco Totbloc Playpen is large and colorful with interactive toys on the mesh walls for stimulation and fun.

Deciding on a playpen only or a all-in-one type of playard needs careful consideration of your needs and lifestyle.

They are not essential must have items but convenient nice to have baby items.

How To Choose A Playpen

Graco Pack 'n Play with Reversible Napper & Changer

Which Play Yard Is On Your Wishlist? - Why?

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