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Why Aren't Reward Charts Working For Me?

Updated on January 14, 2018

What aren't my reward charts working?

Reward charts are an excellent tool to encourage postive development in children but they may not work for you! I know that may sound strange but hanging them on a door or wall looks great but unless you are prepared to work with them you may not see the results you want!

Reward charts that can be customized are a great buy. You can then work on the behaviors that you need to - whether it be potty training or eating plenty of fruits and vegtables. Make sure you keep your child focused with the chart - point out how well your child has done in achieving stars/stickers to friends and relatives visting yur home. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Children want to see the reward they earned - whether it be stars/stickers - they should be presented at that time, not several hours later. Follow through with the rewards or you will loose the attention of your child.

The main reason that Reward Charts don't work is because parents cannot keep the momentum going. It does take work and dedication but with both you can see such fantastic results.

Are your Reward Charts working?

Reward charts are a fantastic visual tool for any child. However, you won't be successful if you do nothing but hang it on the door and expect your child to start behaving.

YOU have to make it work!!

Anyone associated with the child - parents/caregivers/grandparents need to be aware of how the reward chart will work. You do not want conflicting information. make sure that all responsible for the child knows how the child can earn rewards. To get the best from your purchase of a reward chart you need to get your child 'with the program' That means they need to be enthuastic about earning stars/stickers or perhaps even a small reward in exchange for doing chores, behaving or whatever behavior you want to work on. Rewards shouldn't be big - for young children a star/sticker works sufficiently For older children rewads such as choosing what to eat for dinner or choosing the restaurant if you want to go out. Perhaps a trip to the cinema if improvement has been made..

You will start seeing results almost immediately. What child doesn't want a sticker? After all the doctor and dentist gives them to your child after a visit. Children want to do well and given the right tools success can be visually seen by all! Good luck!

How to use a reward chart - A few hints of how to use a reward chart

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