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When Baby Sleeps

Updated on September 1, 2013

When Baby Sleeps

When baby sleeps, her bright head nodding on your shoulder,

her hair gently tickling your neck and chin with downy feathers,

her breath quick, then slow - a gentle in and out of a silent summer's eve,

her baby sweat like dew on dawn's meadow rises,

filling your nostrils with its sweet smell of almost-sour milk, baby oil and

something else -a something you cannot name that lulls

you into a stream of fresh cool water

where you are pulled down deep into its cool welcome depths

past the surface currents and undertow, past sense and reason.

You dive deeper to the solid rock bottom where your love is so fierce

it grips you in its ancient crocodile mouth and holds you in iron teeth

until your breath is gone and your body is stone-cold rigid -

with the tender all encompassing love for your child that never lets go.

You touch that unnameable smell of your baby and you are gone

into what is not life or death,

but a universe of knowing and longing

a timeless energy of love and yearning that connects you

to all the mothers that ever were -

and you glory in the perfect satisfaction of holding your dreaming child.

by A. Gagliardi

* with a nod to T.R. Hummer "Where You go When She Sleeps"

when baby sleeps

My daughter with her baby.
My daughter with her baby.


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    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 8 years ago

      You guys (dear readers) should check this one out. If you have had a baby, you will know that ancient crocodile intimately.