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White Baby Bassinets

Updated on February 5, 2014

Beautiful White Baby Bassinets

Find the perfect white baby bassinet to suit your needs. A bassinet is a small cradle that is designed for babies until they are three or four months old. They range from very simple to having more features, such as rocking or vibrating to help sooth your baby as she falls asleep. White is a great color for baby furniture because it is gender-neutral and can match any decor.

White baby bassinets can vary greatly in price and material, so there is something that is perfect for everyone. Look for a shape and style that you find beautiful. After all, nursery decor is really about what the parents love and find adorable. Keep reading for tons of fun options: affordable, wicker, rocking, and more!

Featured Image: Delta Play Time Jungle Rocking Bassinet

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White Wicker Bassinet

The classic, woven look of wicker is a great choice for a baby bassinet. It is commonly used for furniture in both it's natural colors and painted. It looks fantastic in white, bringing a natural and somewhat beachy look to your nursery. This white wicker baby bassinet is fantastic because it is actually handmade.

Handmade Wicker Bassinet (34" H w/o hood x 45" H w/hood) x 20" W x 34" D)
Handmade Wicker Bassinet (34" H w/o hood x 45" H w/hood) x 20" W x 34" D)

There is something extra special about buying handmade items for your new baby. They aren't the same mass-produced bassinets that you will find at every baby store. Someone really puts in love to a handmade wicker bassinet! With this bassinet, you choose between white, pink and blue ribbon trim to suit your new baby.


Affordable White Baby Bassinets

Cheaper Options for Bassinets

If you have a new baby on the way, you are probably very conscious of your budget right now. You don't have to spend tons of money to buy a great white baby bassinet for your infant to sleep in. All of these bassinets are currently available for under $100. Don't spend $400 on something that your baby will quickly outgrow when you can find a cheap bassinet that is still attractive and functional.

Dream On Me Bassinet

Safety 1st Nod-a-Way Bassinet

Short Pique-Fleece Bassinet Set

Delta Sweetest Dreams Bassinet

Round White Baby Bassinets

A round white baby bassinet is an elegant place for your newborn to rest. The shape of the bassinet is quite unique! Badger Basket makes a round bassinet in a number color choices, including several featuring white.

Each of the Badger Basket bassinets featured here comes with a bedding set that includes a skirt, soft bumper, fitted sheet, and a drape canopy. It is an incredibly elegant look for a baby bassinet, with the round base and beautiful canopy. There are a number of variations you can get while maintaining a mostly white color palate.

White Rocking Bassinets

A gently rocking cradle can be a great way to sooth a baby and help him fall asleep. Some of these cradles have wheels that fold back when you want it to rock, but lock in place when you want the bassinet to be steady. This gives you the best of both worlds and lets you adapt for the needs of your baby.

Delta Play Time Jungle Rocking Bassinet

Kolcraft Cuddle 'N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet

Portable Bassinet 'N Cradle with Toybox Base

Disney Winnie the Pooh Rocking Baby Bassinet

Co-Sleeper White Baby Bassinets

Co-sleeping has been gaining popularity in recent years, but not everyone feels comfortable having the baby in the bed with them (especially if they tend to shift when sleeping). That's where a co-sleeper bassinet comes in. This gives the new parents the chance to have the baby right next to them, but still have the security of letting the baby sleep in their own bassinet.

Do you prefer a round bassinet, something more classic, or a new co-sleeper bassinet? Share your thoughts here!

What style of white baby bassinet is your favorite?

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